Ideas to combine a white dress: styles that never go out of style

If we had to choose a garment that characterizes summer, that is undoubtedly the white dress. For the hottest days, this garment is ideal since its color does not attract the sun’s rays, they are usually made of super fresh materials and also give a romantic touch to your look. In Diario Femenino, we will see the best ideas to combine a white dress.

Whether with lace, lace, with openwork collars, embroidery, or of different lengths, the white dress, like the little black dress, has become an infallible companion when it comes to putting together elegant and versatile outfits for every day. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

If you don’t have one yet, with the following characteristics you are sure to look for a white dress on your next shopping afternoon.

They bring elegance: we always see it in the most important events of the celebs like the red carpets. White is a colour that brings elegance wherever you look at it and for this reason, it will always make us look good.

It’s a classic: neutral colours certainly don’t go out of style and white is no exception. As you see it, the white dress has already become a classic in every woman’s wardrobe.

Versatile: as we are going to see below, you can wear a white dress for more than one occasion, for this reason, it becomes a totally versatile garment.

Sober: being a discreet and simple color, it is perfect if we want to give a much more sober image of our style.

7 incredible looks to combine a white dress

Whether short above the knee to face the days of high temperatures or long models or midi for the mid-season, white dresses not only bring freshness to our looks, they are also very comfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis. Let’s look at some ways to combine them together.

1: Total white look

Just as we are great defenders of the total black look, in these lines we will go to its opposite, to dress totally in white . Take the white dress that best suits your style and try to combine it with shoes in the same color, they can be ankle boots, mules or even heels for more formal events. You can also play with accessories like purses, scarves, and hats. If you want to add even more glamour, try a Hollywood star teddy coat, a glitter handbag, and jewels.

2: Black and white binomial

If we think of two colours that will always make you look classic and modern, black and white immediately come to mind. This perfect pairing will get you out of trouble when you don’t want to think too much with what to combine with your white dress. We all have a pair of black shoes in our closet, as they never go out of style, so this is another opportunity to wear them. Depending on the length of your dresses you can choose high or flat shoes. To balance your figure, we recommend the shorts for longer dresses and the heels with straps for something more elegant with your short dress. Complete your look with a fringed shoulder bag if your event is during the day or a patent leather clutch if it is at night.

Within this example we can add some coats to add a little more wave to our look, these can be leather bikers, kimonos or blazers if your idea is to look more professional.

3: Boho style

There is nothing more hippie chic than a loose maxi dress in white, with wide, thin straps or with a peasant neckline that reveals your shoulders, these will be great for a picnic. For this reason, we are going to combine it with some nice brown Texan or cowboy boots . Add different-sized pendants, a backpack-shaped purse, and a matching corduroy hat. For the mid-season, try adding a jacket or denim shirt rolled up.

4: White dress with camel

Two light colours are perfect together, and white and camel prove it. For a 100% beach look, combine your white dress with flat sandals in camel colour, they can be in the form of gladiators, whatever it is will give a totally summery touch to your look. If you want to add more style, try carrying a large basket-style raffia bag where you can store your towels and sarongs to enjoy the sun all day.

For when the sea breeze cools a bit, you can wear an openwork knit sweater keeping yourself in these earth tones, you will see that together they look great.

5: White dress + bright colours

Something that the white colour allows us thanks to its versatility is to be able to wear garments of much more striking colours. Some of the colours that look great are orange, much more strident greens, blues, fuchsia and pastels, which does not mean that the others are prohibited, so go ahead and wear these tones in accessories such as backpacks, handbags, belts, headbands, shoes and much more.

6: With animal print

If you are one of those who dare to look more daring, try combining the immaculate white color of your dress with different patterns , one of the best is animal print , it is perfect in shoes, coats and even sunglasses.

7: Bring out your sneakers

Sneakers are great to liven up any look in a youthful way. So they look perfect with your white country-style dress. You can use the classic black or white booties or add chic points with some platform ugly sneakers in different colors.

Different types of white dresses that you should consider

We have already seen roughly how to combine your white dress in an elegant and fashion way. Now we will see different styles of this garment and ways to use it.

Jumper dress

How about combining your white jumper dress with a black lace high neck t-shirt? Being smooth you can also add a belt in the same color and boots with heels that reach your ankles.

+White Chanel dress

If you have a white dress in the form of a suit , that is, pants or skirt and tweed jacket, this is special to wear in a cooler season due to its material. Add some black opaque stockings and wide heels with buckle, use a white mini bag to complete this runway look.

White shirt dress

If there is a style of dress that has become more current than ever in recent seasons, it is the shirt. If you don’t have one with that shape, grab your maxi white shirt and have the accessories do the rest.

White dress with lace

Lace has been a favourite for years to combine with the white dress. As they have texture, it is not necessary to add too many accessories, you can try a gold bracelet or a headband in pink tones, combine the latter with platform shoes in the same tone and you will be ready for any event (unless it is a wedding, of course. ).

Following our advice to combine a white dress, you will look great in any of the looks you choose. With a white dress, you will transmit simplicity and confidence through your outfits. So if you want to be a leading woman, you already know what to wear for your next meeting.

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