How to forget my ex if we have a child

Wanting to know how to forget my ex if we have a child can be complex. If this is your case, you cannot stop reading what I will give you in this post. You will see how forgetting is easier than you think.

Relationships are not always long lasting and despite having many life projects with one person, everything can be finished overnight.

Forgetting after sharing your life with someone else is often painful. On the other hand, when you have a child with that person, the road presents an even greater challenge than as an adult you must know how to drive.

Despite being an adult, nothing tells you how to forget your ex if they have a child, so to help you in this task I will give you some tips that you should apply to forget your ex without affecting the emotional health of your child.

5 Tips To Forget Your Ex If You Have A Child

The attitudes that both parents take in the separation process and the time after it is important to maintain the emotional health of the children. Of course, everyone controls their actions and you cannot influence your ex’s attitudes . But, if you can control yours and focus on the well-being of your child.

Next, I will show you some tips that you should follow if you want to forget your ex without harming your child.

  • Should I Stop Talking To You To Forget It Or Forget It?

This may be the first question you ask yourself, but it is also the first mistake you can make when wanting to forget your partner if they have children.

I tell you that it is a mistake because walking away will undoubtedly affect your child , something that you must know how to handle. Even if it is difficult for you because of what you feel, direct communication will help you cope, even if the problem is very recent or has been very serious, you must remember that what you do is good for your child.

Remember, you can talk all you want with him but that only have to do with your son, otherwise if he wants to talk about his past relationship you must express that you are not talking or dealing with him or her because you want to recover him but for the welfare of your son .

This advice is important that you take it into account because if communication with the ex-partner is cut off completely, situations can arise where there are misunderstandings or unclear things that affect not only your peace of mind but that of your child .

  • Clear Things Up With Your Ex

Generally, after a separation, couples focus on fights and arguments that generate serious conflicts in the child, especially if it is a child. These conflicts lead to a series of consequences that, over a long period of time, can cause irreparable damage to the child .

For this, you must take the necessary time, both your ex partner and you, to smooth things over and get along as well as possible. Constant fights only bring fatigue, so treating yourself with respect and consideration for the other would be ideal.

Remember that you shared a lot of time with that person and they are the father or mother of your child , teach your child that despite not being together they can treat each other with respect.

In this step you must try to forget what happened, as difficult as this is, you must try to breathe and focus on what really matters and that is your son.

  • Try To Focus Solely On Your Child

A very common mistake in couples once they separate is to continue treating each other as if they were still in the relationship. Claiming each other and fighting even more than when they were together is a situation that should be avoided both for the mental health of both of you and for that of your child.

One very helpful technique is for the two of you to agree and agree to focus solely on the things associated with your child. This will avoid unnecessary arguments , especially those related to your past relationship.

If for some reason your partner insists on discussing what has already ended, let him know that you have no interest in the past and that the only thing that binds you to him or her is their child. Marking this distance will make you take steps towards the goal of forgetting him.

  • Put The Feelings You May Still Have For Your Ex

It may happen that, once the relationship is over, some feelings remain for that person who shared a good time with you. This is when habit can be confused with love, that is, you can hope to be with that person again.

If the relationship ended in a very bad way, the best thing you can do is not express those feelings directly, but the healthiest thing would be to try not to be so obvious about it, for this I recommend that you try to show calm in front of you former.

“Try to breathe and think about the goal you have set for yourself, which, as you already know, is to forget it. Be firm in what you want to achieve so that you do not lose your goal “

  • Don’t Resist The Idea Of ​​Having A New Partner

It is inevitable that you do not resist the idea of ​​having a new partner and especially when you have a child with someone else. While it is true, your child deserves to be happy, but this is also where you must give yourself space to think that you can continue your life.

As soon as you have a space for yourself you can go out to have fun and meet new people, go for a walk and do not close yourself to the idea of ​​having a coffee with friends.

Relating will help you forget your ex despite having a child together . You will see how the options to be happy will come by themselves.

Once you give yourself a new opportunity with another person, you should let things flow naturally, without any complexes and avoiding making the same mistakes that led to the end of your relationship as before. But, “beware” you should not base new relationships on the failures you have had in the past.

Another important thing with the new partner is to integrate them correctly into your child’s world. It will not be a father or mother who replaces one of the parents, but rather comes to reinforce the family bond. Making your child feel totally comfortable with this new person is vital to the success of the relationship.

In conclusion, all those tips described above are ideal to forget that person with whom you have a child .

Remember you have separated from your partner, not from your child, so you should always try to fulfill your commitment as a mother or father by putting aside what has already happened. The time to forget your ex having a child will undoubtedly depend on how mature you are, however, patience and calm should be your best tools.

Steps To Forget My Ex If We Have A Child

Even after they have separated, you must bear in mind that the coexistence and also the communication that you have with your ex-partner has to be maintained, not because you want to, but because you have a child in the middle of the two of you, since, that it is a bond that will always unite them inevitably.

“In spite of that, you should know that there are certain steps that you can follow so that, in this way, you can allow yourself to leave those feelings you have towards him and be left behind definitively”

In this sense, I want you to be able to pay attention to each of those steps that I will be presenting below and, above all, keep it in mind so that in this way you can forget your ex-husband and in this way, it is not a path that you can be filled with problems.

Learn To Come To An Agreement With Your Partner

At first, it is understood that the situation tends to be somewhat difficult, since, the feelings are those that are related to those causes that led to divorce and those emotional consequences which, it entails, are those that are on the surface . Therefore, you have to try to reach an agreement with your ex about what it should be to take care of your children.

At the beginning of the separation, it is recommended that the relationship you have with your ex be a little scarce, all for the well-being of your feelings . But, this does not have to prevent both of you from being able to take care of your child. So they have to agree on how long they can both spend with their child. You must bear in mind that, with the passage of time, the situation will be better.

Maintain Serenity In Front Of Your Children

One of the things that you can make the most normal is that you have a mixture of many feelings and that, from time to time, you start to feel bad that it even causes you to scream or maybe cry for a long time.

So, it is healthy and also very necessary that you want and have to vent, but, you always have to try that your children do not realize how you are inside and that wants to come out. Since, that can also affect them. Therefore, be calm in front of your children.

Don’t Fight With Your Ex In Front Of Your Kids

You know that discussions are those battles that do not reach an agreement. And, much less, when you have your son in front of you. Therefore, you are not going to cause the damage to the other person, but to your child who is listening and also looking at the attitudes that both of you are taking.

You should bear in mind that your child, by witnessing frequent discussions between the two of you , can cause insecurities to grow and generally, this is going to be reflected in that they tend to be more vulnerable, more depressed and also anxious. For this reason, before taking certain attitudes with your partner, think that your child is completely innocent of what is happening between you, so it is enough to have to suffer a separation for you to argue in front of him or her. .

These are some of the best steps that you should take into account so that you learn to forget all those feelings you have towards your ex, but without forgetting that he has been part of your son or daughter’s life as well. Therefore, you have to learn to live together with him .

Even though this is one of the most difficult situations you may find yourself in, I know that you will learn to overcome everything you feel for your ex-husband and you will be happy. Remember that this does not mean that because you are talking to your ex you cannot get a chance to meet someone else.

You can have your partner, but I recommend that you take some time to heal all those wounds left to you by that person who claimed to love her and has failed you. You must bear in mind that all change processes will always be a bit long and also painful.

But, they also come with great benefits for you. It is time that you totally let go of those feelings that are harmful and, for which, they tie you to continue a somewhat miserable life.

You have to be like the eagle, you have to pluck those heavy feathers and also, you have to break the old beak. Because, at the end of all this process you will take the course again and you will learn to fly high and you will always fly higher than before.

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