Because I can’t forget my ex – Everything You Need to Know

Surely you or a family member are going through this uncomfortable situation, after a relationship ends many live in the memory of their past relationship, they go back over and over again to everything they lived with that person. Why can’t I forget about my ex? Here we tell you.

One of the main reasons why many fail to turn the page is because they force their subconscious into it, if you think all day I want to forget it, I want to erase this from my mind and no longer remember anything, it What you will do is paradoxically think more about it.

You will always have that person in your mind the more you try to block the thoughts about your relationship the best you can do is to let your memories flow in your head spontaneously and accept them, why can’t I forget my ex? Because you obsess over it.

Cause I Can’t Forget My Ex

Living thinking day and night about getting over your ex-partner will not get you out of the pain of having lost your partner, do not try to bury the memory of your old love in your mind because no memory is completely erased from your mind even if you do not always remember it this there are.

The idea is to overcome the memory, to be able to live with that memory and that it does not affect your daily life or your future relationships, the idea is that the experiences with your old love do not hurt and you can at some point talk about it without a knot in the throat.

So why can’t I forget about my ex? Because you don’t learn to live with the memory and make friends with your past by learning from it.

  • A Lot Of Free Time

Not having anything to occupy yourself with is one of the main reasons why you cannot forget your ex, your mind is bored because it has nothing to focus on and divert its attention, then that is where the memories of your past love

Your mind is always on the move and if you don’t give it a goal to work its attention on, it will divert its thoughts to the problem that worries you the most at that moment, in this case the love of your ex.

If you wonder why you can’t get your ex out of your mind better worry about occupying your days in something that takes your attention away from your past relationship, give your brain something to work on.

  • Idealize

When a relationship ends, many people tend to idealize their love relationship, now in their memories they only see how wonderful the relationship was and the beautiful memories they have with that person, they remember their ex without defects as a perfect person whom they love. .

Pain often confuses people and makes them think this, they forget why the relationship ended, the fights, shouting, arguments and mistrust that there was in the relationship and they are only longing for that person to suddenly return to their life and their love is reborn. .

Well, many times love in real life is not like the love of soap operas, wake up and see that your relationship was not perfect, that your ex also has many defects and that the best thing was to have ended that toxic relationship.

  • Attachment Is Not Love

One of the reasons why you cannot forget your ex is because you are attached to his love, you feel that you cannot live without the presence of that person in your life, you feel unable to achieve your goals alone, to live alone and dream without the company of your love.

You confuse that attachment and the need to have that person close to you with love, emotional attachment is toxic because it incapacitates you to continue living independently without the help of anyone, remember that you were born alone and you will die alone, you do not need to anyone to do things and defend you.

Nor do you need someone to be happy, the companions of life must come is to complete that happiness that already exists in you and nothing else. If you really love a person, you will be able to be fine if that person and if he separated from you, you wish him the best and that he does well on his way.

Because I can not forget my ex because you live attached to your love and his memories, do not confuse love with attachment, if you love him you will let him go and simply continue with your life, in time you will continue with your life.

  • Ego

The ego is one of the main reasons why you cannot get over your ex, your mind is not capable of accepting that your partner has left you and is making his life in another direction, you live thinking how he could have left such a person wonderful like you and who loves him so much.

You begin to think that you have lost something in your life and your self-esteem begins to waver in some way, thinking that it is missing in you that that person did not feel full by your side. You can’t stand the idea that your ex partner is with someone else and feels good with someone other than you.

If you ask yourself why can’t I forget my ex? You should check your ego a little, be a little more humble and learn to accept rejection recognizing that neither you nor your love are perfect but that you are still valuable and have not lost anything.

If it is over, it is because it was the best thing that had to happen, you are not less or more for having finished with that person, do not try to take revenge simply let go of your ego.

  • Fear To Loneliness

Do not be afraid of being alone, many people are afraid of being alone and see loneliness as their number one enemy, these is one of the reasons why you cannot forget your ex partner, because you categorically and categorically refuse to be in lonely.

See life independently and even friend of loneliness, she is not your enemy and you are not going to die for being alone. When you are single, you learn to know yourself again and you are a totally free person when it comes to making decisions in life and acting.

Leave the dread of being independent and take charge of your life, you are not worth less because this single person and your friends will not arrive at the time your better half and if he does not arrive then you can still be full and happy.

Because I cannot forget my ex, because you lack the will to move on with your life, it is true that love hurts and that the habit of having that being by your side and that he is no longer kills, but with a little impetus and patience you will get ahead with your life.

Let your feelings and emotions flow, do not think about the future or your past, just live your day to day. You are complete, full and valuable.

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