How do I get my wife back if we have children? 10 Golden Rules

It is normal to want to recover a relationship that has been maintained for years, especially if there are children involved, and to tell the truth this is not so difficult to do, it is not something that happens overnight obviously but if you know the technique a step by step you can shorten the time.

The key to this process is that you must be patient and persevere, remember that your relationship took time to build, that is not something you can immediately replicate.

The first thing that you must always take into account is the well-being of your children, you must work your strategy around them, you cannot harm them (physically or emotionally), or put them aside. In fact, they will be your greatest allies when it comes to getting your wife back.


Every couple who has children lives for them, and their actions are generally focused on their well-being.

Show that you are a good father, that you can take care of them, educate them and love them as they should. Create a strong emotional bond with them, so strong that they cannot be pushed away. In this way your wife will stay close to you, and since she will not dare to take them away from you.

Once with her close, you have to show that you are a better person, that you have changed, that you are not only a good father, but that you are also a good husband.

How To Get It Back If We Still Live In The Same House With Our Children? 

For many reasons that it is not necessary to state, there are certain couples who, despite having their differences or being totally separated, live under the same roof. This is the perfect opportunity to get her back, since you don’t have to worry about where your wife is or who she may be with, she is there in your house, with you. And this is the route that you must follow one by one:

1. Respect Their Space

Nobody wants to feel harassed, least of all in their own home. It is for this reason that you should give him privacy, as this shows him that you respect his decisions and that they really mean something to you. Furthermore, this also gives her time to think about what to do now.

2. Give Him Good Things To Think About.

You already gave him his space, you gave him his privacy, now fill his mind with good things. Dedicate yourself to the home, repair the breakdowns in the house, clean the garden, help with the chores, all those things that you did not do for years, start doing them, so she will take the time to think that you are a new man and that there may be something good on you.

3. Have Details With Her

It doesn’t matter if you were never a retailer, start to be. Bring her small gifts such as chocolates or flowers, you can also be more personal and be attentive to her needs.

If you hear that she needs headache pills, don’t wait for her to ask for them, go to the pharmacy and buy her the pills. In this way, she will know that you are aware of her health and that you want to take care of her since that is what a good husband does.

4. Spend Time With Your Children

This is not just taking them to the park or the zoo, it is helping them with their homework, watching television with them, reading them a book, these are simple things that will help you reconnect with your wife through them.

How To Get It Back If We Don’t Live Under The Same Roof? 

This is a slightly more complicated battlefield, since you don’t know who she might be with, and I don’t mean that she’s with another man, but with her friends. I explain it to you in the following way: if your wife hates you, her friends hate you three times as much and believe me they are the ones who will fill her head with things that are not. But all is not lost, in this case, your children are your best help.

1. Don’t Despair

The first thing you should do is always keep calm, especially in front of your wife, who can see that you are a calm, focused, and mature man.

When you go to visit your children, take advantage of that moment to talk with her, remind her of the happy moments they lived, connect with her little by little on an emotional level, so she will want to be with you again.

2. Be Affectionate With Your Children 

Create a bond with your children, show them love and attention, that they do not stop talking about how incredible their super dad is, how well they have a good time together, how you help them study, or what you help them discover.

This is always good to do, having a good relationship with your children will lead to a better relationship with your wife, and eventually, she may open up to give you another chance.

3. Show Him That You Care

When they talk, don’t blame her for anything, don’t want to hurt her with sarcastic comments. Just make her laugh, ask her how she’s been if she’s been okay if she needs you to do something for her. She may deny everything, say that she is fine and does not need anything, but she may also accept your help, and there you have one more chance to get closer to her.

Other Useful Tips 

1. Recommend Going To Couples Therapy

Nobody wants to listen to another person telling them the reasons why their marriage failed, but if you propose to do therapy, you will show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it back and to tell the truth, every woman wants them to fight for her.

2. Organize A Romantic Evening For The Two Of You

Propose Him A Romantic Night To Talk, To Connect Again Without Children, Without Family, Without Problems, Just You, The Light Of The Moon, The Candles, And A Delicious Meal. That Will Make The Magic Revive Between The Two Of You.

3. Ask Her To Marry Him Again

This is only if you are sure that she will come back to you if they have already talked, reconnected, and smoothed over. This is not something that she expects, it is a surprise that if it is executed at the right time, it will make her return directly to you, and this time it will be forever.

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