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Many times when a relationship ends, people tend to ignore each other and walk away completely, eliminating even friendship with their ex-partners.

If this is your case, and your former love does not want to know anything about you, then the recommendations that you will find in this article will be of great help.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you yourself must value and love yourself above any situation or person.

That is why, you can not humiliate yourself in front of your ex, begging him to return to your side or at least not stop treating you.

Remember that each person is the owner of their actions, therefore, if your ex does not want to know anything about you, it is best that you leave him alone and for the good of both, do not look for him or try to approach him alone because you feel lonely.

Before continuing with the other part of this article, I want to give you some advice in a personal way.

And it is that, if you really feel very alone, you should not resort to looking for your former spouse, it is best that you look for yourself and love yourself until someone else arrives who really knows how to love and value you for life.

What Do I Do If My Ex Doesn’t Want To Know Anything About Me? – Recommendations

The following recommendations that I am going to give you, I used them myself when I felt completely devastated by having ended a relationship with a person that for a long time I consider the love of my life.

That is why, I can assure you that the following tips are very effective to overcome a separation and to know what to do if your ex does not want to know anything about you.

And to reap the benefits of such tips, you just need to put them into practice right away.

Meet New People And If You Wish, Start A New Relationship

Going out to see the world, doing your daily activities, are some of the things that will help you overcome your ex.

But, meeting new people is something much more beneficial and positive so that you can get rid of the memories of your ex love and in this way you do not worry about whether he looks for you or not.

Likewise, you can also start a new relationship if you wish or if you think that your feelings and emotions are ready to start a new love union.

This is something that would help you a lot to completely forget your ex. However, you must be very careful if you are going to have a new partner so that you will not be harmed again.

Tips For Meeting New People And Starting A New Relationship

  • Meeting new people doesn’t mean you have to quickly reassure them.
  • Starting a new relationship will only be possible if your feelings and emotions are in balance.
  • Do not seek comfort from other people, this will make your situation worse. If you want to meet new people or have a new relationship, you should do it because you really feel it.

If you take into account the advice that you have just learned, this recommendation will be very positive, especially so that you are already clear about what you should do if your ex does not want to know anything about you and so that you can forget it and erase it from your mind at once for all.

Get Over The Past And Start From Scratch

It is important that you make an effort and put all your effort into forgetting the past, only in this way you will not be affected by the fact that your ex-partner no longer wants to maintain a friendship with you and only wants to get away permanently in all aspects.

In addition, you need to understand that you must start your life from scratch, especially in the context of love.

To achieve this, you must understand that you must first fully heal your feelings and emotions in order to continue walking in the paths of love with complete firmness and security.

Tips To Overcome The Past And Start From Scratch

  • Delete everything that can bring you memories of your old love (photos, videos, letters and among other things).
  • Start from scratch in all aspects of your life related to love. Reboot your feelings and your emotions so that the bad things of the past do not hurt you again.
  • Starting daily activities that distract your mind will help you overcome the past much more easily.

To tell the truth, this is one of the recommendations that I would most like you to take into account.

Because, if you overcome your past, you will not have to worry about your ex not wanting to know anything about you, you will simply feel good about yourself and you will be able to start your experiences with love and happiness from scratch.

For More Pain You Feel, Do Not Be A Masochist And Do Not Humiliate Yourself In Front Of Your Ex

More than a recommendation, as I have told you before, this is a personal advice that I give you, because I myself have been a masochist before and I have humiliated myself before people who did not know how to value me.

But, the same should not happen to you, that is why you have to give yourself your place and value yourself more than anyone else.

Because if you humiliate yourself in front of your ex because he does not want to know anything about you, you will only make your ex partner cause you even more damage than he has already done you.

For this reason, you must take into account the 3 recommendations that I have given you here and each of the tips that I have also given you.

So that you can begin to be the owner of your own happiness and not depend on whether your old love wants to return or not to be with you.

And, if you really want to forget and completely overcome that love that could not prosper, then you can start reading all those articles that I give you on my Blog, in which I will also continue to upload other types of exclusive information so that you can overcome a separation. completely.

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