How to get over a separation when you still love each other

Going through the process of a love separation is quite difficult, we all have to experience it at some time, however, some remain in that process letting their thoughts and feelings consume them, falling into a hole that seems to have no bottom. But surely you are looking for ways to overcome a separation when you still love, right?

Learning to completely overcome a love separation is one of the difficulties that will affect you the most and even more if you still love, love gives everything, love holds you closer to that person, love makes the situation even more complex.

According to studies, 70% of love breaks occur due to infidelity, abuse and/or neglect. Is it one of these three causes that led to your separation? Probably yes. This whole situation makes you feel very bad but heartbreak is a very common experience, many have managed to orient themselves and rebuild their lives.

If you still love that person and see that as an obstacle to overcoming the separation, I will help you to orient that love correctly so that you find the way to liberation, peace, joy and well-being in your life.

5 Helpful Tips To Get Over A Separation When You Still Love

Love is a very beautiful feeling that not everyone knows how to value, when you experience it it leads you to surrender everything, to suffer everything, to endure everything, it never ceases to be and this is probably the reason why in the middle of the sad situation that you are going through and the damage that person did to you, you still feel that you love them.

Love, even if it makes things more difficult for you at this moment, is not a bad thing to feel, rather it can be the engine and the force for you to overcome all this, I will give you these useful tips that will help you overcome that loving separation that you it’s affecting even though you still love that person.

  • Get Rid Of What Reminds You Of Your Ex

In the time you had with your ex, you built several things next to him which left traces or evidence, these evidence can be represented through photos, videos, memories, relationships, songs, gifts among other things.

To overcome your ex, you must start by stopping listening to that music that makes you remember him, the ones he dedicated to you or those that speak of heartbreak and things like that, because these will contribute to immerse you in a sea of ​​sadness that is not convenient for you in these moments.

You should also delete the photos of that person or those that were taken together, you can also save them in a place that you do not review much, if you have memories of material value, sell it or give it away, as you see fit but keep it away from you.

When you start to eliminate all those things from your life, you will feel how this helps you not to have your ex permanently present in your life, you must do that with awnings as things that you have that make you remember the past relationship.

  • Avoid Staying In Contact With Your Ex

If you truly love your ex this will lead you to want to continue with him in the middle of the situation and even more so if you still maintain contact, that is why so that you do not betray yourself, cut all kinds of contact with your ex, at least for a long time where you can heal and overcome wounds.

In these first instances I do not advise you to try to establish a friendship relationship, this can lead you to make the same mistake with worse consequences later on, you no one else know that if you are still attracted to that person deep down, you do not want friendship but something more, do not betray yourself.

I recommend that as much as possible you try not to talk to that person, write to him or something similar and if having them on social networks is a temptation for you, remove your ex from your contact list, this decision will not be easy for you, but it is the best, since with it you will be taking care of your heart.

  • Don’t Try To Have A Relationship With Someone Else To Forget Your Ex

I know you have heard that saying that “one nail removes another nail” but I tell you that it is not a good option to get involved in a relationship with someone to forget about your ex, this can lead to other consequences that are even more difficult for you.

Also with this you can not only hurt yourself even more, but you can also end up hurting that other person, because you have not yet overcome the love separation with your ex, it is better that you go through this grieving process without the company of a “new love ”only when you have overcome it, will you have your heart ready to let a new person enter it.

  • May Love Help You Forgive Your Ex

When you love you forgive yourself, true love forgives, it is important for you, to overcome this entire process that you forgive your ex, by doing so you will be freeing yourself from a large accumulation of negative feelings such as grudges, anger or others.

Forgiveness will bring peace to your heart, it will make you feel better and stable, do not let the pain of what that person did continue to affect you, you are a being who deserves good things and you need to get your ex out of your life. better way.

Remember that forgiving does not mean returning to that person, but that you will be able to remember without pain, without hatred the relationship you had, seeing it as a necessary process for your life from which you obtained learning and acquired new qualities for your life.

  • Learn From Mistake

Even if you see the breakup or separation as something that is affecting you a lot, you can get positive things out of this whole process, because there is always something positive and something to learn after a breakup, I advise you to capitalize on that learning in your favor, that this help you improve and avoid such mistakes in future relationships.

By following this wise advice you can overcome your ex and open the way to new opportunities and a new life, remember that as human beings we need to go through certain processes to mature and grow, it is up to you to channel them.

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