OxygenOS 12 Open Beta arrives for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

OxygenOS 12 Open Beta arrives for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

OxygenOS 12 offers a more complete experience that streamlines users’ daily work and improves digital well-being Optimisation of OxygenOS 12 in three aspects: work, rest and play, which help us feel closer to the world and our loved ones With the release of the first version of the OxygenOS 12 Open Beta for the OnePlus 9 and … Read more

14 Best Free Fonts for Programming with Style (2022)

Best Free Fonts for Programming

Free Fonts for Programming: Developers spend all day using code editors , terminal emulators, and in other development tools or creating projects . Using a font that is comfortable to look at can make a big difference and greatly improve your productivity . Here is a collection of the best free sources unique space for coding and programming with a little commentary and links. Best Free … Read more

New materials in the automotive industry

For a long period in its development, human society used a limited range of materials for its needs: wood, stone, fibers of plant and animal origin, burnt clay, glass, bronze, iron. Industrial revolution of the 18th century especially the creation of steam engines and the appearance at the end of the 19th century. internal combustion engines, electric machines … Read more

YouTube channel maintenance

If you create useful and interesting video content and grow your subscriber base to several thousand people, you will be able to place ads in your videos. And this is a stable source of income. There are many YouTubers who make millions. The success of your channel depends on a number of factors, including content, audience, skills, relationships, … Read more