My ex wants to come back but he did me a lot of harm

Surely your ex reappeared after a period of time and tells you that he wants to get back with you, despite the damage he caused in you, you do not know what to do if you go back with him despite everything he did to you or forget him completely.

It is natural that your ex wants to return to your side even though there are wounds and memories of everything that happened in that relationship, without thinking about the damage caused by the doubt that he will hurt you again without valuing your feelings.

In general, some couples can end up on good terms and can become friends, but in some cases they are not, relationships end on bad terms and some of the person is frustrated.

Go Back To My Ex Who Hurt Me

You are in a dilemma and you do not know what to do, you just have to recover part of yourself that emotions do not lead you to make hasty decisions, since you resumed your life and moved on after that break that hurt you so much.

But if you still have very strong feelings regardless of the damage I caused you and this is what you were looking for, I recommend that you put your mind in order and think if it is worth taking your ex partner again and trying a new relationship by leaving aside everything that happened in step.

For this reason I will explain in detail some options that you can take into account when deciding whether to try again with a person who hurt you or continue your life leaving that relationship behind.

Stay Single

Staying single is not a bad option, since you know what your experience with that person was like and the damage it caused to you, even though you have overcome that breakup, it is not healthy to return since it becomes a toxic and non-productive relationship for you who were the affected person.

  • You can make plans for yourself.
  • No jealousy or complete
  • Don’t be afraid of getting hurt again.
  • You don’t have to adjust your life to someone other than you.
  • Go out to places without being questioned.
  • Go out with the friends you want without giving explanations.

For these reasons you should consider this option, since you have the risk that if you go back to your ex, he may hurt you again and it will be a much worse fall than the previous one.

Under What Conditions Would You Resume That Relationship?

You can not only say I will return with my ex and you must already take into account what happened, that caused so much damage in you, and make some clear points regarding the relationship if you are among your plans to return as well as:

  • Change the way you act.
  • If I cheat on you with another person and that is why it was your breakup, make it clear that there is no room for infidelity or games.
  • Be mature and not flexible to new deceptions or something that could hurt you.
  • Seriousness in the relationship and sense of commitment.

If this person is not willing to do these things, dear friend, that person does not want to return to you to compensate for the damage that I caused only to hurt you again.

You Need Me To Show You If He’s Really Sorry

You should talk to your ex partner and make clear points as to what you need him to do so that he shows you if he is really sorry and wants to get back with you without hurting you again.

  • He must regain your love.
  • That you conquer yourself like the first time.
  • You must change those attitudes that hurt you previously.

These three characteristics are important so that it demonstrates the reality of the feelings they have towards you.

You Really Got Over The Damage Done

If you are completely sure that you overcame the damage that your ex caused in you, if therefore you did not overcome everything that happened and you do not completely forgive all the damage caused, it is recommended that you do not try a relationship with that person again.

Because it would be a conflictive and unsustainable relationship based on fear and resentment that you may have for the damage that this relationship caused in you. It is important that you take into account some aspects:

  • It still hurts what that person did.
  • You do not get over that he did not value your feelings.
  • You feel like revenge or to pay him with the same coin.
  • You want to cause him the same pain that you felt.
  • You cannot forget or forgive what happened.

If you have these wishes, it is clear that you cannot go back to your ex, since you would cause yourself more damage, by being with a person who may think you want but in reality the resentment and pain that you still feel will not allow you to be happy.

You Still Love Your Ex

If you still believe that you love your ex and it is an important factor for you to get back with him, you must take into consideration that before loving another person you must love and value yourself, you must think of yourself and your happiness before that of others. the rest.

It is therefore that if your ex caused you so much damage it was because he never loved you or value your feelings, if you decide to return with him you will be betraying yourself as a person.

Reflect well on returning to him

When you are clear about some points, you must take into account two last important factors, the first is your emotional stability and the second is your family, you must think how they would make the decision that you return with a person who caused you harm. That is why you must take these aspects into consideration so that you can make a good decision:

  • Your ex was on bad terms with your family, it can be difficult to get back into that relationship.
  • If you are mentally and sentimentally prepared to continue with your ex without thinking about the past.
  • They are willing to face the family consequences of getting back with your ex.

It is important that you take these points into consideration when making a final decision, since it will not only be you and him but also the family, therefore you cannot take it lightly.

We advise you to think very carefully about this decision, tell your family or a trusted friend so that they can help you clarify what ails you so much and follow these steps. So you can put your ideas in order and make the best decision always thinking about you and your well-being.

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