My wife with my best friend the 5 best steps to follow

This is probably one of the worst scenarios in which you can lose your wife, but the important thing here is that regardless of the consequences, do not fall and stay there. You should always find a way to get up and move on.

For those people who still hold fast their hopes and believe with all their hearts that they can get their ex-wife back, we bring you the following 5 steps that you must follow in order to have the best results and not be so harmed.

Take It With A Cold Head And Follow These Steps:

1. Don’t Panic!

Clearly, we cannot lie to you and say that losing your wife to your best friend is simple, but the truth is that we cannot allow ourselves to bend to this situation since if we want to be victorious we must think very well what we will do.

First of all, analyze the situation in detail since you must first identify why your wife had to resort to looking for things with your best friend. In this vein, you should first know exactly where you failed.

Once you know in detail what were each and every one of the mistakes you made when maintaining a healthy relationship with your wife, you will be able to fully understand her needs and know how to satisfy them.

Do not make the mistake of trying to remedy everything at once since this would be one of the worst options we can take because we must take advantage of this situation to be able to give our ex-wife a life lesson.

For this reason, we must carefully analyze the situation, among the things that we must know we mark the following: What did you change in you that caused her to look for your best friend? How long did she have in the relationship to be able to start To feel things for another person? Why would she do that? Who allowed your friend to get into a relationship with her or you? Why would you want to continue fighting for her?

2. Give Him The Opportunity To Express His Feelings

If you are one of the people who did everything possible to move forward in their relationship and not let her die at any point, you should give her the opportunity to express her reason for why she did that?

You will clearly never agree with him if you did everything you could to try to save your relationship and they end up betraying me. However, not everything is her fault so we must learn to update ourselves and know what our mistakes were so as not to make them later.

At this critical moment in your life is where you must choose if you still want to continue fighting for a person who has already been unfaithful to you once or if you are going to allow him to leave to avoid continuing with this suffering, however, this is not an easy decision. and you must take adequate time to think about it correctly.

It is also very, very important that regardless of the situation you do not make the huge mistake of disrespecting your ex-wife, since regardless of what happened, your ex was the person you came to love at some point and That is how I know for a very short time in your life, I try to make you the happiest man in the world.

3. Get Over The Situation No Matter How Much It Costs You

Do not live absorbed in trying to think what would have happened if she had not made this mistake, because you must learn very well that the past stays in the past and the future in the future. Learn to accept that things that have already happened cannot be changed and, although they can be remedied, their events cannot be altered.

Accept that she failed and decide if you decide to fight for that person or let her go, my advice on a personal and professional level is that you take enough time to decide since this is one of the strongest and riskiest decisions you can make since nothing It certifies a change but it also does not certify you to feel the same again elsewhere.

Another thing, do not focus solely on this event since whatever your life is, it goes on and you have things to attend to, whether it be studies or work, do not let your love life affect your personal life and destabilize everything you know how to do.

4. Take The Time You Need To Make The Right Decision, Choose A New Path!

You don’t necessarily have to give up everything to start over, but you don’t have to start over if you want to continue with your relationship. We will explain the possible scenarios.

She was with your friend but she loves you, it is one of the most dangerous situations because you do not know for sure if she only misses you and that is why she is looking for you, so analyze it very well.

She was with your friend and she loves him, probably one of the most painful situations but it is not definitive because we must move forward regardless of the consequences and overcome all those barriers that are imposed on us.

Analyze the contexts well because if she says that she loves you and not only stays in words but also actions interfere, she may be telling the truth and you can rebuild everything again, but this is not certain.

5. Life Goes On Regardless Of The Consequences

If it is true that losing a wife can be quite fatal but the truth is that we can overcome our love life over time, so do not worry because it only takes time for you to think things through to teach a lesson to your wife that you are a person of great value and should have valued you much more.

Life goes on, do not die in that well, join a gym, go out with your friends, go on family vacations, visit church … there are many things we can do, do not stay alone since there are always people who will support you despite of the circumstances.

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