How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you? Discover it and Solve it Now!

I think we agree that one of the worst feelings or sensations is to think that that person whom we choose as a partner is cheating us.

Human beings make mistakes, we all know that, the flesh is weak, we also know that, but the truth is that infidelity is not justified unless it is being paid with the same currency, even so, infidelity must be the Last resort if we want to make someone suffer, but since this is not the issue, it is better not to go into it.


We are here to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you or if it’s just your imagination playing tricks on me. In fact, to know this there are many factors involved, including monotony, which is capable of ending even the longest relationship, poor communication, and even depression, that which comes from external agents but which of course affects us. , especially in relationship issues.

Are You Cheating On Me Or Not? 

Such a simple question, but one that can destroy even the strongest heart. But yes, this is how you should do, ask him directly if he is dating another person, in his eyes, on his lips, even in the movement of his hands you will notice if he is lying to you or not, there will also be external factors that, you will notice at the first, like:

  • Changes in your attitude 

You already know that we all change, but these changes can cause a certain distrust when they are very abrupt, that today he is very well with you and in less than 5 days he completely changes his attitude, to the point of insinuating that he cannot stand you, it is a sign impossible to ignore.

This implies that she is more easily irritated, that now everything you say or do bothers her, that your opinion does not matter, she takes care of taking it into the background, she gets nervous when you ask her certain things, such as some way out with friends, things from work and more.

  • Your routine is no longer the same

This may be a bit more difficult to understand because the truth is that a few small changes in our routine are not bad at all, but everything changes when you dedicate yourself to doing more things than normal, or to stop doing those that you used to do, but you do. in such a sudden way that it leaves you wondering.

The arrival time from work is a little later, she arrives tired and does not say anything, it no longer counts how it went and if you ask her something she gets upset. The work meetings are now more and take much longer, even leaving the house during non-working hours claiming that a meeting arose.

Ok, this maybe can happen, as it depends on your type of work but, it is something a bit suspicious. If the situation continues, it is best to face and speak.

  • Intimacy is no longer the same

This is one of the most obvious pieces of proof that your girlfriend is cheating on you. Because there are situations in which the desire is a little off, but without a doubt, they should always be there. If he rejects you even a little kiss, I am sorry to tell you that, his desire for you is already coming to an end.

How Can I Be Sure That He Is Cheating On Me?

If we go from a slightly more internal point there are 3 simple factors, but that can cause a big problem especially if your suspicions turn out to be false

  • Check his cell phone

If he changed the password it is something suspicious, try to get it and review the conversations, especially with friends.

  • Follow her

Maybe this will get a little out of control, but if your distrust of her is increasing, and on the phone you did not get anything weird, then follow her

  • Hire a detective 

It is a bit exaggerated, in fact it is, but since the technology is so developed, you can choose to install an application on your cell phone that is interlinked with your phone and thus know what it does and / or with whom it speaks

Infidelity Must End 

If your girlfriend is unfaithful, you must end that problem once and for all, there is no use drowning in a sea of ​​uncertainty for such a person.

We know that this infidelity is something painful and more when our suspicions are true, but we cannot ignore such obvious signs as those I already mentioned.

  • Faced with infidelity, the worst thing you can do is show yourself weak
  • You must always keep your sanity
  • Do not beg for an explanation when it is evident that they do not want to give it to you, because she is simply a coward.

In addition to those simple but very effective tips, the best thing I can recommend is, always speak the truth, maybe the pain invades your body, but you cannot react aggressively even if your instincts are on the surface.

Avoid yelling because you are going to make things worse. If she deigns to explain, listen to her and do not interrupt her, if she cheats on you but tries to apologize, and you want to do it, think about it very well, although we all deserve a second chance, the one who does it once, does it two and does it three, and he will do it until he gets tired.

Relationships have ups and downs, if this happens in a dating stage it may be for the best, so you avoid joining in marriage with someone who does not value you. The idea is to avoid suffering both physically and emotionally, and if you discovered her infidelity, maybe it was the best thing that could have happened, especially for you.

We are not to go around destroying hearts, we are not to go around making fun of other people’s feelings, and of course, you are not here to receive such hard blows, and much less when you have behaved so well with her.

It may seem a bit corny to you, and although I usually differ a bit on this, I assure you that, you will find your other half, while you can be “a wild lemon”.

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