How to get my wife back if we live together? 3 Infallible Tips!

The main thing is to think that you really want to recover it, it is not easy to just say it and now, you must feel it, if so, you are on the right track.

It is normal to feel a little confused at this time, it is normal not to know exactly what you should do, but calm down, just follow your heart.

You Are A Strong And Confident Person 

If you are not aware of how strong you are, you will not be able to do anything. So if you have doubts, let’s do something quick and easy

  • You are going to relax, and you are going to forget a little about stress, lighten your body, because I am sure that doubts invade your head and do not allow you to think clearly
  • Think that these are things of destiny, obstacles that you must overcome. Maybe it will help you to know if you really want to be with her or not.
  • Believe in yourself, believe in yourself so that you feel the security that you are going to get her back because no one but you knows that woman, only you know what she likes, what she is passionate about and all those details, even the smallest ones you can use them at your benefit

Save Your Marriage 

Something that you must be clear about is that she also wants you to get her back, you can’t just make an effort yourself and now. Then what will you do? Will you use up all your energy trying to get back to someone who just wants to be free? No! once you notice that she still feels things for you, then you can start with the process of reconquest

1. Do Not Beg For Anything 

You should know that love is not requested. If you want to make her understand how much you love her, ok! Do it, but always valuing yourself, never feeling less than her.

Do not be like those who decide to humiliate themselves by someone who in the end is not worth it. If she shows that she values ​​your efforts and respects you then you have the upper hand.

2. Spend Time Together 

To conquer her you should try to spend time with her, but not pressure her, maybe you want to get away from the routine a bit and that’s fine, but if she doesn’t want to, you can’t insist.

Or maybe if you can but only a little, do not abuse, remember that women like to be insisted but not too much. The idea is to sow the seed of desire very little by little.

Do you know that it is beautiful, and it will fall on you like “pearls”? Sharing those movies with her that you never wanted to see, because either you didn’t like them or because they brought out your “weak” side, for a woman, seeing a man cry during a movie is something sweet, well that’s what they think! The more open you are with her, the better things will turn out.

3. Don’t Let Love End

If you really want to get it back, don’t let the little love they still have left disappear. Put a little more love on it! a few more tablespoons, or the whole package if you think it’s necessary, everything to get back that woman, who has you so in love! Make her understand that the love you feel for her is unique and that she will not find it in anyone else.

But always give it its space. When we feel pressured, we can make decisions without thinking, decisions that can lead to big problems.

Loves Me?

When in doubt:

  • This is something that you cannot let go of, because if everything you did is useless, the blame will fall on you, when in reality the problem may be her. If he shows you that he does not love you, or at least you are sorry, do not show him, do not let him know how you feel at this moment, maybe he will take it to his advantage, and do you more harm.
  • Remember that you never finish getting to know a person well and there may be the possibility that you have married the wrong one, and perhaps fate is showing you but your desire to recover them does not allow you to interpret the signs correctly.
  • You can feel devastated, confused, in pain, you can feel all that and more, it is valid. It is valid to feel so bad when it comes to love.
  • Don’t fool your heart, if the bad things outweigh the good, then maybe that woman doesn’t love you anymore. False expectations don’t fit here, and they shouldn’t ever fit in your life.

Don’t Get Lost While You Get It Back 

If you want to get your wife back, but you don’t want to get lost along the way, follow the advice I have given you, but always look out for your well-being and no! It is not selfish to think like that because when it comes to love, the first person we should think of is ourselves. Understands:

  • There is something called dignity, and when the other person does not value anything that we do for them, it does not hurt to take it out for a while. Do not lose your dignity with someone who is worthless. Not everyone is worth your efforts. But if she twists her arm and shows you that she wants to come back, then you have nothing to lose, it’s more! Get lost together as you search for each other.
  • If she loves you, everything will be easier. They will be able to clarify many things, and a reconciliation could bring them together even more. If you understand that she walked away for you, then take that difficult first step, show her how important she is to you.
  • If you are going to change something about yourself, do it for the good of both, not just to make her happy, because remember that, you matter too. Love yourself so that you can love her. Love yourself so that you can love her, only then can they continue together, only then can you get her back.
  • Show him what you are made of, make him understand that he did not make a mistake in accepting you into marriage. Make him understand that you were and will always be his best choice.
  • Those details that you put aside, get them back, go back to being that man she fell in love with. Those positive things that you know you have, show them one more time. They are your best weapon ah! And don’t forget those tiny details that she loves.

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