How to Overcome the Grief of a Separation Do you want to learn the easy way?

The loss of a love relationship is usually quite painful, we enter a stage of emotional grief from which it is difficult for us to move forward and we believe that we will never be able to get out of this state but there are ways to overcome the love grief of a separation.

Emotional grief is nothing more than an emotional process that you must go through to process and overcome an affective disconnection, contrary to what they believe a lot, mourning is not only for the loss of a loved one due to death but also for the love breakups.

This emotional process can take time, but calm is not the end of the world, after you go through the different stages of emotional grief you will learn to live with it and be happy again, how to overcome the grief of separation, we will help you.

How To Get Over The Grief Of A Separation

Understand that grief is a psychological process that has different stages, in each particular case how long you last will depend on you and your emotional residence, all emotional loss leads to grief which is the negative side of love, however, it is part of the life.

How to overcome the grief of separation first by accepting the protagonist of the grief pain, do not run away from this unpleasant emotion, simply allowing this feeling to heal yourself from it and feel better.

  • Denial

Denial is the first stage of mourning, you refuse to accept what happened, you do not want or manage to understand why your partner if he loved you so much, decided to leave your life, even if it was you who decided to end that relationship, it would be difficult for you to accept that already your relationship stopped being what it was.

Many people in this first stage feel confused and stunned by the situation and believe that their partner can return with them at any time, deep down they are waiting for this to happen, you may have feelings of despair and anxiety.

The ideal in this first stage is to calm down since you are usually very anxious and confused, find how to relax, get enough rest, take some tea for nerves and try not to create judgments about your relationship, distract your mind, tell yourself that you will be fine alone whether your ex comes back or not.

  • Go To

A few days after the love breakup comes the stage of anger, you will feel a lot of anger at this time both with yourself and with your partner, you will begin to look for guilty that your relationship ended and that things were no longer as they were in the past.

It is likely that you feel hatred towards your ex-partner for the damage he is causing you, if you see it with another person you will also feel anger towards your ex’s new partner and this is completely normal

What you can do is try to channel that anger and turn it into energy to get ahead, focus all that anger on things that can help you get ahead, release all that hatred that you carry inside, and forgive your ex on your own emotional well-being.

  • Negotiation

In the negotiation you start to think about everything that happened in your relationship and what to do to solve the problem, maybe you want your ex to come back and start inventing strategies for your ex to return to your site, or on the contrary, you want to take revenge for him damage that he did to you.

At this stage, start looking for a way for your ex-partner to come back to you, you give thousands of turns to the matter and fight many times without existing, looking for a way for your ex to return to you until you get tired and begin to fall into reality.

When you are in that stage, stop that impulse to want to get back with your ex, if your ex decided to leave your life it is because he does not want you in his life and that you must respect, do not humiliate yourself, to stop those thoughts by telling yourself to be I finish and I am able to move on.

Do not try to take revenge and make life impossible for your ex, feelings of hatred and resentment will not help you at all, apart from the satisfaction of successful revenge will only fill you momentarily then you will feel worse, do yourself the favor of letting go of that.

  • Depression

After seeing that the attempts to return or take revenge on your ex are not worth it, you begin to enter the stage of depression, you will enter a state of great sadness and nostalgia for the request of the person to love you and with whom you shared so many moments.

You will feel that life has no meaning, that your dreams, goals, and objectives are not worth it without that person, the emotional torture that depression brings with it in love grief sometimes is quite deep, you lose interest in life and the activities you liked.

At this stage, seek help from your family and friends, if the grief is very strong, a professional can help you with those strong feelings of anguish that you have, try not to be alone or isolate yourself all day locked in your home.

If you feel that you cannot just calm down, there are always people willing to reach out to you and help you get out of that bitter circumstance.

  • Acceptance

In the last stage of grief, in acceptance you finally begin to see everything more clearly and accept what happened, you realize that you can live without your ex and that life goes on, many people never reach this stage, but it all depends on you and your desire to advance.

At last, you begin to feel calm being alone and the wound has stopped hurting, at this stage you are able to reflect on what was wrong in your relationship and you take it as learning so as not to repeat it in your future relationships.

Affective grief is a painful but necessary process to be able to overcome a love breakup, close that chapter and heal that wound. You can always overcome a love break because no one person is essential to living or being happy.

How to overcome the grief of separation, live it, and learn from each of its stages in order to overcome suffering and have a happy life.

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