Mini-hotel construction plan

Mini-hotel construction plan

Mini hotels of fast assembly from vulture panels, hotel projects → AlfaSIP Design and construction of hotels from SIP in Crimea The most profitable business during the influx of tourists is the offer of hotel rooms for temporary comfortable stay. It is possible to implement such a field of activity in a short time if we … Read more

A selection of original ideas for retailers

Everyday shopping after a long day at work is a mundane, mundane task that some are also afraid of. The endless search for the right product in a huge supermarket, obsessive consultants, long lines, ingenious marketing campaigns – all this tiresome and forces customers to perform many useless actions, which naturally affects store sales. However, some … Read more

YouTube channel maintenance

If you create useful and interesting video content and grow your subscriber base to several thousand people, you will be able to place ads in your videos. And this is a stable source of income. There are many YouTubers who make millions. The success of your channel depends on a number of factors, including content, audience, skills, relationships, … Read more

Squeeze the task

After you understand what to look for and get a general idea of ​​the problem, compress it and turn it into a particular and specific idea. In this case, asking the right questions will help you. Let’s give an example. One design company set out to design a creative and functional waste bin. To squeeze the idea, the … Read more

What ideas

The meaning of the word IDEA. What is an IDEA? 1. The form of reflection of the external world, including the consciousness of the goal and the prospects for its further cognition and practical transformation. – an idea without a person and before a person, an idea in abstraction, an absolute idea is a theological invention of the idealist … Read more

Home small business Maintain

Home small business Maintain

Examples of home business ventures vary. These can be small ateliers for the manufacture of custom-made clothing, shoes, knitwear. Confectionery or dumplings at home are also not uncommon, especially if the area of ​​the apartment is quite extensive. The production of souvenir products is also a promising direction. In rural areas, it is possible to grow early varieties … Read more

Small business in Russia examples

Small business in Russia examples

Small business: examples of successful businesses A person who wants to start a business inevitably has a question about what kind of business to do. After all, it is advisable to invest the existing capital in such a business that will provide profit and become a reliable source of income. With the wrong choice, it is easy … Read more

Small, medium and large business: what is it, definitions, differences

medium and large business: what is it, definitions, differences

Many different forms of entrepreneurship can be found on the market. Some of them are distinguished by a large volume, while others serve a small number of clients. And most importantly, some types of commerce in themselves presuppose development to a certain size. Small, medium and large business – what it is, what are the features and differences … Read more

Small business rating

Small business

Our small business is a kind of phenomenon. Officials (and not city ones, but federal ones) report with a cheerful feeling: St. Petersburg is among the national leaders of entrepreneurship. Among the total number of employees, the share of employees of small businesses is almost 25%. This is an unconditional federal record. According to plans, in the next … Read more