My Wife Doesn’t Love Me But Stay With Me, How Do You Relive Love?

There can be many factors that are affecting the relationship, sometimes it can only be a bad time, a little confusion, there is nothing worse than being with someone and at the same time feeling alone, being with that person with whom you decided to join in marriage. and today his attitude has completely changed.

And maybe you will say, my wife no longer loves me, I don’t feel like she does, but I don’t know why she is still with me! and it is precisely what you are going to find out here today.

Did The Flame Of Passion Go Out? 

This may be the reason, in reality only both of them know. But if her attitude is no longer the same, if she no longer shows that smile when she wakes up, if you notice her distance, it is clear that something is wrong.

If they are not in privacy, if there are no mischievous smiles, it is something that may be ruining their relationship, the one that they have reaped with so much love. Do you want to relight the flame of passion?

  • Look for her, but try not to be so pushy. Let her know what you are worth and what she is worth to you, how important she is to you.
  • If there are children, do not involve them, remember that relationship problems are fixed as a couple.
  • Only you know her very well, and you know exactly what she likes and doesn’t like. If your plans is to revive the flame of passion, remembering a little would not be bad, maybe you have not acted correctly, maybe your mistakes are taking their toll.

Are You Still With Me Because You Are Afraid Of Loneliness? 

This is something we cannot ignore. Sometimes the fear of loneliness is so great that it prevents us from continuing, perhaps your wife no longer loves you, but they have been together for so long that she is afraid of “what will they say?”

He can say he loves you, but if his actions say the opposite, stop fooling yourself, it is obvious that he does not love you, but he does not know how to say it, and/or accept it.

You must understand that marriage is another level, you cannot decide to get married today and divorce tomorrow, although ok, it is your life, but it is something that must be respected, it is a much bigger commitment.

Now I ask you, do you think your marriage is perfect? If you don’t know what to answer right now, don’t worry! I understand you, the truth is, nothing is perfect in this life, and when it comes to relationships, especially marriages, there are ups and downs and that is understandable, but perhaps thinking about any of these things could help you think a little more clearly.

1. It Has Changed A Lot

Actually, this is common, because we all change, some for the better and others for “not so good” and the truth is that we never finish getting to know people well, but if you feel that she is no longer the same loving woman you fell in love with, which is no longer the same as the one you married, perhaps it was time to put the points on the table and find out what is happening.

The ideal is to talk, because the truth is, I am completely unaware of your life as a couple but, I know that, like everyone else, they can have problems, but nothing that a good conversation does not fix

2. You Go Out More Often

This may sound a bit selfish of you, maybe she wants to breathe a bit, maybe the monotony is ending with her and you don’t realize it, maybe she is crying out for a slight change to help you both, but In your attempt to know why he does not love you, you have not noticed the signals he is giving you.

If you want to go out a little more, there is nothing wrong, just like you, she also has the right to have fun, spend an afternoon with friends, go to discos from time to time. Why not?

But things can get a little strange, when he arrives later than normal when he no longer tells you if he is going out or not. Of course, he should not ask your permission, but telling you where he will go is something that can lighten the tension a bit.

3. Hide Things 

Here we already have a big problem, the one who owes nothing fears nothing. Is that right? So, if you have nothing wrong to hide, why not tell them about it?

Do you carry the phone everywhere? Here may be your jealousy is driving you a little crazy, we are in an era where technology is already part of our life, but we must consider that it is not necessary to take the phone to the bathroom.

Those things make you wonder and I know, I understand you, but you can’t “count the chicks before they are born”.

How To Revive Love? 

The first thing you should know is that this does not correspond only to you, if your wife no longer wants to continue, you should understand although, if she shows signs of doubts, perhaps one more attempt would not be bad at all.

Reliving love when the flame has completely extinguished is almost impossible and I know, it may sound harsh, but it is better to speak the truth than to be giving false hope to the heart, don’t you think? The union, of course, will depend on both. Do you know what you can do?

1. Plan A Trip Together 

Yes! This could help them, it is very likely that fatigue is ending with both, even with the desire to show love.

A trip will bring them together and the best thing is that they will have time to talk. Just imagine, walking along the beach holding hands and enjoying the beautiful sea, as well as that trip when they were dating! Or if they never did, then finally fulfill that dream. It would be beautiful, believe me!

2. Communicate 

With the trip, the relationship will strengthen a little, but maybe there are things that are left out, the idea is to talk and clarify the feelings before one of the two gets hurt.

3. Go To Therapy

If you feel like your wife still loves you a little, then consider going to a professional. But if she refuses and continues with the same attitude, I’m sorry to tell you that you should open your eyes, and if she wants to continue even being distant, perhaps the one who should move away is you.

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