How to regain the love of a woman? Very Effective Unusual Methods!

There is a well-known popular saying, which goes something like this: “It is easier, to tear down the old and build something new than to try to repair the old.”

And the truth is that this has its reason for being when love ends, sometimes the best thing is to simply let it go, that both of you follow your path and surely each one will find what makes them happy.

But there are loves that are worth fighting for, there are loves that are worth the effort, there are loves for which we would give anything to have them again.

Use The Details 

The first thing you should do is show her that you love her, that you think about her, and that you would love to have her again. And if so, you will do everything you can to make her the happiest woman in the world, and to prove this, there is nothing better than the details.

  • Remind Him Of Special Moments

You can use photos, you can use letters, you can use poems, you can give him little things that remind him of a special place or moment.

The idea with this is for her to remember that time when you were happy, where it was just the two of you and no one else.

You can approach her casually and say as if it were nothing “I still remember that day at the beach, I do not forget that beautiful bikini that you were wearing, nor how the sun reflected in your eyes. I miss those moments”. This way you will achieve an immediate connection.

  • Bring Him Small Gifts

Don’t be exaggerated by carrying a six-foot-tall teddy bear, or a bouquet of 100 roses. Remember that less is more. Send her a flower at work, or a box of chocolates with a note, saying that you want to see her again, that you want to give the relationship another chance.

  • Invite Her To Do New Things

Arouse her interest in adventure, show her that you are another person, that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Make him see that being with you again will not be the same as before, it will be much better. Take advantage of this so that he realizes how much he is losing by not being with you.

I want to clarify something, one thing is to bring her details, gifts, and make her see that she should be by your side. Another thing is showing up at your house in the middle of the night screaming love songs. You want to get her love back, not finish scaring her.

You should not look desperate, women repel despair, they do not respond well to that. So, draw a line between detail-oriented and desperate, and never cross it.

Apply Psychology 

Let it be noted that you are fine without her: Even if it is difficult, she must see that you do not need her to be happy, but that you have a lot of happiness to share, and that she is precisely the person with whom you want to share that happiness.

  • Ignore Her From Time To Time

Not all your attention should be on her, that will end up overwhelming her, and it will make her see that you have nothing more to do with your life than to be behind her.

If he writes to you, do not reply immediately, and do not apologize for taking time to reply, let him know that you are a busy man. Although what you want is to regain her love, do not accustom her to everything being when she wants and how she wants.

  • Confuse Him With Certain Messages

Here you can take advantage of social networks, use Instagram, post photos having fun or eating something that she likes, and in only one of those photos she writes: “And I have no one to share it with.”

She will automatically know who you mean, and you will get into her mind little by little until she tells you “you can share it with me.”

  • Make You Jealous

By this, I do not mean that you are with 5 different women per week, which pushes her away. Let him see you talking or flirting with other women, but casually. She will automatically feel jealous because apparently, you have already moved on with your life.

Change, If You Think It Is Necessary 

This sounds like a cliché, but it is very effective. If she doesn’t love you anymore it’s because she’s tired of how you are now.

Change for the better, modify it so that it is not only she who wants to be with you but many others. Reach your full potential, show him that you are worth a lot and that you let go of a great human being.

  • Go To The Gym

Work out, not just for her, but for yourself. Take care of your health, show that you have an active social life and that you want to improve as a person.

Obviously, if you put effort, and tone your body, it will be very difficult for her not to want to return to you immediately when she sees that you are so good.

  • Get More Confidence In Yourself

Practice talking to more people, increase your self-esteem, learn to love yourself. Acquire that security that drives women crazy so much.

For this, you can attend classes, or seminars where they teach you how to function in public, how not to be nervous when speaking, where you will change your mentality and make yourself more attractive. It should be noted that if you cannot pay for these classes, there is a lot of help on this topic on the internet.

  • Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Yes, this is expensive, but it is a key way to get a woman back. No woman likes you to wear shirts that are too wide or pants that are not your size.

Research, know what type of body you have, and learn to dress it in the best way. With this, you show yourself as someone new, improved, open to change, and more interesting.

All these tips are useful to win back the woman you love. You can try applying several of them, those that are within your reach or those that go best with you.

If you have a lot of difficulty with this, it is always good to take a step back, breathe a little, focus, and try again with a positive attitude. Remember, the key to getting the woman you love back is to trust yourself.

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