Signs that she doesn’t love you. Stop fooling your heart

If things with your partner have changed, if perhaps they are no longer the same as before, if they no longer give you the same signs of love as before, perhaps they no longer feel the same. But before making a final decision, it is best to pay attention to certain signs:

Observe Their Behavior 

This is important, if in private she is loving with you, but not in public, it is because something happens. Now, things can get even worse, if she is just loving with her friends and pushing you aside for them. Although at this point you must consider that you cannot make her choose between you and her friends, that would be a serious mistake. Even so when it comes to behavior, look at:

  • Outputs

Understand that when someone is interested in you, they will take time from where there is none to see you for at least a few minutes. Although ok! Maybe he has a very busy schedule, but at least he will find a way to send me a message and promote a meeting, even if it is quick.

  • The Creation And Cancellation Of Plans

If you plan to see it today, but it cancels you once, no problem, that can happen. But if he does it a second and third time, and each time the excuses are a little crazier and a little more absurd than the previous ones, I do not understand what other signal you are looking for to understand that he is not interested.

  • If He Is Including You Or Ends Up Excluding You In His Plans

This is important because although everyone should have their space, dating is important. If he goes out with his friends, no problem, but if he does not tell you at least that he did, something may be happening.

Pay A Little More Attention To How He Expresses His Feelings 

I’m not going to lie to you, this can be one of the most difficult signs because the truth is that sometimes they don’t even understand themselves, but there is something that we cannot avoid and that is in expressing our feelings.

With just a small grin we can see if that person is interested in us or not. If she gets nervous when you see you, but not terrified, no! one who shows emotion, who is so happy to see you that he has no idea what to do. For it:

  1. Talk to her, ask her how she feels, if she is comfortable with you or not. Words say one thing but actions another. She may tell you that she is very happy to be with you, but if she doesn’t give you a hint of love, you may start to doubt.
  2. Make him understand that, you understand everything he is saying even if it is more difficult than it seems.
  3. Invite him to change certain things, changes that benefit both of you of course. Maybe there is something in you that he does not like and does not know how to tell you. You will only know that if they talk.

Take A Good Look At Their Body Language

Although I decided to leave this signal at the end, it is because, although it may be one of the most common, we cannot deny that it can be confused with other actions. Even so, in that case:

  • Pay Close Attention To The Way He Touches You 

This can say a lot about a person who no longer has feelings for you. If he does not accept that you at least hold his hand, it is because he no longer feels comfortable with you.

  • His Way Of Looking At You Is Also Important

Especially when they are talking about a serious topic, such as their love for you. If he evades your gaze, if he lowers it every so often, if he cannot see you in the eyes, it is a sign that something is bothering him, and of course, he is hiding things from you, and one of them is that maybe love is running out.

  • Pay Attention To Their Body Language

Okay! We have already noticed that if he touches you or not if he avoids your gaze, but have you noticed how he behaves physically when he is with you?

How is your posture? Is it closed or open? This says a lot about her, does she accept hugs or does she only receive them?

Pay close attention to their displays of affection. I understand that not all people express themselves the same, but everyone can show a hint of affection, at least a minimum.

I understand that this situation makes you a little cool and that you want to put tests to see if he really loves you or not, but if he notices those tests you will seem an insecure man, and believe me that no woman wants to be with someone like that.

More Signs? 

Okay! No problem, I will give you more signs that she may not love you anymore:

  1. He no longer responds to text messages, and when he does, he is curt. More than usual
  2. She does not value what you do for her, she always complains and asks for more and more. This is the best example that you are with someone interested
  3. Your things take a back seat, for her, the only thing that matters is her happiness, and although here she may be a little right because we must always ensure our happiness first, we cannot be that selfish with others. A ratio is assumed to be 2.
  4. It takes you away from his circle of friends and does not allow you to have any type of communication with his friends. This is important because if the friends do not think you are a good match for her, they will make your life in squares, but the reality is different when it is she who does not want you to meet them, since you could be just a game for her, someone who does not think to have much time in his life
  5. He is defensive when you ask him who that person is. Here I clarify that jealousy can deceive you sometimes, but if you think that someone else is noticing her, you have the right to know at least who she is.

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