How long does it take to get over a breakup?

A love break is understood to be one of the painful and common situations for both women and men. Some of the factors responsible for a break are: routine, that is, the devastating coexistence and the flame of love goes out. In this post I’m going to talk to you about how long it takes to get over a love breakup, which is what interests you.

Only 80% of people around the world go to consultations with psychologists, they do so for reasons such as a love break. Many of these ruptures have reconciliation and continue together after seeing the therapy sessions with the psychologist taken and others not.

You can continue with us so that you can take some tips on how long it takes to overcome a love break that you have had and you are still immersed in that pain and suffering that does not allow you to continue with your normal life.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Breakup In Love?

When you establish a relationship with that person who you think is the love of your life and for a certain reason everything ends, you feel that you are going to die and even more so if you had a lot of time together, all those shared moments, among others.

A break in relationships can be overcome. This makes it clear that the breakup is a temporary process, which will not be eternal and everyone in this life is passing through. This is why many people wonder how long it can take to get over a breakup.

When the end comes to a love relationship, it not only hurts emotionally, but it also generates the loss of control over your own life, that is why it is normal that you go through a process of drama for everyone and we will show you how long it can take to overcome it.

Psychological changes do not happen overnight, nor is it very good to force yourself to stop feeling more, since this could make everything worse and be much more harmful for you by going through this process.

In the case of a break with the couple, everything is very clear, the love story that one lives with that other person leaves a very strong emotional mark that should not disappear at the least convenient moment.

Time is one of the key elements when overcoming that love breakup, like it or not, and you need this ingredient to make you feel a little better when you realize that this chapter in your life has closed.

According to some studies carried out, they showed that many of these cases, such as overcoming a love breakup, can be overcome in a period of approximately six months to two years so that you can consider overcoming that breakup.

In the same way, it has been proven that women are stronger when recovering from a love breakup than men. Women suffer more than men after a breakup, but they are also able to recover quickly unlike them.

You can follow a series of processes so that you can positively overcome that rupture, and even help so that the results are excellent. If you want to forget your ex-partner as quickly as possible, you have to give your brain a little help so that you can achieve it more quickly, because your episodic memory is only capable of storing what happens together with your emotions.

Since the brain does not save all the memories, but you choose from all those sensations of the day those that have a high load of emotions to record them in the episodic memory and add constantly remembering those events or situations with the person, causing a lot more emotions prolonging the new memories.

Stages That Must Be Overcome In A Love Breakup

It is understood that suffering a separation goes through a series of stages that must be overcome at all costs in order to achieve a prompt recovery from that emotional problem.

Next we will show you what are those stages that you have to overcome anyway. As they are the following:


Always at the end of a relationship there is confusion and panic that prevent you from continuing with the day’s tasks. You will have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and eating. Many people only go through this process for a few days, while others remain in a daze during the month of being single.

The Pain

That feeling of sadness for all those plans that can never be carried out, usually cause sudden changes in mood, as well as great irascibility. It is very normal that you want to find that way to contact that other person but that is not recommended. It is one of the longest stages and external help is often needed.


You will try to understand what those reasons were that led to the breakup. Generally, it always ends up blaming the other for what happened, which causes too much anger and sadness against the former partner.

The Asimilation

You must assimilate that that relationship is ended forever. Unlike the others, you will begin to feel that desire to live again and to recover that time that you lost during that self-destructive duel that you spend in the previous three stages.

The Desire To Meet New People

 When you start dating, they will not let you wait for that desire to meet new people allowing you new relationships, where at first, it is very likely to be related to carnal and non-sentimental desire. That will end when you get that other person again who will be your new better half.

You Feel Like You Rebuild Your Life Again

One of the things that seemed completely impossible to you in those early days of your loneliness is a reality. Those relationships that mark cannot be forgotten, but it is possible that they do not hurt allowing you to make yourself happy with another person.

Do Not Obsess

You do not have to obsess over the stages and forget day by day that person with whom you just ended that relationship. You must focus on work, on spending much more time with loved ones and starting up everything that can make you happy and feel good so that in this way you can accelerate this inevitable process, where it has been shown that it can go out .

Both men and women at some point in their lives have suffered or suffer a love breakup, but women feel great pain and recover and come back stronger, while men never recover and simply move on.

We understand by a love breakup that way in which a sentimental relationship ends, be it short or long term, where one of the two individuals gets too involved and undergoes a series of process or mourning for a long time, but if they are capable to recover.

Our goal in writing this article is that you really know how long it takes for a person to recover from a love breakup and that you are not afraid to try again with another person later than if they offer you a stable relationship.

The Time It Takes To Get Over A Love Breakup

Breaks in relationships are one of the most painful situations for the person, after the death of the loved one. A separation is the most traumatic emotional experience and requires that both parties go through a grieving process.

Of course, all love breaks are different and of course the circumstances that embark on it. After an emotional break there is that moment of mourning, that stage of forgetfulness that is necessary to heal those wounds that are opened by that goodbye.

Where each of these stories are different and each of the individuals go through their own self-improvement process. Usually in the first year after the breakup is a stable relationship is extremely important.

However, that grieving process has to stop at any time, it is not healthy for you to have a state of depression because of that breakup. Even when you wonder how long the mourning of the breakup lasts.

In general, there is no set time that indicates how long a love breakup is over. Many variables influence here as an example, if your ex continues in your circle where you work or with friends, if that break was traumatic and the type of relationship you had, among others.

It has been difficult to determine exactly how long it takes to mourn because of the emotional breakdown, normally, overcoming a sadness after the separation can take months or even a year. It all depends, but some studies have confirmed that a grieving process can last, after the break, from six months to a year, so that the person can process all that pain and sadness.

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