Relaxation techniques to combat and reduce anxiety

Unfortunately, anxiety is very common in today’s society. Stressful jobs, having to deal with children, situations that are out of our control … All this contributes to the fact that today, people live immersed in an atmosphere of nervousness, tension and anguish that always ends up leading to the same: A unconscious emotional state that makes us feel … Read more

How to know if you are entering menopause

As you may already know, women’s bodies undergo two major stages throughout their lives. The first comes from the hand of menstruation, that fertile period in which cycles occur every 28-35 days leading to menstruation. The second comes with menopause, a moment something feared by women since it gives rise to a stage of life somewhat different from … Read more

Online clairvoyance on the web

Used in the oldest civilizations, clairvoyance makes it possible to predict the future and to guide each individual on his path of life. This divinatory art has evolved over the course of history to be today accessible to everyone on the web. Find out everything you need to know to do. The advantages of online clairvoyance are … Read more

Our advice for buying an organic cotton t-shirt, (really) Organic!

Fancy an eco-responsible and ethical wardrobe but you don’t know where to start? Are you afraid of greenwashing? Is this t-shirt really made of organic cotton? What is GOTS certification? Discover the advice of, an ethical and ecological fashion E-shop for women to buy a truly organic organic t-shirt !   As you probably know, the textile industry is one of the most … Read more