How to write a letter to get an ex girlfriend back?

First I will do you a favor, clear a doubt that you may have. A letter will serve you up to a point, a not very serious fight, perhaps you have forgotten his birthday or anniversary.

But if you were given one of those rare opportunities that life offers, the kind that cannot be easily rejected, and you cheated on her with her best friend, with her sister, or with anyone else.


Let’s be honest, you don’t want to have a relationship with that ex-girlfriend again, because he will most likely take revenge, and there is nothing more dangerous than a woman who wants revenge.

Now, if your mistake wasn’t as treacherous as cheating on her with someone else, a letter is the perfect solution for you. 

With the letter you can convey everything you feel for her, let the paper speak for you, you can even make her feel like the most loved woman in the world simply by writing the correct letter.

Especially if you are not good at talking when you are nervous, the magic of the card is to eliminate that and make you sound in his mind as the greatest poet in history.

Of course, for you to be successful with a card, you should not use generic cards under any circumstances.

Do not copy and paste exactly what appears on the internet, since most likely she has already read all that, and realizes that you did not put the minimum amount of effort into making the letter, and if there is something that bothers her women, is that the man does not make an effort to have it.

What you write has to come from the heart, so she will know that what you say is true. Remember that with the letter what you want is to rescue that emotional bond that was once broken , for this you must open up completely, and show that you know her better than she thinks.

What Can You Talk About In The Letter? 


  • The Little Things That She Does

Women love details, and if it’s about them, the better. It does not have to be something big, it can be the way she hugged you when they were in love, how her nose wrinkles when she smiles, how she looks at the clouds in the sky, well, small things that even she overlooks, or that she does not be aware that he does them, but that you do see them, and they seem the most adorable thing in the world

  • Objects Of The Past

This object has to be something symbolic, that means a lot to both of you. It can be a stone that you picked up when you were walking on a beach or in a park, a very important gift that she gave you, and many more.

An example of this would be: “as I write this letter, I look at the small stone that we got when we walked together, I remember how you got excited when you saw it, and you thought it was a sign of destiny, that we should be together, since, among so many stones, we found a heart ”.

  • Happy Moments They Lived Together: 

It could be a trip they took, the movies they watched, the time they spent lying down without talking about anything. It must be something that they have done together, in which you have felt that you were happy, that way they transmit that memory to her. 

How Should You Write The Letter For The Conquest? 

  • Write It By Hand: 

There is nothing more personal in the world than writing a letter by hand. This shows interest, time invested, determination, and caring.

Yes, it is known that writing by hand is tedious, but if you really want to get a woman back, if she is worth it, then you should put aside the pretexts and start writing.

  • Use Ink, Not A Pencil: 

You can tell yourself when comparing a letter made in pencil and one made with ink, the one that was written in ink will always attract more attention.

This is because by using ink, you make the letter even more personal, the ink does not rub off, which means that what you write is sincere, and it is really what you feel.

  • Don’t Have Spelling Mistakes: 

This is very important. You wrote a letter by hand, you used ink, you put your effort, affection, and devotion in turning your thoughts into beautiful words to conquer her, but you wrote like this: “Baby, you are the best thing that happened to me.” Trust me, if your mom sees you writing like that, she kicks you out of the house.

  • Use A Dictionary: 

If you don’t know how to spell a word. Use the PC, write the letter in Word, correct the errors, and then write it little by little with ink.

  • Take Your Time: 

Do not despair, write slowly so that your handwriting is understood as well as possible. Remember that ink does not rub off, and any mistake you want to correct will leave a mark. So take your time, also this will allow you to add more things, as long as you feel inspired of course. 

What You Must Do To Perfect The Card And Achieve Your Goal 

  • Use More Gifts

Any letter becomes more emotional if it has a gift next to it, it can be your favorite flower, a balloon, or a stuffed animal. The important thing here is to soften your heart before reading the letter.

  • Accompany The Menu With Your Favorite Dessert

An ice cream, a chocolate cake, a box of chocolates, this shows that you know her and know her tastes. In addition, women love sweet things, therefore this never fails and they are always good choices when it comes to winning back an ex-girlfriend.

  • Add A Little Souvenir

A photo together, the ticket to a concert they attended, something you own that connects her directly to her subconscious, and transports her to her most beautiful memories with you. 

  • Soak Up A Perfume

If you have a particular perfume that drives her crazy, spray the letter with that perfume. That way she will only think of you from the moment she receives it and will remind her of happy moments.

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