My ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to come back with me Get Her Back With These Amazing Tips

More often happens than you might think. Any fight, even a small one, can make a girlfriend angry enough to lead her to end the relationship and refuse to give a second chance.

Most tend to despair, they begin to believe that everything is lost, that this is the definitive end of the relationship, that they no longer have salvation.

And the truth is that if you have salvation if the relationship can be repaired, you just need the right advice and knowledge.

These will make you see things from another perspective, that you stop closing the doors. With them you will make any woman, no matter how determined she is not to return, to return with you even more in love than before.

But you must remember that what is worth it never comes easy, for that reason you must put all your effort if you really want to get that ex-girlfriend back.

Improve Your Seduction Game 

If you have no idea what your game is, this may sound complicated, and it may even be, but with dedication and perseverance you will be able to seduce her with if you were James Bond himself.

  • Use Eye Contact: 

Don’t be afraid to look her straight in the eye when you’re talking to her. If you look at the floor he will know that you are lying, if you look at the ceiling he will know that you do not know what you are talking about, if you look at his body he will think badly of you, look into his eyes which are the window to the soul, remember that the looks say more than the words. And in case you don’t know which eye to look at, look at your left eye, it connects directly to the predominant side in the female brain, the emotional side.

  • Learn To Play It: 

Being your ex-girlfriend, she won’t let you touch her like before, but you can take advantage of little-known body parts that can help you.

Caress his elbow in a circular motion, place your hand on the upper part of his hand, if you are going to touch his back, do not do it at any of the ends, but its central part or a little low. Those places get little attention, but they are very useful if you know how to use them to your advantage.

  • Improve Your Vocabulary 

This does not mean that you learn a dictionary, but that you stop using bad words, and stop dragging sounds when you speak. Speak correctly, learn to convey your thoughts in a cleaner way, it seems kind of silly, but women love a gentleman who really knows how to talk to them.

Present Yourself Better As A Person 

  • Dress Better: 

You don’t have to buy expensive designer clothes to look good, what’s more, you don’t need to buy new clothes to look good. Take your clothes with a good tailor, who will take all your measurements and advise you on how to dress your body type.

At once I anticipate that wearing clothes that are too loose makes you look very unkempt, and if you wear very tight clothes it is somewhat uncomfortable. Wear the clothes that best suit your body and combine them with the correct accessories, dress watch, glasses/glasses/sunglasses, cap, or even a ring, just don’t wear them all at the same time.

  • Use A Perfume That Suits You 

If your perfume is still the cologne your mom bought you when you were little, it’s time for a change. There is a huge variety of scents that can do you good, and to get it you just need patience and a little money.

Go to a perfumery and just walk while you smell the bottles, apply the one you like on your skin and wait a few hours, if you still like it, that is for you.

  • Improve Your Physique 

Go to the gym, work out at home, go for a jog through the streets, no matter how you do it, just exercise and get fit.

Make her regret letting you go, that when she sees you, she is the one who wants to get close to you. And by the way, once I get back to you, don’t give up the exercise.

Get Their Attention, But Do Not Abuse In The Attempt 

Don’t be an idiot, don’t try to impress her by trying to make her jealous, or try to win over her friends. Don’t be unreachable either, or that you’re upset with her.

Nor should you see you hurt, or giving pain, women do not respond well to any of that. If you want her to notice you, make sure it’s for the right reasons.

  • Educate Yourself: 

Invest in yourself, in your own education, learn new things, read a book. If you do this, you will have more things to talk about and you will become much more interesting for her, because she will discover a part of you that she did not know, and that now causes her to know.

Not to mention that it will open your mind to a new world, the advantage of knowledge is that it makes you see things more clearly.

  • Get Out There And Have Fun 

With this, I do not mean that you should go out every weekend, get drunk on alcohol, or be with different women every night, if you do that I guarantee that you will only cause her to repel you, and therefore to get further away from you.

What you should do is go out with your friends, have fun healthy, try different things that you have never tried, traveling to the beach or the mountains also helps a lot.

The point of all this is that she sees that you have an active social life and that she wants to be a part of that life.

  • Be A Better Person 

You don’t want to get her attention by denigrating or humiliating others, you want her to notice you for the good things you do, for your own light.

You do not need to overshadow anyone, you already shine on your own, show me by simply being a better person, teach her a new side of you, one that she cannot help but notice.

Be someone new, reinvent yourself, they say that being courteous does not take away bravery, and this is true. Worthwhile women want a gentleman.

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