How Do I Know If My Wife Is Cheating On Me? Signs You Can’t Ignore

This is a very sensitive issue since all human beings can have attitudes that at some point make it seem that we are being unfaithful or that we are hiding something when the truth is completely the opposite.

And it is not only those attitudes, but there is much advice that does not make sense, and they are the ones that end up damaging people’s minds and convince them that they are being unfaithful, and they end a relationship that all they needed was a little more communication and mutual trust.


There are many people around the world who ask that question every day. Many men have noticed a strange change in their partners.

They notice that she is having new habits, she is in a totally different mood than she is, and this has no explanation. For this reason, I want to clear the way and give you the tools, those tips that will really make you see if your wife is being unfaithful, or not.

Signs That A Woman Is Unfaithful

There are certain things a woman can do, which are subtle, while she is cheating on her partner. Here are the most common:

  • History Change

She is talking to you, telling you how her day was, and you notice that something does not make sense in what she tells you and you ask her to clarify because you do not understand.

She tried to explain it to him but she changes the details constantly, at one point there was a lot of suns, then there was no sun, she was with her friend from work, Lucia, but she also told you that she had not heard from Lucia for days. There must be a reason why he doesn’t want to tell you the truth.

  • Complains About Old Things

When a woman starts to complain a lot about you, about the relationship you have, about how you do things, about things that she has never complained about before, it is likely that she is already seeing someone else who treats her differently.

Now, at this point you can try to change, and be a better husband to her, but if she keeps complaining regardless of your effort or the changes made, it’s almost a guarantee that she has someone else.

  • Demand More Privacy 

In a lasting relationship, the sense or meaning of the word “privacy” is lost. If she out of nowhere starts spending more time alone or if when she uses the phone she seems to write to someone and the moment you get closer, she hides it, or even asks you to give her her space, that is a clear sign that she is hiding something.

  • Change Your Habits

It is incredibly rare for a busy person who already has a routine in life to make sudden changes.

Starting to exercise, buying new clothes, changing your style, buying a new perfume, these are signs that your wife is changing not only objects but also personality.

The unfortunate thing is that perhaps, they are also wanting to make a change of partner, and when that happens it is because they already have someone else.

What Can I Do To Prevent This From Happening? 

While there are many reasons why a woman may want to cheat on her partner, there are certain things we can do as men to prevent this from happening.

They are things that seem silly, and in fact, they may be, but if you put them into practice they can save you a great annoyance and a disappointment:

  • Be a gentleman

No, I’m not talking about taking him a moonlight serenade with a mariachi ensemble and letting out the songs you know best.

I mean the little things, open the doors for her, give her flowers, bring her chocolates, have little details that let her know that you love her and that she is always in your thoughts.

  • Evaluate Yourself 

If your wife for any reason tells you that she does not know what has changed, or that she is not feeling the same as she used to feel about you, it is time to think about what you have been able to do or not do to make her feel that way.

Perhaps you stopped taking care of yourself, you lost confidence, you are no longer as detailed as before. All of this can be a reason for a woman to feel this way. If you truly love her, make the necessary changes, show her that you are there for her and that you can be the man she deserves.

  • Fall In Love With Her Every Day

Well not every day, if you bring her flowers every day there will come a time when they will lose their charm, remember that a lot of something ends up boring.

Tell her that she looks cute, that you like the way she laughs, that you like her eyes, tell her that you love her, help her around the house (trust me, that adds up to a lot of points).

Women focus on small things, which we hardly notice, it is for this reason that you should put your effort into those small things, it may end up saving your relationship.

If My Wife Is Unfaithful To Me, What Should I Do? 

  • Be Certain Of The Deception

The first thing is to be sure of the infidelity, you cannot react only by an impulse or by a suspicion, you must have confirmed that she is with another to be able to act. Either she confessed it to you, or because you saw solid evidence.

  • Don’t Panic

We do not know how we can react when we find out about infidelity, but if I can tell you that by reacting in a bad way, you can end up in many problems. The healthiest thing is that you ask for an explanation, stay away for a while and evaluate if you want to give it another chance.

  • Make The Decision That Suits You

If you thought about it, and you think she can change, go ahead! Give the relationship another chance. If you think you can not be with her again, eliminate all contact they may have, so you will move on with your life, in the healthiest way possible. The important thing now is not her, it is your happiness.

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