Consequences of Infidelity in Marriage – 8 of the Strongest

Infidelity in marriage in many couples does not exist because of problems if not because of the search for attention or affection, for another person who can awaken this feeling, as well as there are people who are unfaithful because of sport.

But what are the consequences of infidelity in marriage? The main consequence of adultery is being able to lose the person you have by your side, causing emotional and sentimental damage to a point that the couple may not want to forgive the infidelity.

As well as if there are children in the marriage, they can also be affected by this situation, since they can lose affection and respect towards their father or mother who was unfaithful, but I will explain to you what are the most outstanding consequences of the infidelity.

8 Consequences Of Being Unfaithful In Marriage

The person who is cheated on has different phases or consequences that affect his life in the short or long term depending on the size of the infidelity, as well as the children that exist in the marriage.

Since, therefore, when discovering infidelity, the home becomes a toxic and bad environment for children, and if they are adolescents even more since they understand about the situation that the couple is going through, either because of the different fights, in many, they tend to see to their aggressive parents, or they also tend to lose respect and their children for what has happened.

You must take into account the consequences that infidelity causes in the marriage.

1. The Cheated Person Decides To End The Marriage

When a person is betrayed in marriage, they usually decide to end the relationship, they feel betrayed, full of resentment and distrust towards the person who betrayed them, not thinking about the feelings and respect that their partner had for them.

A mixture of feelings and intolerance with what happened, they wonder what happened or why they did this damage causing them:

  • Anger.
  • Sadness.
  • Depression.
  • Aggressiveness.
  • Bad mood.
  • Afraid.

These aspects are appreciated during infidelity, no matter how big it is or not, it is difficult to super infidelity or go unnoticed, for this reason, the person who was betrayed decides to terminate the estate for fear of being betrayed again.

2. Obsessive Jealousy

When suffering from infidelity, fear and the feeling that the same event will always be repeated, makes jealousy become excessive and intolerable, always causing problems and meaningless discussions just for believing or imagining the couple is doing the same thing. Some obsessive jealousy can be:

  • Because I’m late home.
  • For a suspicious call.
  • An exit without reasons.
  • Even for a simple greeting to another person.

If the jealousy reached this point it is completely a clear consequence of the infidelity, and for this reason it will be a cause of discomfort for the couple if they decide to continue after the adultery.

3. Emotional Damage To Children

Infidelity in a marriage where there are children is usually more complicated to solve than without children, since they will listen to the constant discussions, or they will see confrontations. That they will hurt them and cause their behaviour to change.

  • They have usually withdrawn children.
  • Sad or nostalgic for what happens.
  • Some might take aggressive attitudes.
  • Rebel and disobedient.
  • Being able to take the path of alcohol or drug addiction by getting the attention of their parents.
  • They will begin to lose affection for the father who was unfaithful as well as respect.

In general, you cause great damage to those little ones since you are seeing that their two parents argue and they will think that they no longer love each other and in many cases, they will think that it is their fault.

4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This is a super delicate point, and of great care for the two members of the relationship, the one who was unfaithful and the person who caused the infidelity, since they may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease and infect the other person. Such diseases as:

  • Papilloma.
  • AIDS.
  • Gonorrhoea.
  • Herpes.
  • Infections

Among many more diseases that can become completely insurmountable for the person who was deceived and infected with any of these diseases due to the irresponsibility of his partner.

5. Emotional Damage To The Partner

Emotionally, it can also harm a person, we can tell you that it is one of the most difficult damages to overcome, since with infidelity the trust, values, feelings that were had for that person are broken as well as:

  • Dreams.
  • Goals.
  • Personal growth
  • Low self-esteem
  • The desire to continue the relationship.
  • Take back your life in a sentimental way.

These for this reason that many people who were deceived and cannot overcome what happened, are locked in vices, lose their job or can reach a point of threatening their life for not knowing how to accept what happened and continue forward.

6. Pregnancies Outside Of Marriage

A pregnancy out of wedlock due to infidelity, this consequence is one of the first breakdowns in relationships, since not only were they unfaithful but they are also expecting a child.

Many people accept it thinking that the child who is coming is not to blame but others are not, because they think it is reason enough to end up with that person who not only hurt him but is also expecting another’s child.

I hope this information will be of great help to clear up those concerns that afflict you, always bearing in mind that an infidelity can bring many more consequences in which several people are affected.

It is for this reason that I advise you to talk with your partner about infidelity regardless of whether or not you suspect that it may exist, just let him know how serious the adultery could be for just wanting to spend a moment he can lose to the person who loves you.

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