How do I get my ex wife back? Infallible tricks

Before mentioning these infallible tricks, it is necessary that we clarify some things. Why do you want it back? Do you still love her or is it just because you don’t want to be alone?

Another question: Why did he walk away from you? Those are doubts that you must clarify, at this moment taking a look at the past would not be bad at all.

Maybe you made a mistake and you don’t know it, maybe you changed so much that she doesn’t like the new you, or maybe the flame of passion is going out, this flame you can try to light it but, you must be aware that, you can force no one to love you.

Would you like to learn how to get your ex-wife back for good? These techniques will fall like a ring on your finger:

Keep Your Distance 

There is something that few men understand and that is that women do not like to be pressured, although sometimes they do, but not too much, the idea is to prevent them from feeling pressured by our presence or our insistence. Nobody likes to be chased after her, much less to recover something that did not work. Then

  1. If you want to be close, try, but do not abuse
  2. Consider whether they live in the same house or not. If they still sleep under the same roof, you may have a few points in your favour, take advantage of them!
  3. Try not to get into his things. Remember that now she is your ex-wife, there is nothing that unites you, even if you have children.

The Change From The Inside 

This is very important, especially if you want to get back that person you love so much. Show him that you have changed, but do it from the inside, change with your hand on your heart, do it for the good of both

  1. Don’t talk saying I’m going to change you’ll see, don’t just take action and do it
  2. Evaluate yourself. See what is right with you and what is not. But yes! don’t change just for her. Remember that these changes should benefit both of you, not just make her happy, while you restrain yourself from doing the things you like just because she feels happy.
  3. Change for the better, and you will surely think that this “is more of the same” but it is necessary to tell you once again “it changes for the better” and that your changes do not harm anyone, much less yourself.

Value Yourself 

Your self-esteem is very important, if you keep it at the ideal level you can get your ex-wife back, remember that women like confident men. If you are going to be spreading insecurity everywhere, better not go near it, because instead of recovering it you will only make it move further and further away and the worst thing is that it will think that, perhaps moving away from you, was the best thing it could. have done, and you don’t want that right? Then

  1. Dedicate yourself to taking care of yourself. A physically well-groomed man can be very attractive
  2. Love yourself until you are clear of the love you deserve and the one you can give
  3. Do not allow anyone to lower your self-esteem, if she no longer wants to continue with you, and also tries to humiliate you, then do not try, obviously she is someone who is not worth it.

Let’s See More Things 

Because here I am to help you. I want you to evaluate your situation very well. There are things that you may have overlooked.

1. Remember Why They Broke Up.

Assess the situation, which forced them to end. If it was because of infidelity on your part, I regret to tell you that you will have to do almost “magic” to get that woman back, but perhaps all is not lost. If you want to try even though you know you have the power to lose, go ahead! Hope is preserved until the end.

2. Put Your Emotions On The Board.

Maybe you really don’t want to go back to her because you love her, maybe you just want to be with her because you got used to her presence. And yes, I already said this before, but it is important that you clarify what you feel very well. Maybe it’s just a whim of yours, maybe you just want me to come back to your side to feel good about yourself because “you made your wife come back” but man! That’s not really encouraging at all, it just shows how weak you are.

3. Spend A Little Of Your Time.

But not too much, and make sure that time is the best for both of you.

4. Don’t Go Back To The First Time,

Consider first if going back is the best thing for you both. Perhaps loneliness is playing tricks on them and they do not know how to react, it is difficult to compete against it, but it is even more difficult, to try to get back to someone and feel more alone than you already were.

If you’re lucky with the above, and she decides to give you a chance, get ready! And prepare the best speech of your life, although well, not a speech, prepare the best apologies, some words that reach his heart and that at the same time reverberate in yours.

Consider that, when they betray us, trusting again is something very difficult, you must understand it if you were the one who screwed up.

Although it may also happen that she was the one who did wrong, and you still want to get her back, if that is your case, don’t insist so much then, if she was the one who ruined it, let her be the one who tries hard, don’t you think?

In marriage there is a king and a queen, and neither is complete without the other, or at least that usually happens, if so, there is nothing left but to forgive her, but as long as you no longer have doubts about her.

Although I can’t ignore the fact that, you are the one who wants to go back when she was the one who committed the betrayal. There are things that are forgiven, but there are others that need to be brought to trial to see how they remain. But as in love only the heart rules, only you know whether to recover it or not, although who knows? Maybe it was never really yours. I’m just telling you that, if someone decides to give you a little of their love, even a pinch, value it.

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