How To Forget My Ex-Husband

“Until death do us part” may not always work with some couples, this is when divorce is present and the questions of how to forget my ex-husband arise.

You may ask yourself questions like, what did I do wrong? Or could I ever forget it? All these questions will be normal when you have lived with a person. However, there are always ways to recover and this is precisely what I want to teach you.

It is inevitable not to feel pain when you separate from that person with whom you once shared your life; miss seeing him next to you when you wake up, have breakfast together, watch your favorite TV shows together.

All the moments lived can remain strongly attached to your memory and heart, coming to believe that you can never leave everything in the past to continue with your life.

As difficult as it may seem to forget, it is not impossible. The emotional maturity you have plays a very important role both in the time it will take you to let go of your feelings towards him, and in the emotional consequences that it will cause in your being.

To help you in this difficult task, I will show you 7 steps that you must follow to move towards permanent oblivion.

7 Steps You Want To Forget Your Ex-Husband

An important aspect to take into account is that the fact of “forgetting” does not imply that the memories will be completely erased from your head, but that, despite having them present, you will not let them cause any effect on your emotions, be it positive or negative.

Next, you will see a series of steps to follow to forget once and for all who your husband was.

  • Take Distance

Avoid as much as possible having communication with your ex-husband. Stop texting, calling, or emailing him. The intention of this action is to give yourself the time necessary to heal the wounds and start over. Later, when everything is over and if you wish, you can keep in touch with him.

If, on the other hand, it is your ex-husband who insists on maintaining continuous communication, ask him to please respect your space for a while. If he still insists on contacting you, you will need to take more serious action.

Now, if they had children during their marriage, you will not be able to walk away completely, but make sure that communication with your ex is strictly on issues related to children’s projects (adolescent or young, depending on the case). Remember that the children belong to both of you, do not close yourself to the idea that they are related to their father.

  • Avoid Running Into Your Ex-Husband

You don’t frequent the places your ex commonly went, be it a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop. This would increase the risk of finding it and this, in addition to being an uncomfortable experience, could be counterproductive in your struggle to forget it.

If this is the case and you meet by chance, try to keep the interaction between the two of you brief and courteous.

  • Toss Or Save Anything That Can Remind You

If you still have some of your ex-husband’s things at home, be it clothes, photos or a special memory, try to keep them out of sight. Return his things to him or, if necessary, put them in a drawer or dispose of them. This, in addition to helping you forget your former partner, represents a symbolic act of the beginning of your new life separated from him, with new memories and life projects.

  • Take More Care Of Yourself

Perhaps it is time to get a new haircut that makes you feel more beautiful and strong, take a language class to expand your knowledge a little more, set goals that encourage you to wake up from day to day with the courage to move on. This will be the beginning to revive your passion for life.

Plan to do everything you could not do to fulfill your responsibilities as a wife, such as travelling the world or anything else that makes you happy.

  • Connect With Family And Friends.

Lean on your people to encourage you to continue life without your ex-husband. You can plan with them an agenda of exciting things to do, or just go out to eat or spend some time in company.

If you want to let off steam, with them it would be perfect to do it. Feel their support, their affection, ask them for a hug if you wish. The people who love you will be there to offer you their shoulder and their advice whenever you need them.

  • Create New Habits

Do activities that allow you to be distracted and calm. You can start reading a good book, go for a run, or maybe hit the gym. In addition to keeping yourself busy, you will work on strengthening your physical and mental health, with this I assure you that you will feel better both inside and out.

  • Do Not Despair

You must be patient, forgetting someone you loved and perhaps still love is a long and difficult process. Do not despair or be hard on yourself, let time pass and if you see that you have not managed to forget the past, do not despair, that when you least believe it, your feelings will begin to diminish and you will feel more secure that you can forget it.

Sooner rather than later you will be ready to face the new challenges that life has for you, do not be discouraged.

Focus all your energies on improving in every facet of your life. Look at this situation as an experience that will allow you to face more firmly and with greater maturity the aspects related to your love life. Think that perhaps this end was necessary to have a better start.

Do not close yourself to the possibility of loving and being loved again. The fact that your marriage is over does not doom your love life to failure. Give yourself the opportunity to live again, smile again and above all be happy.

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