How to know if your partner is cheating on you on WhatsApp

It is known as infidelity an act that one of the spouses does behind the back of their partner, and that is directly related to feelings such as desire, love or intimacy. If you are suspecting that your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you, it is time to look for the necessary methods or tricks that will let you know once and for all if your partner is cheating on you and what is more common today on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an application that is used on smartphones, and that has come to surpass the well-known text messages. Through this application, you can not only send texts, but they can exchange images, audio, music, among others.

If you are suspicious of your partner, perhaps he is giving you reasons which make you believe that something is wrong and that he is communicating through WhatsApp with someone else and in a loving way that is not you.

If Your Partner Deletes Conversations On WhatsApp, They Are Cheating On You!

There are many ways or causes to suspect that your partner is cheating on you through WhatsApp, you just have to pay attention, the main news will be the following:

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  • He does not leave the phone still.
  • He spends his time writing.
  • If he is near you, try not to take out his cell phone.
  • He takes his mobile even to the bathroom.
  • Keeps the cell phone in vibrate mode.
  • The mobile has a new password that only he knows.

If you see these little things happening in him, which he did not before, something strange is happening, and it is out of the ordinary.

One of the most noticeable element is that your partner feels uncomfortable if his cell phone is near you, and even if you touch it. There are many who choose to erase all the evidence in order to access to lend their mobile, and with this come out unscathed from any situation that compromises them.

If you have access to your partner’s phone and you notice conversations that have been deleted, you may be hiding something specific and delete what is necessary to avoid arousing suspicion.

1. Text

This application makes you create texts, and in turn, you can delete the one you want at any time for both the person who was sent and the person who sent it.

The texts may be the simplest of this application, many opt for audios that is faster and less suspicious, however, if it were to be discovered it is very controversial, the voice would give it away immediately.

2. Pictures

When someone is in this stage of romanticism hidden from their partner, the images are very specific and speak for themselves, once downloaded to be viewed, there are phones that automatically save them in a photo gallery, these can be viewed anywhere moment. However, there is also the possibility that if your partner deletes the text messages, the phone indicates whether or not they want to delete the multimedia, in this case, the images and audios will be deleted automatically if you delete the conversation.

3. Audios

Technology has been so advanced that, if you do not want to waste time, and do not want to be seen writing, the easiest thing is to send voice notes, that is, audios, it can also be eliminated as multimedia texts and images.

A phone that can not be clean of a whole of conversations would be something extremely suspicious. If you want to know how to know if your partner is cheating on you on WhatsApp, take note, time and tricks that will help you discover them.

Tricks To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You On WhatsApp

There are many ways or tricks that can serve you in the exact bluntness if your partner, boyfriend or husband cheats on you. You just have to focus on the handling of the phone that it owns. These smartphones are currently very complex but easy to understand.


If your phone is an iPhone it is much easier, the same phone will give you the exact amount of text messages, audios, videos and images that your partner has exchanged with another person, you just have to do the following:

  • The main thing is that you know the password of the cell phone.
  • You enter the WhatsApp application.
  • Next in configuration.
  • And then on the account.
  • Finally in the use or storage of data.

This will take only a few minutes, 20, 30 or 40 minutes. However, it will be worth the wait, you will notice statistically and in an orderly manner, each of the chats and which are the most frequent, if you enter any of them it will specify how much has been written, or sent images, videos and audios.


If, on the other hand, it has an android, the search system is different, you can go to WhatsApp and see at the end of the chat if it has an archived conversation with the idea of ​​continuing with the communication at any time.

Another way to describe if your partner cheats on WhatsApp is to go to the central files of the phone, you locate yourself in the internal memory or memory card that you have at that moment and in the WhatsApp folder it will specify if there is any compromising image or audio that can get you out of doubt.

If you have been able to use these tricks and they have worked for you, do not stop visiting our website I can clarify any doubts, and provide you with methods, techniques or tricks that allow you to clarify any question you have at the moment. If you did not find any evidence, then you have to wait for you to confirm with exact tests the deception of your partner by WhatsApp. Remember that telephones are useful to communicate, however the deceptions by means of these applications are relevant and privacy is often exposed.

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