How to Get Over a Breakup Psychology

How sentimental do you consider yourself? Do you really think that relationships last forever? Sometimes this is the case, however in adolescence and youth, many suffer constant love breaks, but it is because they do not have the necessary maturity to maintain a relationship. Read this article and you know different ways to overcome a … Read more

Spiritual Meaning of Dreadlocks

It is not clear where the word “dreadlock” comes from. Translated it means locks / curls of dread / awe, which could refer to the sense of “dread” (awe) for God, often mentioned by Rastafarians and other Christians; therefore, it is by no means excluded that “dreadlock” is a Rastafarian term. Another theory argues that … Read more

Dream of Being Watched Meaning and Symbolism

In dreams the eyes and their meaning is often interpreted by taking a cue from the “common” symbolism to most of us. Eyes have a variety of very interesting meanings. As always, when we dream of something, however, we must pay attention to the circumstances, because the meaning can always vary depending on small details. … Read more

Dream of Being Killed Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of killing is more frequent than you think. When it happens, it brings with it a sense of deep disturbance upon awakening. Ultimately, it is a strong and disorienting experience, even if, usually, it is completely beyond one’s own being that one would never think of reaching such an act of violence. For this … Read more

Jewelry Box Dream Meaning Symbolism

Jewelry is an object of decoration and beauty worn for personal adornment. Pieces of jewellery are often highly coveted by women. Men are also not left out of the race to acquire these shiny, glistering things. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Jewellery is beautiful. So, it is only natural that people desire to … Read more

Dreaming of Poltergeist Meaning & Symbolism

Dreaming of poltergeist and other entities related to the paranormal will usually be related to our fear. It can represent the spiritual realm, the afterlife, death, or the things you find mysterious. Perhaps you are still looking for answers to the essential part of your life. Maybe you are being haunted by some thoughts and ideas. … Read more