How to Watch Netflix with VPN without Error ({2021)

How to Watch Netflix with VPN without Error ({2021)

You can’t understand the importance of making use of a VPN until you’re in a conundrum. If you’re subscribed to a streaming service like Netflix, you may not think of possible alienation from it at a period you didn’t expect. If you’re travelling from one country to another, and you intend to use Netflix in … Read more

How to Upgrade Nintendo Switch OLED from 720p to 4K Graphics

Does Nintendo Switch OLED model have everything you need? Probably no. But when it comes to upgrading the graphics, that’s possible. It is true that from the factory, your Nintendo Switch can’t handle 4K graphics. But there’s the possibility for an upgrade. It has been seen that Nintendo Switch OLED modelshares the same DNA somehow as the … Read more

How to host a stream on Twitch

How to host a stream on Twitch: In case you’re going to sign up after a long day of streaming for the night or have been inactive for a little while and have a crowd on Twitch, consider helping one more decoration to support their numbers when you’re not on the web. To do this, … Read more

How to Recover Hacked WhatsApp Account in 2021

It is not a good welcome, probably after a long day, to open your WhatsApp on your mobile only to get a notification that your account has been logged in on another device. Not you? Then your account has been hacked. Wait, what? Yes, and here comes the panic. But relax. In this guide, I … Read more

Best DNS Servers for PS4 (PS5/Xbox One/Xbox X)

Best DNS Servers for PS4 (PS5/Xbox One/Xbox X): We have several articles on this site covering the question of which DNS servers are best to use in online games, but the reality about this is that there is not a single pair of DNS servers that everyone around the world could use that would always give … Read more

Simple Ways to Recover Hacked Facebook Account in 2021

One minute you are chatting with your friend. Next, there is a strange face on your friend’s profile picture. Hacked! A few hours ago, you were online, surfing through Facebook and chatting with friends, but now you do not have access to your account anymore? Hacked! But lucky you. Today, we will show you the … Read more

How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone

How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone: It’s simple to tape phone calls nowadays, whether you’re preserving the voice of a beloved or interviewing someone. Recording phone conversations used to need sophisticated software and converters, but now all it takes is a single touch on your iPhone. We’re here to show you how to document … Read more

How to install cPanel and WHM on CentOS or CloudLinux

cPanel and WHM have become one of the most used web hosting management tools, cPanel is a very stable hosting control panel and WHM is a control panel for server administrators that allows us to control any dedicated server or VPS server where cPanel is installed. Both cPanel and WHM are two unique tools, which … Read more