She doesn’t want anything with me but she looks for me How to Bring Her Back?

To start, you must remember that we are in the 21st century. Not all women want a stable relationship, get married, have children, or maybe they want it but they do not feel that it is the right time, or they do not feel that you are that person with whom they want to spend the rest of their life.

But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t attracted to you enough to be with you just for fun.

It is exactly the same thing that men have been accused of for years, that they are all the same, no one wants anything serious. Well, I have news for you, in that aspect, there is not much difference between men and women.

The best thing you can do in this case is not to fall in love, not to get emotionally involved, since you know that for her it is just a game, it is pure fun, and if you get emotionally involved, it is likely that you will end badly.

But since everything happens in this life, it is likely that you are already in love with her. It is possible that you are in love with a woman who does not want to have anything serious with you, but who keeps looking for you to have a good time. Well, don’t despair there are certain things you can do to fix this.

How Do I Make Him Fall In Love With Me? 

With women it’s all about emotions, you have to be able to overcome that barrier that she has created herself, and get her to get emotionally involved as well.

Of course, it is very easy to say it, but doing it is not easy, it will take you some time, but if you really want to be with her, and only with her, then there are some things you can do:

1. Be Yourself 

Knowing that she does not want anything serious with you can lead you to make changes in your way of being that are not necessary, and they can even scare her and take her away from you completely, and that is not what you want.

You want her to stay there with you, so show her who you are, that you are true to yourself, and above all make her see that she is happy when she is with you.

2. Be Romantic

You may not react well the first time, as you are not expecting it, but little by little details will take their effect. Pay attention to what he tells you, to his needs, do not give just to give away, each thing must have a meaning, or a purpose.

If you start giving gifts every day and for no reason, it will no longer be seen as that you are taking care of her, but that it is your obligation to give her things, you will get used to her and everything you have fought for will be lost.

3. You Must Be Someone Who Takes Things Seriously

Okay, they went to bed together, good for you champ, but that’s not enough. You must make sure that she remembers you every day, make you unforgettable, that she understands that you are not a toy.

Let her see that they stand out from the rest, use perfumes, words, or expressions that characterize you like this when she perceives that aroma or hears that word, she will automatically think of you.

How To Avoid Getting Emotionally Involved? Or At Least Not Show It

Sometimes we have to suffer to learn the lesson, and it often happens that we fall in love too quickly with who we should not or that we show it too much. To avoid this we have to act with the head and not with the heart, think things through, and realize what is happening.

In order not to get emotionally involved, it is best to think that it is just a game, it is a very fun seduction game that does not have to be painful. Both can take advantage of this situation.

Although we are used to seeing people fall in love and have a whole life together, it does not mean that this will happen with anyone, remember that there are those who are part of the journey, but not of the destination.

  • Don’t make plans for the future

The worst thing you can do is start imagining what their life would be like if they got married, the names of their children, the cars they would have, what their house would be like, what pet they would have. Just live in the moment, enjoy the day-to-day, not everything has to be exactly as society says.

  • Have an active social life

Keeping your options open makes you forget about emotional attachments that could hurt you, if she is interested in you just for fun, don’t be exclusive with her.

Go out, meet new people, pick up old friends, live the life that you only have one after all. When the right woman arrives, you can plan your future with her, but while that happens make sure you live.

  • Focus on your work

There is no better distractor for the mind than work. Focus on a new project, push yourself to be the best in the office, get that raise you want so much, or just get a job to keep you busy. In this way your thoughts focused on being productive, and not on wandering through the world of wonders imagining what a fairy tale would be like next to a woman who does not want anything serious with you.

If Nothing Works, Walk Away 

If you can’t make her fall in love with you, and you can’t help but feel in love with her, the best thing for you is to stay away from her, since she is causing you harm, you will see how that brings her back, the scarcity of feeling lost.

  • Zero contact

Don’t call her, don’t write to her, delete her from your social networks, just stay away from her and don’t look back. Let go of what is causing you pain.

  • Meet another woman

She doesn’t have to be the woman in your life, there are other women in the world. Go out and meet them, perhaps one of them is the one for what you are looking for.

  • Get it out of your mind

Easier said than done, but over time it will happen. Just be happy for yourself, and live your life to the fullest, look for new adventures, new horizons and I guarantee that in a short time she will only be the memory of a relationship.

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