How to get over a divorce? Free Yourself Completely and Go Forward

Any type of separation hurts, but in this case it can be somewhat more difficult when there is a marital separation, it is assumed that when we talk about a marriage it is because many years of relationship have already passed and in many cases there may be children involved.

Many marriages are about a relationship that has been sold by cultivating for a long time and that when it changes from a dating relationship to a conjugal union, it is because a very serious decision has been made.

But as it is well known, all relationships are not usually perfect and although they all have their differences and have learned to cope with them, there are also those who cannot cope with the problems and it is better to decide to separate the couple.

Although this can be something quite serious and a difficult decision to make in many cases is the healthiest for both people, it is also something that not only involves the separation of bodies but also a legal separation , where intervention is needed for this of other people at least lawyers .

The lawyers will then be in charge of the annulment of the marriage by the legal part, but at all times it will be you who has to do the rest to carry out the sentimental annulment, because if there can still be love for any of the parties, it is usually more difficult to heal.

Why are breakups so painful?

It seems incredible but even when you no longer enjoy the relationship because it is no longer good, a divorce or breakup can be extremely painful because it represents the loss, not only of society, but also of the dreams and commitments that you shared.

Romantic relationships begin with a high amount of excitement and hope for the future that makes you dream. When a relationship fails, we experience deep disappointment, stress, and pain.

A breakup or divorce throws you into uncharted territory. Everything is disturbed; Your routine and your responsibilities, Your home, your relationships with your family and friends, and even your identity.

A breakup also brings uncertainty about the future. What will life be like without your partner? Will you find someone else? Are you going to end up alone? These questions are in your head and can seem much worse than being in a relationship in which you are not happy.

This pain, interruption, and uncertainty means that recovering from a breakup or divorce can be difficult and time consuming.

However, it is important to keep reminding yourself that you can and will overcome this difficult experience and move on with your life as a stronger and wiser person.

Get ready for a seesaw like a roller coaster of emotions

Like any other major life change, divorce comes with its own complicated emotional stages, including feelings such as shock, grief, and anger among many others.

You go through a mountain of confusing emotions, sometimes all at once. Many people are surprised by how deeply sad they feel, especially once they receive the divorce papers from their ex-husband’s attorneys.

Even when you feel incredibly unhappy during the marriage and yet it often happens that when the divorce process begins, you put yourself in denial mode.

Accept that you will feel a variety of emotions and that they will in all likelihood be temporary, if difficult to handle.

How to cope after a divorce?

After a divorce everything changes in your life, things will not be the same as when you were with your partner, many things will change in your life, but life does not end so it is time for you to move forward alone or alone and you already have experience that is the most important thing.

You know that many times life has surprises for us, but at all times the things that we live here should serve us to learn and then it is up to us to assimilate them in the best way so that it is part of our personal growth.

I tell you that unfortunately I have also had to deal with a divorce at a very young age, because I got married when I was young and perhaps not having matured enough, we did not know how to deal with the problems and it was all over, but like many people I have come out ahead with the techniques that I show here.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone

Never make the mistake of comparing yourself with someone else or with other couples, because each case is different and no one is like anyone else, and each situation is presented differently in each relationship.

The thing here is that each person must have their own personality and avoid comparisons with other people that are not really relevant, they only make you feel bad for what other people have been able to maintain.

But if your marriage ended it was because if you knew how to assume the things that were wrong and the best decision was to end everything at once before it got worse, perhaps you do not know if those people you see today are good because they have decided to keep a fake in their marriage and today they are not even happy.

Look at the positive things that divorce brings you

If the relationship has then been very unbearable and to the point that it has ended, then it means that things were not as you expected them to be and that after the divorce things will change for the better.

Nobody assumes a change in their life so that things are worse, so by assuming the divorce you also want a good for both, think about freedom, that, even if you have children, you are still important and capable of forming a new relationship with whoever you are. propose it.

Do new activities

Start experiencing new things and give yourself the opportunity to know more things and within it meet new people that perhaps one of them is your new happiness. do not close yourself to the possibilities of seeking your own well-being.

Join a gym, do exercises and give yourself the opportunity to totally change your life, I assure you that you will feel good about yourself.

· Do not go away

Under no circumstances should you get away from society and try to live your pain as lonely as possible, this is not a good idea at all, because you are only going to win by suffering for something that can be manageable and that has happened to many people.

In addition, you will not be the first or the last person who has gone through it, many people have had to go through the same thing and by putting into practice the techniques that I offer you here we have come out ahead.

· Get ​​informed to help your children

If you have children, they are the ones who can be hit the most by the separation from their parents so you should do whatever it takes to help them, seeking timely help, for example from a psychologist who explains what you can do is one of the best options.

It does not matter how many times you have to talk to your children and explain what happened, although they may be young at this time later they will understand, of course this does not mean that you should take them away from their father or mother.

Take some time

Likewise, if you have children or are alone, you should give yourself a prudent time before trying something with a new partner, until you are not totally cured or at least you feel that if you can try it with another person, I suggest that you do not make hasty decisions.

In addition, you should think about your children and that perhaps they are not yet ready to meet another father or mother figure, so it is better that you take some time and talk to your children first, on the other hand, when you decide to start a relationship you must make it clear your new partner your history and emphasize that you have children.

Your new partner will see if he can deal with it and will have no problem presenting a figure that your children need.

Learn to forgive

Above all, when there are children involved, the healthiest way to continue leading the relationship that is unbreakable for being the father or mother of your children is to forgive, this does not mean that they will be couples again, but it is very important to liberate grudges and allowing your children to be unaffected.

On the other hand, if you do not have children, you should not continue to maintain a friendship if you wish, but it is good that you forgive anyway for the same reasons given above. Although it is not an easy step, it is not impossible and you will surely tell me the reason when you really put it into practice.

On the other hand, if you think that you are really not being the really mature and capable thing to overcome the divorce then I recommend that you seek professional help.

How to overcome psychological divorce?

The fact that you visit a psychologist does not mean that you are destabilized in the actions you should take, on the contrary, it means that you are thinking very well and are open or open to receiving help from qualified people.

Psychologists are people who have been preparing for years and through previously applied studies have the ability to advise you in all kinds of cases that you may be presenting in your life, ask them everything that is related to the loss and the doctor will make his own synthesis.

Fear of divorce

Psychologists say that many people fear divorce, faced with this issue many people are born with doubts, unknowns, not knowing what to do, perhaps customs also do the role very well then and do not let you think clearly.

But what I am sure you will agree with both with me and with any specialist is that you must be very determined in whatever you do, maintain security at all times, be clear that what you do is for your good.

Divorce is not synonymous with death, but on the contrary, it is often necessary to get out of those poorly established circles, which do not let you breathe.

Divorce despite children

Children are not a pond to prevent divorce, do not fear the consequences of children, any responsible father or mother will look for their children, and will always be aware of them despite the problems with their partner.

Children will not be a barrier, but they should be the reason for at least a healthy relationship with their parents even after the divorce.

· Be yourself

Be you fully, you are able to think what is good for yourself, then think about what is good and what is best for your happiness and your life to get ahead in the best way.

Do not think about the past

It is very common that when a relationship ends and more so when it has already been married, people fall into a very notorious disappointment thinking about what it was and what it will not have now. Whether it was good or bad.

This is not at all what you should do, think rather about your future and what you have to do to get ahead. The present is yours and the future remains to be seen, but it depends on what you do today.

Speak badly of the other person

A mistake that many people who have ended a relationship make is to go out and talk to other people badly about our ex-partner, this, even if you do not believe it, will also cause harm to you.

Well, nobody cares about your sermons to leave other people badly in many cases they will only laugh at the situation, you will also increase the resentment towards that person and that at all times they will suffer, you will be yourself.

· Be patient

Being married could have been known to many people, family, friends and other people, when divorce comes it will also be a boom for many people and they will want to find out what happened and will want to have an opinion.

I suggest that you be very patient and prepare to face all this, when you least want it they will remind you of what happened and they will be attached to the information you give them to form their own book.

Do not give more information than you should

As I told you, people are very aware of what they can find out so that they can talk behind your back and invent even what it is not, then you will be in everyone’s language.

If you are going to talk about what happened, try to be a mature person and rather that you can advise and help you get ahead not unscrupulous people.

Tips to get over a divorce

Also follow the advice that I leave here so that you always keep them in mind when overcoming a divorce, the idea is to make the pain and healing quicker and more bearable.

Life does not end

Keep going that life continues and you are not going to die because of what happened to you, a divorce is not the end, rather it should be a reason to move on and learn.

Go on a trip

To avoid the bad influences of other people, it is better that you take time to go on a trip and detach yourself from everything that reminds you of your ex-partner.


If it is within your means, it is best to change the home where you live with your ex-partner, even if you do not want it, everything will remind you of him or her.

Dedicate yourself to your children

Watch over your children and provide all the necessary support so that they do not feel abandoned, and make the situation more bearable.


Pamper yourself, get a new cut or compare new clothes to strip away all the bad vibes that haunt you, plus you will look much better.

Put into practice each and every one of the tips and advice that I have given you, you will see how you can overcome the divorce in a less painful way.

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