How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone

How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone: It’s simple to tape phone calls nowadays, whether you’re preserving the voice of a beloved or interviewing someone. Recording phone conversations used to need sophisticated software and converters, but now all it takes is a single touch on your iPhone. We’re here to show you how to document calls on your iPhone, whether you’re a tech guru or not so computer-savvy.

You’d think there’d be an application for that, but Apple doesn’t provide third-party applications easy accessibility to the audio or the built-in Phone app. However, certain applications and services have methods to get past this constraint, allowing you to become a master of mobile eavesdropping.

Before you press record, notify the individual on the opposite side of the line that you’re documenting; if you choose not to, you could be breaching the law in your area. Some jurisdictions in the US, including New York as well as the federal government, simply need a one-party agreement, allowing you to tape without informing the other person or individuals.

Even if the recorder is located outside of California, all participants must be aware that they are being documented. A one-party agreement is legal in the United States, but only if you’re participating in the discussion; otherwise, it’s termed eavesdropping.

Simply take a recording of a speakerphone conversation.

This applies to any call, live discussion, or indefinite Zoom call. Open a voice-recording app on a separate device, such as an iPhone, iPad, computer, or Android smartphone, and tap record while you’re chatting. Voice Memorandums is the built-in version for iOS. A built-in Voice Recorder is included in Windows 10. There are a handful of apps on Android.

You may also accomplish this with a variety of third-party recording device applications that enable transcription, such as Rev Voice Recorder, Otter, and Alice. Usually at a cost. The disadvantage of this approach is that the quality may be shaky. Furthermore, many individuals despise chatting on speakerphone.

Install a Call Recorder App on Your Phone

You’ll need to get call recording software like Rev Call Recorder to preserve your iPhone discussions. There are a lot of calls recording applications to select from, and not all of them are made alike. We suggest Rev’s free call recording application, which includes unlimited records, archiving, and the option to convert phone conversations to textual form.

Take a moment to validate your contact information and activate your call recording app after you’ve installed it. After you’ve set up your profile, you’re ready to start recording incoming and outgoing phone conversations.

Make use of Google Voice.

Try out your free Google Voice service. It comes with free voicemail message, a free cell phone number, it’ll ring as many in Real life phones as you like unless you pick up, and, well, audio recording on voice calls. While the Voice Command application on the iPhone allows you to initiate outgoing calls, it does not allow you to tape them.

For recordings to operate, they must be turned on in the options. Go to Settings > Calls > Incoming call choices on the smartphone device or the computer at

Calls may be answered either through the app or by having the call routed to your mobile phone, depending on your preferences. In any case, you aren’t technically filming with your iPhone. Everything is handled by Google’s servers, which are also in charge of the Voice over IP connection.

Tap 4 on the numeric keypad when answering calls to your Voice Command number. Users will notice a computerized voice announce that recording has started; this is Google’s approach of steering you out of trouble; Alphabet Inc. does not want to be involved in litigation. Tap 4 again or disconnect up to prevent recording. To stop and start audio, press the 4 key as many times as you like.

Call the 3-Way Call Recorder Services number.

Several premium services let you contact them directly to start recording before calling the other person. This implies you won’t be confined to an iPhone; they’ll operate with an Android smartphone or even a telephone.


RecordiaPro allows you to record in either the United States or across the planet. Before you dial, set up a profile, add RecordiaPro’s contact to your phone, and then use it to phone out or quietly add RecordiaPro to current calls. It will offer you a device that you can give out to reach out to larger auto-recorded calls for $36 per year. In your profile, you may access future recordings.


Recordation offers a free 10-minute recording trial; alternatively, it costs $10 to begin recordings for 67 minutes. It operates similarly to RecordiaPro in that it gives you a phone number to call to set up a three-way teleconference that records everything. The recorder includes full call transcripts at that fee. The merge-call option is also supported.

Final Thoughts

Everything from corporate sessions to social contacts necessitates the recording of phone interactions. Perhaps you’d need a copy of the legal documents from the meeting, or maybe you despise taking memos. Because Apple does not offer native phone recording software on its devices, iPhone customers are at a deficit. Using call recorder software to keep records of crucial discussions may save you time and hassle. Apps like Rev Call Recorder make it simple to document both incoming and outgoing calls.

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