How to know if my ex still loves me if he doesn’t talk to me

Any relationship or romance is defined or based on the love that both people have, however, after having lived very pleasant moments, this relationship can result in a break, and from there come the most common questions How to know if my ex do you still love me? This famous question is related to that someone does not speak to you but you have the intuition that he still loves you and wants to return.

There are many signs or signals that can be related to the desire to return to the relationship, that is why if you have so many questions or doubts, analyze what would be the best for both of you, will it be convenient to recover that relationship? Will the tea want enough to get back to you?

You Signal That Your Ex Still Loves You, But Won’t Talk To You

There are many reasons why after a separation both people do not speak to each other, everything will depend on what terms everything culminated, however, the fact of not speaking can also be related to wanting to recover what one day they had, and You may not find the words that speak correctly and directly.

Confused Emotions

If this boy or girl does not speak to you, after the separation, do not take it as something totally negative, it may be that he is very hurt and shows it that way. Just remembering plans and perspectives together that were not carried out makes him hysterical, in a bad mood and even disappointed.

Unexpected Calls

If you notice that he calls you suddenly and with a somewhat depressed tone or with a few other drinks, that man is crazy to return to you and the fact of not talking to you means that he does not feel comfortable to say it drastically, so use this medium and those conditions to be even more sincere.

Behavior Change

After the separation both people change in terms of behavior perhaps, to improve or simply take refuge in the changes so as not to show what they feel. If you notice that this man behaves in a strange way, shows himself when you are around, or behaves in an ironic way with you, this is a sign that this man still has feelings for you and cannot hide it no matter how hard he tries.

Seek Information Through Strangers

It is very common that after a relationship ends, the curiosity is felt to search among friends for information about the former partner, this will only happen if they are interested or still interested in you. And if he does not talk to you, it is not because he wants to try to hide his feelings and seek information with those close to you to stay informed, of your routines, your new friends and if you have already found someone else.

This is a clear sign that that person still feels something for you, and wants to know about you in all possible ways, he does what is in his power to know if you are okay and of course see if he still has a chance with you. .

What To Do If Your Ex Still Loves You

Once you have analyzed each signal that he or she gives, you will realize if he really loves you, even if he does not speak to you, this will allow you to reflect on each situation and if you think he still has a second chance with you, it is time to put rules in place. the relationship so as not to fall into the same mistakes and that a separation does not happen again.

It is easy to identify if that man loves you, and if he really deserves your love, you must take the measures that I will mention here in a list so that your relationship is fruitful and out of negative emotions.

  • Talk about the strengths and mistakes that both of you have, change to improve the relationship not to satisfy each other.
  • Be more communicative.
  • Go out to different places or to those places that have marked special moments between the two of you.
  • Do not be filled with intrigue and bad prejudice from third parties.
  • Be more loving, support each other.
  • Be detailed, remember those unforgettable dates that unite you.
  • Talk about the separation you had, reflections on what was wrong.
  • Do not divulge your love, there are people who may not want to see you together no matter how much they love each other.
  • If the separation was due to infidelity, it becomes somewhat more complicated, trust was fractured in a moment, rebuilding it will not be easy, however if he loves you he will show you in many ways.

Each and every one of the experiences should serve to improve every day, if you know that your ex loves you and wants to come back even so, do not talk to you, and if you are willing to give a second chance.

It is time for you to start from scratch, with well-defined projects and plans, amending the mistakes of the past so that they do not affect your future, forgiveness is wise, and if you want an emotionally healthy relationship, you should know if you are willing to take that step and form one. new stage with the same person.

Remember that this information is created especially for you so that you feed on knowledge, and know what to do in these cases, you cannot live with doubt if your ex still loves you, you just have to apply and observe each of the signs that this can be giving you indirectly, and if you are still willing to return with him, take the reins in the relationship and talk about your life, make your relationship the best planned based on negative experiences that should not be repeated.

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