My wife does not want me, do not fear! follow these 4 simple techniques

Never forget that maintaining a relationship is the most difficult thing to achieve because not only is it enough to conquer it, you must make your girl fall in love with you every day because otherwise, the desire can end, and there if you are going to be in real problems.

If you have unfortunately realized that your wife no longer wants you, even if it is one of the worst things that can happen, you must learn to handle this situation with extreme care if you really want to recover it because it is not simply about sitting down and talking about things with her NO! Read on to find out what are the 4 simple techniques that you must follow to the letter in order to obtain the best results.

Don’t Panic And Don’t Make The Mistake Of Showing It

This is probably one of the simplest things to say but also one of the most difficult to fulfill, because who would not be panicking if their relationship was slowly falling apart and even about to come to an imminent end.

But this time you have arrived on time because here we will teach you what to do, in the first instance once you manage to enter the harsh reality you should not see it as “my wife no longer loves me” or “my wife does not feel desire towards me ”, what you should think now is“ what should I do to RECONQUER HER? 

Well yes, we will take advantage of this situation to fall madly in love with us again, but beware this time it cannot be like at the beginning now you must be much more careful and go with everything. In this way maybe we can save our relationship.

Keep Your Space But Don’t Stop Having Contact With Her

If she has gotten into confusion because she no longer knows if she is really happy with you, you should give her space for a short period of time but that’s it, this space should not be requested by her since we will do this strategically.

First of all, let’s choose any day and give her a small letter where you express with a few words everything you feel for her and whatever happens, you will always continue to love her because it is the best thing that has happened to you in life (just do it feel special again).

Then we can try to give her 3 days of solitude so that your words can enter her heart, but beware that does not mean that in the three days you will not know anything about her. Although the idea is that she misses you and misses everything related to you, you should apply a minimum contact with her so that in this way she remembers you and always keeps in mind even if you do not talk to her.

You can try saying good morning, wishing good things in his day, and saying good night. But do not fall into a long conversation because if not, you would not do anything by giving him that space that you asked for.

Seek Her Desperately So She Can See That You Still Love Her Madly

If we manage to make her feel that you still love her immensely and that the simple fact of losing her in your life you do not want to accept for the world we will have won the game. It is for this reason that once the 3 days of space have ended, you should call her and tell her that you want them to go out so that you can talk again.

You can choose to go for a walk to a park where they can walk and distract their minds for a while, you can ask her to go out to the movies so they can watch a movie together or you can even just invite her to eat ice cream.

Try to think briefly about what words you are going to say because at this time women are usually quite emotionally sensitive although they do not show it to you, so for nothing in the world are you going to show anguish otherwise you cause her anguish by demonstrating tranquility.

You should try to tell her at that moment that you still love her with all your heart, that she is the only thing that really matters to you in your life, that you don’t want to lose her because she is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to you. In a few words, make her fall in love again, the only advantage you are going to have this time is that you already know all the things she likes and which she doesn’t.

She Must Make The Decision And If They Decide To Continue, You Should Not Forget This

If you have reached this step it is because you have managed to meet all the objectives that we set ourselves previously, because here what we must tell you is that you never let your relationship deteriorate again since even if you have managed to heal that wound, there will always be the scar.

1. Make Her Fall In Love With You More Every Day,

You lose nothing by telling her how much you feel for her every day. Clearly, there are days that have their exception but you must do it the vast majority of the time, also not only use words, use the facts to achieve a greater impact within it …

On all occasions, you should keep in mind that the small details greatly influence your relationship because you can try giving a simple rose, letter, or chocolate from time to time so that you see how good it will do to your girl’s feelings to show her that you love her.

2. Try To Be A Little More Detailed

Since the details help to surprise and in this way show that you always have it in mind. That you don’t stop thinking about her and that you want the best for her.

Value your relationship, do not let it deteriorate, do not allow your relationship to get into a routine as this is super bad because it deteriorates quickly. She always tries to do new things, things that make her know that with you she lives unique moments and you will see that she will always be in love with you; Just try it.

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