Dreaming about spiders is not always negative: meaning of the dream

Among the most frequent dreams with animals we find spiders, not only because of the fear they instil in most people, but because it is one of the most powerful dream symbols. The spider weaving its web as a symbol of life itself … And although these types of dreams usually have nothing positive meanings, the truth is that dreaming of spiders is not always negative.

This dream experience can reveal good and bad aspects of our own life, so in Diario Femenino, we get down to work so that we know the meaning of the dream. Once you know its exact interpretation, you will only have to reflect on the meaning it has for you. Let’s see it!

Positive and negative meanings of spiders in dreams

As we said, spiders in dreams can be interpreted in many ways, both negative and positive. We are going to start with its general meanings and then delve into the meaning of this animal according to how your dream is.

Astrologer Didier Colin, in ‘ The Interpretation of Dreams for Dummies ‘ confirms that “it is very important, if not vital, that we take dreams seriously.” And it is that thanks to these dreams we can learn a lot about our life, our emotions or how we feel. What does it mean then to dream of spiders? What can we learn from this dreamlike animal?

The negative meaning of dreaming about spiders

Since ancient times it was considered a bad omen to dream of spiders and seeing a spider in your dreams implied disasters, misfortunes and, sometimes, even death, as in the case of the dream in which a spider walks on your face. It is also a warning of treason; If in your dream you see the spider catching a fly, protect yourself from those close to you.

Spiders reflect the most urgent concerns, they usually appear at important moments in life and, above all, during changes. A spider on the other hand is interpreted as having financial, employment or legal problems, but if you manage to kill the spider, they may be solved successfully. Also, where the spider is in your dream is also important. For example, if it appears on your clothes, it means that the people around you are criticizing you for something.

The positive meaning of dreaming about spiders

Contrary to what it may seem and despite the bad press of spiders, dreams with spiders do not have to always have a positive meaning. For example, the spider web that at first seems to be trapping you and you have no escape, can be interpreted as a symbol of protection and security.

The spider symbolizes industry, effort, intelligence and determination, so dreaming of spiders can have a very positive meaning in the work and social world. And, if you want to interpret your dream in the key of love, keep in mind that a golden spider walking towards you means that the man of your life is coming.

What does it mean to dream of spiders in bed?

Once we have seen the general meaning of spiders, let’s see what it means to dream of a spider in your bed . This type of dream, as a general rule, does not bode well because the spider represents your fears, fears and worries that you are taking to bed at bedtime.

It may be that you have inner conflicts that are not letting you rest, or that you have too many doubts about something or someone in your current life that you have to clear up in order to sleep peacefully. And be careful, because those spiders in the bed can also be synonymous with partner infidelity, that your bed partner is not being as sincere as he should …

Meaning of dreaming that you have spiders in your hair

Have you ever dreamed of spiders in your hair? Surely you have woken up with a strange sensation, you may even look at your hair carefully to see if it has really happened. Quiet! These spiders are only there to alert you to something important in your life.

In this case, it means that you have some kind of fear or fear that has been around your head for a while. It is a dream that speaks of those fears that are leaving you without the strength to continue, such as having a certain suspicion to carry out a project because you do not see yourself capable of doing it.

Dreaming of spiders that bite you: what does it mean?

The dream of being bitten by a spider is more common than it may seem, and you may even have it several times throughout your life. But what exactly does it mean? To know its meaning, you must first think about the spider: this animal bites its prey and paralyzes them with its venom.

And indeed, at this moment in your life, you find yourself paralyzed by fear, insecurity or doubts when making important decisions in your life. The spider bite invites you to reflect on the vital moment you are having, on that it is time for you to be yourself and that you still have a lot to do.

What does it mean to dream of black spiders?

Surely when you dream of a spider, it is quite characteristic black colour. As we have seen, most of the interpretations of these dreams focus on disasters in general, on making decisions, on betrayals, on infidelities in economic problems …

But you must stop for a moment to think about what happens in your dream and the sensations that it produces. Only then will you be able to know if your dream has a positive or a negative interpretation, although as a general rule these spiders mean that you are afraid or afraid of something in your life.

The meaning of dreaming about cobwebs

If instead of dreaming of a spider you have dreamed of that web they make, you should take the dream as a warning. You may be going through a vital moment in which you feel that someone wants to catch you, like that spider that is weaving its web in the dream to catch you in some way.

If in your dream you are cleaning your house of cobwebs, it will mean that you need to do an interior cleaning in order to be happier than you are. What if your mouth is full of cobwebs? Watch out! Because you may not be being as honest as you are with others or with yourself.

Dreaming of tarantulas: what does it mean?

Have you ever dreamed of tarantulas? You must pay close attention to its meaning! Tarantulas in dreams appear to warn you that you have toxic people around you, especially if you wake up feeling quite negative after having this dream experience.

It can also mean that you must overcome your fears to launch yourself to success. And, if this dream with tarantulas gives you a good feeling, you may be facing economic prosperity that you have long desired, and it may be a symbol of the fruit of the effort you have made for so long.

The meaning of dreaming that you become a spider

To understand the meaning of dreaming that you become a spider, you must first look at the symbolism of the animal. Effort, perseverance, tenacity, intelligence … All this helps you realize that all those attributes are inside you, like inside the spider, and that is why you become it.

The dream serves to warn you that you are a fighter and that you should continue to be that way despite adversity. However, if this dream produces some negativity in you, you should know that spiders also involve betrayal, deceit or infidelity.

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