Finland Viking lotto Results Wednesday 27th July 2022

See the latest Viking Lotto Results here as soon as they are available. The results are updated straight after the Wednesday Lotto draw has taken place, so you can quickly find out if you are a winner. Select the link for more information about the draw, including the winning Joker numbers. 

20-30-32-38-45-48 Viking: 2

The Vikinglotto results from the latest draw, as well as those from the last 90 days, will be shown on this page as soon as they have been held. The winning numbers are shown here in the order in which they were drawn. As the Viking number is pulled from a separate pool of balls, it may be the same as one of the main numbers.

Select the green arrow to view the Vikinglotto results of a draw in more detail, including country-specific prize breakdowns and a count of the total number of winners from all participating countries.

How to Play

To play Vikinglotto, you choose six numbers between 1 and 48, plus one Viking number between 1 and 8. The Viking number is drawn from a separate pool, so it can be the same as a main number. You can either select your own numbers or go for a Quick Pick and have a random set generated for you. The game can be played online or via authorised retailers in any of the participating countries. Draws take place in Hamar, Norway, every Wednesday at 20:00 CET.

Interesting Facts

The Vikinglotto jackpot can grow to a maximum of €35 million. Any additional funds beyond this point go to the next tier below. While the top two prize tiers are shared between all participating nations, the rest of the prizes are set individually by each country.

Vikinglotto was launched in 1993 and was initially played in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. Estonia joined in 2000, followed by Latvia and Lithuania in February 2011. Slovenia’s arrival in November 2017 took the number of participating countries to nine.

Belgium joined in 2020 to become the tenth participating country.

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