How to remodel indoor lighting layout with LED recessed lights

Interior design contractors or architects choose recessed lighting as their go-to medium when it comes to remodeling indoor spaces for domestic or commercial use. They pin down several ways in which the general outlook and ambience of the room or complete interior can be enhanced with just the use of these light fixtures. In most closed spaces or generally low ceiling areas, these fixtures play a very important role in creating a light layout that not only illuminates but also objectively makes them appear more spacious.

What are LED recessed lights?

Recessed light fixtures are particularly the most innovative light fixtures designed to this date. They possess perdurable features which allow them to be the most applicable and versatile fixtures in any kind of indoor lighting setup. The fixture mainly is made up of three basic components:


The housing is the major part of the fixture which also determines the innate quality of the fixture and whether it is compatible with the ceiling design or not. Each housing type is modified for variou ceiling types, such as:

–      IC rated vs NON-IC rated

IC rated housings can be in contact with existing insulation and NON IC rated housings require external insulation i.e space for airflow. Most IC rated housings have double cans for that insulation contact. It is particularly essential for all canned light in the ceilings.

–      Remodel housing

Remodel housing is a type of housing for remodel ceiling designs. It is easier to integrate when joists can be located.

–      New construction housing

New construction housing already has the particulars essential for easy installation of recessed light fixtures so installing new construction housing is better in such a place.


–      Sloped ceiling housing

In most modern or vintage homes, the ceiling design differs from that of usual and here sloped ceiling housing are quite a handful to install light fixtures which not only enhance but also facilitate the lighting conditions in that area.


The lamp installed in recessed light fixtures must be bright and efficient enough to provide light within a small room. LED lamps are particularly efficient than traditional lamps. These are downlights so they require powerful lamps which can impart light that can reach the floor from the ceiling. Traditional lamps tend to disperse the light in the surroundings whereas LED lamps have fixed beam length and angle of incidence which allow them to create light in a uniform pattern. They are also highly customizable which allows the user to set a desirable ambiance.


The trim of the fixture is undoubtedly very important when it comes to creating a lighting layout. The trim customization creates blendable light layers to impart desirable lumens over any area. The trim basically directs the light out of the fixture it controls the amount of light leaving the fixture and is of many types such as:

  • Eyeball trim
  • Gimbal trim
  • Pinhole trim
  • Open trim
  • Baffle trim
  • Reflector trim

All these trim designs carry and diverge light in the desired pattern and direction for general, accent, and task lighting.

These three components of a LED recessed light model feature a modifiable overlay to work with and feature any kind of lighting design possible. To check the available options in the market and learn further about the installation of recessed lights.

Advantages of installing LED recessed lights

There are several advantages of installing LED lights in homes other than just ambient light layout. They offer a great deal of benefits which are:

–      More overhead space

LED recessed light fixtures sit inside the ceiling and in low ceiling areas this is highly beneficial as other decorative light fixtures take up more visual space. With the use of these lights, it appears as the light is coming directly from the ceiling which can also be directed for any layout.

–      Compatible with cut down voltage

LED recessed lights to follow the general rule of lighting layers. They can create all three layers with a simple switch of trims. But specifically, task lighting and accent lighting often require the light to be dimmer or brighter in comparison. With recessed lights, it is quite easy as each fixture can function independently when needed. Few of these lights can operate on cut-down voltage which is different from the usual voltage rating for other fixtures within the indoor space. This also saves electricity and potential electrical hazards.

–      Produce higher lumens

LEDs generally produce more lumens than traditional lamps. They do it without consuming much power, in fact, they can provide higher lumens at the expense of the same wattage provided to traditional lamps even. This is the most conventional benefit of LED lighting in general and makes it the viable choice when it comes to the efficacy of the lighting setup.

–      Directional lighting

With recessed lighting or downlights, the lighting layout is super easy to customize. The available trim options happen to create aesthetic light patterns with just a switch of the trim. For example, in a living room, a wall wash trim focuses the entire light on a certain wall rather than in the surroundings and creates a floodlight effect where only the wall is highlighted. And similarly, different trim designs can direct and focus light at different elevation levels which allow the user to set their desirable ambiance in any indoor setup.

–      Sustainable

LED lighting is also highly sustainable than traditional lighting. The investment is quite worth it as these lamps have a lifespan of over 5-10 years. They are resistant to most changes in the environment and stay functional during emergencies. This directly makes them less susceptible to frequent replacements or maintenance and highly reduces the costs of electricity and maintenance over the span of their lives.

Moreover, LED lighting is highly environment friendly as it improves the user experience by having a positive impact on the general health of people exposed to it. It reduces complaints of migraines and also does not carry any harmful chemicals which might cause any kind of harm in case of emergency.

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