How to get over your ex boyfriend if you still love and want him

It is difficult to get ahead of your ex-partner if you still feel love for this person, but it is not impossible to overcome your lack of love, it is possible to get ahead with your life if the company of your loved one, How to overcome your ex-boyfriend if you still love him? Allowing yourself to heal wounds and loving yourself.

It may sound difficult at first if all you have to do is think about the man you love and how beautiful they lived in their relationship, but if you change the focus of this and begin to see how bad the relationship is, it will be done to you. easier to start transcending this situation.

As hard as it may seem, reality begins to be, see the not so good side of your relationship and think that it was the best thing that could have happened, even if your feelings of love for him overwhelm your soul, it is the best for you.

How to get over your ex-boyfriend if you still love him? Being more rational and objective than sentimental will cost you time and in the end, the pain will be worth it.

How To Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend If You Still Love Him

You must propose to be happy, it must be like a commitment for you, allow yourself to feel the pain but with the responsibility of getting up from that pain. It is good that you feel saddened by the loss of the man you loved so much, but this is not why you should stagnate in him.

What are the things that are in your hands to forget your ex? How to get over your ex-boyfriend if you still love him? Here we will show you some things you can do to get over your old partner even if you still have a love for him.

  • Distance

In the first place you must put a barrier between your ex and you, no wound heals if you stop touching that wound, so arm yourself with courage and dare not to have any news from your ex, do not call him, do not write text messages, do not ask anyone close to him about him.

Ways To Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend If You Still Love Him

Overcoming a breakup is completely difficult, but it may be more difficult for you when you still love him and you still have all those feelings that do not stop in your life. The first step you should take is the most essential of your life, because this is what will help you move on after a breakup.

You just have to limit the contact you can have with that person. You have to keep busy with those activities that are productive instead of focusing on your ex only. Also, it can be helpful in accepting that breakup and trying to end the whole relationship.

Remember that, although it is super difficult for you at this time, you will be better when time passes. Therefore, I bring you some ways to get over your ex in no time if you are still loving and wanting him in your life.

Stop Texting And Calling Your Ex

You have to be away from that person who is no longer your partner, so that in this way you can overcome it. For this reason, make a rule of “DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR EX”. One of the intentions of this method is that you do not start to create tension or make that person miss you, rather, it is to give you the opportunity to heal and start having your new life without that person who is now your ex.

If you stop having contact with your ex partner, it is extremely difficult for you, since most of the time who you talked to was with that person. So, you have to ask a friend for help so that you can get away from your ex. Also, you can temporarily block the phone number, the email of that person. You can unlock it if you want, when you feel better.

If you have children or a pet together, or study or possibly work together, chances are that you will not be able to stop being in contact with that person. In this case, you can limit the contact they have, and only communicate what is highly relevant, that is, as a project.

Stop Being Friends On Social Networks

One of the things that can harm your health is checking her social networks or seeing her with new people in this way. So, you have to stop being his friend on social media so that this way you can focus only on yourself for a good time. This can also help you avoid the temptations to communicate with your ex.

Once you feel ready to have an ex as your friend on social media, then that’s when you can add them to your friends list. All this, you have to do later when you have already overcome the person you loved.

If the friends that you have in common mention it a lot on the networks, then, you have to consider that, you have to eliminate those friends in common, or, if you want to ignore that part, then, you only have to stop following those persons. This will facilitate a better improvement of your ex.

Avoid Going To The Places They Frequented

It is very likely that running into your ex in a cafeteria, in a bar, or in another place that they used to frequent, not only makes things vulnerable for you and those feelings you had towards him return and visiting those places is done more uncomfortable than normal, and, not only that, but you also get to experience a setback in what you have already advanced in your recovery.

You have to try not to go to the places where you went with your partner or where he usually goes alone. If you do run into your ex, you need to keep your discretion brief. You must bear in mind that, just a sharp “HELLO” before you can continue on your way, will be the most appropriate. Although, you feel a little strange, this is the best you can do.

These forms are the most basic that you must take into account so that you can overcome your ex-partner when you still love him, little by little you will be having totally different feelings towards that person.

It is at that moment that you will realize that you will have already overcome that love that you surely believed you could not overcome.

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