How to be strong in the face of a breakup

When you are young and you suffer a love breakup, your days make you eternal and you think that you will never recover, on the other hand, when you pass to the adult stage you take the break with more serenity and you propose to overcome yourself in the face of this and any other difficulty you have. That is why in this post we will talk about how to be strong when faced with a breakup, pay attention.

A love break is that action or fact which ends the relationships between people, what the break means is that break in the relationship, where everything is terminated and each one must continue with their lives, after a long time of mourning.

In this article you will present some steps that you can use to be strong in the face of any love break you have had and recover as quickly as you can, but remember that you have to do your part to make this possible.

How To Be Strong In The Face Of A Breakup

It happens to you very often, that before the world you say you are very well and when you get home you get depressed and start crying like a child because of a love breakup because you feel that you feel fully capable of overcoming it and so you continue with that armor of fort.

At some point in our lives they have gone through a love break where there is a mixture of emotions that are stormy. At the beginning it is very difficult to maintain strength and as time passes you will feel how those wounds heal and you will become much stronger.

Below we show you what are the steps you can follow to make yourself very strong in the face of a situation of emotional breakdown with your ex-partner and truthfully that in such a short time you will be again with your head up and with much more desire to live, as an example :

  • Carry Your Grief

You must accept that pain is something very normal. As they say “breaking up is a very difficult thing to do”. Certain scientific studies have shown that love rejection activates brain connections than physical pain itself. It is very painful to break up with a person and it is very normal for you to feel sad about what happened.

Psychologists say that 98% of people have experienced unrequited love, be it a betrayal that was not reciprocated an unpleasant breakup. Knowing that you are not alone may not be enough to heal that broken heart, but it can make that pain easier to bear.

  • Let The Pain Out

Don’t be pretending to be okay, minimize or deny your emotions, like repeating to yourself I’m okay and nothing is going to be a big deal. You’re really only making things worse in the long run. You have to try to assimilate your feelings so that you can get over that breakup.

  • If you want to cry, crying is therapy when we are sad, since it is able to minimize feelings of anxiety, stress and anger. So go ahead, cry all you want, if you feel that this way you can be fine.
  • Through creative activities express your emotions, as well as music or art. Write a song with everything you feel or just listen to a song that relaxes you, you can draw that image of how your emotional state is. You have to be as far away as you can from all those things that are sad for you or that make you angry, in reality you can only elevate your anger and sadness.
  • Hit to vent your sorrows, when hitting, breaking or screaming, avoiding these impulses may be the best, since it has been shown that using violence to express your anger, if you do it with inert objects such as a pillow can generate more anger. One of the healthiest ways to express it is to talk about your feelings with yourself or with a person you love very much.
  • Everything is easier with a trusted person, you can look for that person to keep you company so you can vent and cry. It is very likely that that person also needs your company at any time. All he will do is return the favor.
  • You Can Write About Your Feelings

Express what you feel, instead of ignoring or repressing them, this will help you accept that you are feeling pain, but it will not always be done that way. Write your feelings openly and you can honestly understand them. One of the first steps for you to endure loneliness after the breakup is to have time to analyze your thoughts, your feelings, and to reflect.

  • Take some time out of the day, take only 20 minutes of the day for you to vent and write about your feelings and thoughts that you have saved and are the most intense of that relationship. Reflect on those experiences while you were in that relationship, how you feel after that breakup or what things worry you now that you are single.
  • One of the main most common reasons for breakups is a lack of independence, receptivity, or magical feelings.
  • When writing, you don’t have to worry about spelling or grammar. You will only write for yourself, with the simple purpose of saying those thoughts and feelings.
  • Check What You Wrote

 Writing all your emotions is one of the first steps, so you must review everything you wrote and try to identify why you feel all that. Reflect on those emotions allowing you to understand it and it will also help you to identify the alteration that is unfair to you.

  • For example, one of the most common fears after a breakup is that you are undesirable or even that you do not deserve love. It is very easy for you to feel that you will never find a person who does not love you again. It is one of the most natural reactions, but do not focus it is true. Find enough evidence that many people do love you, even that person you want to love you like no other can love you.
  • Check if you have general, irreversible or internal affirmations in the journal. Studies claim that having these types of thoughts can lead to depression after that breakup and can make it difficult for you to get on with your life.
  • The example could be a general statement, “This breakup is going to ruin my life.” It is normal that sometimes you feel this way, but it could not be true. Paraphrase it as one of the limited statements, “This breakup will hurt now, but it’s just part of my life.”
  • Repeat Those Positive Self-Affirmations

Breakups can often sway your self-confidence too much. Showing a little kindness in the day can help you remember that you are a wonderful person who has to offer that right person. When you have these negative thoughts in a breakup, you can reject them with these affirmations such as:

  • I deserve to be loved and loved and there are people who recognize it.
  • Now I feel sad, but it won’t last forever.
  • This pain is caused by my brain chemistry, which is impossible to control.
  • My feelings and thoughts are not totally true.
  • I respect and love myself.

As well as these steps that we gave you previously, there are many more that you can use in a case that you feel sad and think that your life will not arise in so much pain and depression. Go ahead and recover your life or better yet help yourself to become much stronger in the face of adversity.

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