Overcoming a loving separation from a couple

If you have had a recent separation and this is causing you a lot of damage, and sometimes you do not know what to do with your life because nothing is the same, Do you think that you will be left alone! Do not suffer anymore and open your ideas to get in touch with What this time I offer you to help you and that you can overcome a loving separation of a couple, see how I overcome it and I became stronger.

I went through that and I know how you feel, but not everything is lost, I suffered some very painful separations, but I got over it and I’m happy now, at that moment I didn’t understand it.

Many times overcoming a separation is a very difficult step for many people, because at that moment the ideas are blocked and then you do not know what to do to get out of that feeling that is tormenting you.

Knowing that a relationship that has perhaps taken many years to build and where perhaps they have already gone from courtship to marriage and that from one moment to another everything ends is something sincerely depressing and that then collapses even the strongest ego.

On the other hand, if the love separation has been due to infidelity and you still love that person, things can become even more difficult to deal with, then I suggest that at this moment you get very serious about this reading that I am going to tell you here. what you should do.

Stages of a Separation, what are they?

1. Desperate for answers

The urge to know what happened can come at the expense of rational thoughts and behaviors. You must understand why this happened, perhaps beyond anyone’s ability to explain it. You look at things your ex said repeatedly that you see as contradictory to the breakup, and you hold onto them now as if they were your gospel. You are likely to walk through the haze of disbelief, the moment-by-moment daily rediscovery of the magnitude of your loss, and flashes of painful clarity that, of course, are over. Pain, disorganization, and confusion can become all you think or talk about.

But initially, you are still driven to understand what happened, at any cost. The desperation to make sense of something so shocking forces you to debate with friends, family, co-workers, even strangers, about why the relationship ended, while justifying them the reasons why it should not, as if convincing them equals convince your ex.

2. Denial

It can not be true. This is not happening! You can’t be without your ex. You feel like you’ve put everything you are into this relationship. It has been your world, your life. You can’t accept that it’s over. He harnesses every last hope to save her, even at the expense of her well-being. You postpone your need to grieve for its end, because it is too painful to face. In doing so, you temporarily derail the grieving process by replacing it with the unrealistically inflated hope that the relationship can still be saved.

3. Negotiation

You’ll do whatever it takes to avoid accepting the fact that it’s over. You will be a better and more caring partner. Everything that has been wrong, you will fix. The thought of being without your ex is so intolerable that you’ll make your own pain go away by earning his back, at any cost. Of course, you are not being logical at this point. You are standing on the edge of what feels like an abyss, trying not to fall into the unknown.

You cling to whatever hope you can, to prevent you from losing what you have come to depend on, for better or for worse. However, during this phase, when you promise to fix all the problems between yourselves, you are putting the entire burden of repairing, maintaining and sustaining a relationship on yourselves. It’s like the responsibility is yours and yours alone to make it work this time. Do your best during this phase to keep track of the fact that both partners in the relationship contributed to its end. You cannot be held responsible for everything. Somewhere inside you know

4. The Duel

Well, after the previous stages you arrived here, now you know, there is no going back, it’s over. That’s right, you couldn’t accept it, you did a lot of things, but it’s already happened, she’s not with you, she left. It is very important that you take time alone with yourself, think and meditate on what happened, reflect on what went well, what went wrong and what you can do better in the future, remember a relationship is two and if something comes out bad because both will have part of the responsibility.

At this stage, reproach yourself and even cry, let him out, take it easy, this stage is very important to start closing the door, do not hide your grief with yourself, live it and learn from it, that is if you put a time and put an end to it.

What to do to overcome a couple of separation?

Improvements are built by doing, that is, you must be mentally prepared at all times to get ahead in the face of any adversity in life, for whatever reason, you should not stop at any time to see how life passes you by.

Instead, open your mind to new things and opportunities that, although at this time it is difficult, it is best to face life in the best way and without any fear, so it is important that you follow the advice and tips that are given here. I toast.

  • Stay active

I know that those moments of sadness, staying active can be difficult in many cases, especially if you do not have a responsibility, for example, of a stable job, but, even if this is not the case, you should do everything possible to keep moving and under no circumstances. moment to be inactive.

I mean by being inactive, always lying down, suffering, not wanting to leave your house, etc. Instead of doing the opposite, you should do all the activities that perhaps you were used to and even do more than you did before.

A good trick for this can be to start in a gym, this allows you to keep busy, think about other things and also stay in shape, all in one activity.

  • Be alone for some time

Being alone for at least a while is good for you to think about yourself, not to prioritize other people, and to give yourself your own value. In fact, many people do not need a partner to be happy, but if you want to start a family you obviously need one.

But in any case, after a separation, it is best to be alone for a while and think things through very well and what you want for your life, for your growth and to move forward with what you have.

In addition, it is not advisable to start with a new partner when you have not yet healed the pain of separation, you will only be able to condemn that person to carry the same cross as you and at no time will they be fully happy because, even if you do not want it the doubt and the fear that it will happen again will be noticed.

  • Think about what you have achieved

For a moment stop and think about yourself, think about what you have achieved and have, then you will realize that if you are very capable of passing any test and that just as you have achieved what you have today, you will also be able to overcome that separation.

Although separations hurt, you should also know that it is not a terminal illness that you are not going to leave, because you know that the heart also gets tired of suffering and that at some point it will say no more.

Think that you have been capable of many things, that you have achieved what perhaps many have not been able to, and then you will see that life is about tests that you must overcome.

  • Never pretend to be a victim

I know that when a relationship ends, the most common thing is that we want to pose as the victims and those who suffer the most, because to overcome the separation one of the main things is to abandon that role, perhaps the other person is also suffering, but you are not you know.

In addition, feeling a victim also makes you feel vulnerable, and that is not allowed because vulnerability is for people without control in their actions and you are not one of them, you must be clear about what you want to do and how to do it, firm in your decisions at all times

  • Find solid company

This does not mean that you will have to get another couple now, solid companies can be your best friends, your family members among others, but that if they must be serious people in life and know that losing a love hurts and the least we want in those cases it is that they are remembering it.

Then you should leave it to them from the beginning very clear, talking with a solid friend or with an adult relative can be very beneficial, so that they guide you in what is the best thing to do, you will also receive more attention and they will make you forget that love sooner.

What to do to overcome heartbreak?

Much of what I have already told you is basically the main thing to overcome the separation, but this does not end here because heartbreak often needs other options to completely get out of our lives, being then your case I invite you to continue nurturing your knowledge to have what you should then do.

  • Do not punish yourself

Do not cling to something that really does not make sense and that you know that it is over, do not blame yourself alone in every way the fault was of both parties because a relationship is two and for there to be one they must also be separated two people involved.

So, even if the last drop that has spilled the glass has come from where it came, you should not just think that things have happened because of you, if the other party did not do anything to solve it then everyone is to blame.

I know that in these cases it is not the best thing to look for who was the culprit, this will not help at all, only then you must be very clear that only you have not been and forget about it.

  • Be very positive

Although being positive in those moments can be very complicated, you must do everything possible so that you do not present a positive attitude in the face of any adversity.

Positive postures, for example, I can get out of this, I’m going to move on among others, they are very important in these cases, they condition your brain ‘to see the best options to get out of the circle.

  • Not holding back the feelings

The best thing is that you express what you feel, be it anger or the urge to cry, express your feelings, speak what you have to talk and cry what you have to cry, without a doubt you will feel much better when in one way or another I get everything that it’s causing that lump in your throat.

For many people it is more important to maintain sanity, but in these cases you must look for the right moment either with a trusted person or just to express what is withheld, because this is a bomb that accumulates and that sooner or later will explode.

  • Always be sure of yourself

One of the things that most retain a person in a relationship is insecurity, is to think that he will no longer be able to get ahead alone and that life will not be the same, because none of this is true, you will see that many people have touched us safely alone in life and has been able to resume a good rhythm of life.

Do not think then that you are not capable of getting ahead alone, remember that when you were not with that person you also lived and also achieved things, because those same things are what should drive you to move forward and not stop at any time.

  • Live your grief but with resignation

As I have already told you, it is very important to express what you feel, it is very important that you live your grief, a grief this negative feeling that can be felt when there is a loss in our lives. So if it is good to cry.

Undoubtedly, to overcome a love breakup there are many parameters and tips that you can put into practice, but everything is up to you to do what is really within your power, that is if you do not limit yourself at any time.

How to get over a love when you still love it

Do you think you still love that person? It is very common that when a relationship ends there is still love for one of the parties and even for both. But if you really can’t be together anymore and have tired of trying, the best thing to do is to follow the following steps.

  • Accept that everything is over

It is really not good that you continue to torture yourself for a love that will not be, rather apart from assuming your grief, you must also turn the page, everything has an inevitable end even the vine itself, so this is not something from another world .

When you still love, things are usually a little more difficult, but they still have their way of getting ahead and little by little you will forget.

  • Think about your goals

Think of yourself, and what you have wanted to achieve is only accompanied, you must get ahead, depending on a company to get ahead is not good, if you can feel a lot of support, but that is not a reason to condition that person.

Your goals are yet to be met, it is up to you to resort to what is necessary to achieve them or stay on the device without doing anything else for you.

  • Get out of the depressive circle

One of the biggest mistakes we can make when a relationship ends is to fall into that circle from which later it makes us very difficult to get out, do not allow your senses to overflow in this way, keep your forehead high at all times

  • Follow your instincts

One of the things that most human beings have is improvising in a certain way at certain times.

Well, that’s what it is about, perhaps you are going to run into circumstances that I have not mentioned here so you must maintain a firm position and trust what you should really do at that moment.

  • Relate with other people

Although many people find it a bit difficult to relate to people, you should do everything possible to meet new people outside the relationship you had, this is one of the best steps, because these people do not know about your relationship and have not asked you questions. stupid.

In addition, if you decide to tell something these people do not even know who you are talking about and they will tell you in a more calm way what you can do, advice is not bad at any time.

  •  Start reading a book

Nothing better to clear the mind and also nourish the brain than reading a book, this will keep you busy at least for a long time and will allow you to reduce your feelings, and when you realize the pain will not be much and then you will realize that it has it was worth it.

I suggest reading an informative book, but if it is about how to improve in any field much better.

There are many information that you can get in this blog to help you overcome those love breaks that today are causing you harm, information you will write by who like you has gone through the same and thanks to the techniques provided here has been able to overcome what that was causing him so much harm.

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