How To Forget My Ex-Husband If We Have Children

You wonder how to forget your ex if there are children, because as a woman, having a movie love can become your dreams. Living happily until death do you part with your partner is an illusion that does not always happen. But not everything is good, since all that love can end, for that you wonder how to forget my ex-husband if we have children, right?

When a divorce occurs between couples with children, a series of complications arise, since the responsibility that you have as a mother does not end after the separation. You and your ex-husband should stay in contact to make decisions about your children. This makes it more difficult to forget.

But what does forgetting really mean? You will not be able to remove all the memories from your memory, but you must learn to live without being affected by it. The process of overcoming is usually slow, the normal thing would be for them to move away for a while, but your children cannot wait for you to heal your wounds and reorganize your life! . Here is how difficult the situation is.

That is why it is necessary to present to you 5 steps that will help you with this difficult task of leaving everything in the past. You will see that in the end that inner strength that you possess will manifest itself and you will be able to launch the beginning of your new life.

Learn These 5 Steps To Forget Your Ex-Husband Having Children

Even after the separation, communication and coexistence with your ex-husband must be maintained, as there is a bond that inevitably and forever unites them, their children. Despite this, there are a number of steps you can take to allow yourself to put your feelings towards him in the past.

In this sense, I want you to pay attention to each of the steps and especially take them into account so that forgetting your ex-husband is not a path full of problems.

  • Come To An Agreement With Your Ex-Partner

At first, the situation is a little more difficult, because the feelings related to the causes of divorce and the emotional consequences that this entails are on the surface. Try to come to an agreement with your ex-husband about taking care of the children.

At the beginning of the separation process, it is recommended that personal contact with your ex-spouse is scarce, but that this does not prevent both from taking care of their children . Agree on how long each of you will be with them. With the passage of time, the situation will become more bearable.

Avoid as much as possible that lawsuits related to the care of the little ones are formed, either because both want to have them on the same day or, on the contrary, that neither of them wants to have them.

Take the process in the most mature way possible, you are the adults and the ones responsible for the children to maintain their emotional health.

  • Stay Serene In Front Of Your Children

The most normal thing is that you have a mixture of feelings and that from time to time you feel so bad that it causes you to scream or cry. It is healthy and necessary that you want to vent, but try not to let your children realize it.

  • Do Not Argue With Your Ex-Husband In Front Of Your Children

Arguments do not lead to anything good, much less if they take place in front of your children. In this case, the damage is caused not only to you and your ex-partner but indirectly affects your children.

Seeing frequent arguments they can grow insecure and this is reflected in that they tend to be more vulnerable, depressed and anxious. Before taking attitudes that you may regret, think that they are innocent of everything that could have happened between you and do not deserve to suffer even more.

“In other words, she deals with the differences with her ex-husband in a mature way, talking about it and looking for the best possible solution . Talk about the situation of her children and reach a consensus in order to lay the foundations for her new one.”

I assure you that in this way both will maintain good emotional health. However, you must be attentive to the first sign that your ex-husband shows of wanting to talk about his past relationship, because if you want to do so, you must mark that the only conversation you can have with him is the well-being of your children .

  • Don’t Insist On Holding Or Holding Her.

The idea of ​​starting the perfect family can cause you to need to support it at all costs. Don’t manipulate your ex-husband, or try to convince yourself that children should live with both parents. While it is true that they need to be in contact with their parents, they do not necessarily need to be together.

Do not insist on continuing to maintain a relationship that has no direction or stable future, since this also brings psychological damage to children in the long run , because in a relationship without love, respect ends little by little and even if you do not believe it, children realize everything.

  • Accept The Situation And Forgive.

Do not focus on the idea that the father of your children left you, if he is no longer there it is because the relationship was no longer the best and even if you do not want to, you must accept it. Failure to do so will only keep you clinging to the idea of ​​being in a relationship where not only would both of you get hurt but also your children.

Beyond accepting it, you should also cleanse yourself of all those bad feelings that you possibly accumulated in your heart, such as hatred, rage, and anger. All these emotions will only make you keep your mind tied to your ex-husband, which will make it harder for you to forget him.

Once you have accepted and forgiven, the process of change and restructuring of your life will begin.

Don’t despair if your life doesn’t go the way you always wanted it to. There are times when life plays against you and you only have to get up and get back on your feet. Take as much teaching as you can from this experience.

The processes of change are usually long and painful, but they come with great benefits. It is time for you to let go of all harmful feelings that tie you to continue in an unhappy life. I know how the eagle, pluck those past feathers and break that old beak, at the end of the process you will take the course again and you will fly higher than ever.

May love for your children be the force that drives you forward .

Tips To Improve Your Relationship With Your Ex-Husband If You Have Children

One of the things that you must bear in mind is that in this life nothing is a fairy tale as we have always imagined it with a great “ HAPPY FOREVER ”, this is only true in some cases when there are couples who truly they love each other and want to be together.

On the other hand, when you were already in a married relationship and have children, they should improve their relationship a little in terms of their treatment, not necessarily as a couple, when the relationship is no longer working, but more, as friends who can support each other. . Because that’s what friends do, right?

For this reason, I recommend that you pay close attention to everything that I will be telling you below about some tips that will be of great help to you to maintain a good relationship with your husband . You only have to take notes of what you will be learning and you will see that it will not be affecting other members of the family such as your children.

1. Remember That You Are Divorced, But Your Son Exists.

You must always keep in your mind that, no matter how much problems you have had with your ex-husband, do not forget that that little person who is by your side , who is the love of your life, the irreplaceable one, whom you call “ son ” , is with you and also with your ex.

So, in great honor of that great project that the two of you were able to do in that moment of great love, you have to learn to calm down and also learn to be friends with that man you once called husband. Only, so that your child feels a good communication between both and at the same time, grows mentally strong.

2. You Have To Be A Good Example For Your Child.

Act with affection, justice and also integrity, are things that you can transmit to your child, this, not only do you have to include it in teaching them with words what are good manners, self-love, or respect for their peers , among others .

It also has to do with the actions that you take in all kinds of situations that you are present. One of the most vivid examples that your children can witness are those manners that you have with your ex, respecting him and also, loving yourself. This is one of the best examples you can give your little one, by treating his parent with justice, integrity and affection.

3. Get Motivated With Your Independence And Your Peace.

You always have to breathe easy. Remember that they are no longer sharing a life together and all that that implies because, that is what they decided; whether it’s you, or it’s your ex, or it’s both. You do not have to think about those chores that can be done at home, because they are separate. So, each one has to fix it without affecting the other.

Regarding the expenses, they must bear in mind that it goes in half, because there are children in the middle and the children are done in company with another person. You no longer have to think about those worries that were too intense that it caused you to put on a show in front of your child every time they argued.

4. Don’t Forget You Ever Loved Him Very Much.

This does not have to do with remembering the good times you lived together, but, in how you are going to forget that you ever professed a deep love to that person who gave you the most precious thing you have, your son.

So, currently, although that love is off, you must bear in mind that it once existed; So, you have to give yourself credit, because, if you loved him, it would be for something. You just have to trust yourself and begin to appreciate it as what it can be now in your life, only a friend who is an accomplice in raising your child .

5. Understand That Your Ex Is No Longer Your Partner.

Never try to find your ex to become the person who is ideal for you as a father or mother. Some people often mistakenly think that they can change their former partner for someone more suitable in their life. Only according to their own needs and also according to their tastes, this has been a big mistake.

Now, if what you want is to modify that person’s way of being which is no longer your partner , it is not necessary that you wear yourself out, because that will never happen. If I do not change when he was with you, less to change when he no longer has a relationship with you, but only a paternal bond that he must fulfill with you.

These are some of the tips that you should take into account so that you can see how you will learn in a very short time to forget your ex-husband even if they have children, only, you must have a bond with that person and little by little you will learn to see them as a friend or friend and that will be the best thing you can do for the well-being of your little one or your little children.

Remember that a separation is not easy for you, and much less for your children, to see that their parents are no longer together, when the ideal would be to grow up in a family full of love and see that their parents who conceived them are always there. together.

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