Dreaming of Poltergeist Meaning & Symbolism

Dreaming of poltergeist and other entities related to the paranormal will usually be related to our fear. It can represent the spiritual realm, the afterlife, death, or the things you find mysterious.

Perhaps you are still looking for answers to the essential part of your life. Maybe you are being haunted by some thoughts and ideas.

If you constantly think about something that you can’t understand, it can manifest in your dream using entities beyond your understanding.

Why Are You Dreaming of Poltergeist?

Poltergeists can suggest uncertainties and fears. You are probably feeling insecure and afraid of something that you think is bigger than who you are.

You could also be fearful of death. If you have recently experienced the death of someone close to you, it will not be surprising to dream of a poltergeist.

Death is something that is beyond our control, and so is the action of these entities in our dream. Start by calming your nerve. Then try to understand why you are having a recurring dream about the poltergeist.

Haunted by Your Thoughts

You may have been overthinking about something too much. These are thoughts that you can’t erase in your mind. You are looking for ways to escape these thoughts, but your efforts seem to be futile.

Stop overthinking things that you can’t change. Allow things to happen and be flexible on the changes that may occur. Avoid feeling stressed about matters that we can’t control.


Your fear of death could also manifest in your dream as poltergeist activity. Perhaps someone close to you died, which reminded you of your phobia.

If you keep getting this negative thought, it would be better to talk to someone who can make you feel secured. Also, you should keep yourself busy with more important things.


Depending on the demeanor or activity of the poltergeist in your dream, your dream could mean that you will soon make a drastic or happy decision. Poltergeists can sometimes be related to good experiences.

It would also be associated with your achievements. Perhaps you have been investing your time and effort in something, and you will soon see a development or the result of your hard work.


Sometimes, our dreams can be the only way our deceased ancestors could communicate with us. By paying attention to the details of your dreams, you can determine if they are proud of you or if you failed to meet their expectations.

Perhaps they are trying to say that you are not doing your best in this life. You could be regretting the choices that you make, and they are telling you that there is still a chance for you to turn things around.

Meaning of Dreaming of Poltergeist

If the poltergeist is haunting you in your dream, it implies that you need to change your behavior. Perhaps you made someone angry with your actions, and now they are trying to haunt you in your dreams.

It encourages you to try and smoothen your relationship with that person. You could have avoided arguments and conflicts if you were only careful with your actions.

Also, seeing the poltergeist activities in your dream could remind you of the problems you have not solved. It is possible that your present is being affected by the difficulties you ignored in the past.

Constantly be reminded that our decisions and actions come with consequences. Avoid being selfish and consider how you will affect the people behind you if you behave poorly.

Dreaming of Someone as a Poltergeist

If a deceased friend or relative became a poltergeist in your dream, there are two ways on how you can interpret it. It can mean that you totally miss this person.

Perhaps you are yearning for the advice this person is giving you, and you terribly need it this time. Another possible meaning of this dream is that you have an unfinished business with this person.

Perhaps the closure or the clarification you are looking for can be found in your dream. You may think that this will help you advance to the next phase of your life.

Dreaming of an Angry Poltergeist

Encountering an angry poltergeist in your dream suggests a critical event that will happen soon in your life. It is an inevitable situation, and you will have to embrace it.

Also, this may cause some critical changes that you’ve been avoiding in the past. You will have no options but be flexible on these changes.

You will realize soon that something good will still come from this event. You will continue to suffer if you will not go through this necessary transformation.

Dreaming of Becoming a Poltergeist

If you are a poltergeist in your dream, this could be representing your personality that you are not comfortable with. Perhaps you feel like you can be prosecuted with this attitude.

However, you may not have the strength to deal with reality. With this kind of attitude, you have no options but to solve this problem in the dreamland. Dreaming this scenario could also mean that you are in a difficult situation and want to escape this at all costs.

Dreaming of a Poltergeist Attack

There are instances when you will dream that the poltergeist is attacking you. It could be interpreted in a variety of ways. For example, if the entity is attacking you, it could represent how ready you are to face your past.

Perhaps you are now prepared to move on and leave the past behind. If it is trying to choke you, it can imply that you have something that you want to say.

However, something from the past is preventing you from being vocal.  If a poltergeist is chasing you, it can mean that you are afraid of the presence of someone in your life.

If the poltergeist possessed your body, it means that you are a good and calm person. However, your situation right now may force you to commit deeds that are far from your demeanour. Still, you don’t wish to hurt anyone in the process.

Dreaming of Communicating with a Poltergeist

If you are trying to have a conversation with the poltergeist in your dream, it means that you are in the process of accepting the real you. You finally realize that just like anyone else, you have flaws that you are starting to embrace.

There will be a period that you will try to resist this period, but acceptance will always be the conclusion of this process.

However, if the poltergeist activity suddenly stops after trying to communicate with it, this implies that the emotional wounds and pain will disappear. You will be healed, and the past will no longer haunt you. The negative memories will stop bothering your mind.

Dreaming of Seeing the Poltergeist

Poltergeists are usually mischievous ghosts that you won’t see. They are primarily defined through their unusual activities. However, if you dreamed of seeing the poltergeist, there are different interpretations of this dream.

If the poltergeist is the spirit of a living person, it means that you have to be cautious when talking to them. They can have malicious intent, or they may have trouble keeping a secret.

If you’ve seen the poltergeist from a distance, it means that someone close to you is not sincere with their actions. However, you continue to deny this fact since you don’t want this to be true. Remind yourself that you need to face this so that you can move on with your life.

Dreaming of Destroying the Poltergeist

This dream means that you will develop a conflict with a family member. The reason behind this argument could be due to the careless action of the other party.

You have been tolerating his actions, but you had enough of this, and you are trying to face him head-on. Nonetheless, always stay rational when making a conversation with them.

If possible, don’t bring up the events that happened in the past. The sooner this is over, the faster the healing will take place.

Dreaming of Poltergeist underneath Your Bed

If you dream that you are lying down on your bed and you know that there’s a poltergeist underneath it, this means that you are in the presence of danger. You could be feeling helpless and scared during your dream.

You could be looking for someone’s help, but your situation will not allow it. The only way for you to solve this is to keep calm. By controlling your reaction, the person who is trying to attack you will quickly lose interest.


It is not rare that we will encounter uncommon and strange scenarios in our dream. Dreaming of Poltergeist may mean that you need to keep your eyes open, especially to the people close to you.

Reevaluate your relationship with them and acknowledge that changes are inevitable. Perhaps something good will come out of this situation; you are not just aware of it. It could also be highlighting your fears that you need to overcome.

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