Squeeze the task

After you understand what to look for and get a general idea of ​​the problem, compress it and turn it into a particular and specific idea. In this case, asking the right questions will help you. Let’s give an example.

One design company set out to design a creative and functional waste bin. To squeeze the idea, the management asked the right questions: “Who can create a container?”, “Where can I get the materials?”, “What form can become original?” and the like. As a result of these tasks, the idea of ​​a plastic trash can, stored in a folded form, was born.

Use riddles and puzzles

It is worth knowing that various riddles, puzzles and puzzles develop our brain very well and help to think outside the box. That is why often solve puzzles and all kinds of charades. And we will help you with this.

Look at the arithmetic expression with Roman numerals. It is completely wrong. Question: is it possible to fix it without touching the matches, without adding or removing them?

And now the answer: to solve the problem, you need to abandon the standard view of things. When you stick to one perspective, then you yourself drive yourself into a certain framework. Try to look at the solution to the example in a new way, and you will succeed.

Finally, we will advise you never to give up and not deviate from your intended goal.

By the way, how many minutes did it take you to solve the last puzzle?

Based on the book “Rice Storming and 21 More Ways to Think Outside the Box”

123 business ideas with minimal investment. Plus ideas for getting started in 2018


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Best business ideas 2020

Have you decided to open your own business, but do not know what business idea to start with? Which occupation or craft is right for you?

If you are looking for interesting business ideas that will help you make your choice, then this article is just what you need.
Here are 123 business ideas from a wide variety of areas: personalized services, retail, cleaning services, animal care, technology, and more.

In this list, you will surely find the best business ideas that perfectly suit your goals and requirements.

But before you dive headlong into this extensive list, we want to draw your attention to one question – if you do not already have a logo or other corporate identity elements, we recommend you an online logo generator called Logaster.

You don’t need any technical skills to create a logo using this tool. See for yourself by following the link.

Home business ideas

Makeup at home

If you know how to emphasize the dignity of a person’s appearance and work wonders with the help of shadows and lipstick, then why not monetize your talent? For less than $ 250-500, you can start your own makeup business from scratch. With a skillful approach, such an undertaking can turn into a rather lucrative part-time job.


This, of course, is not the most profitable activity, but it is an excellent opportunity to live in different parts of the world (including exotic ones) without paying a dime for rent.

Babysitting job

Do not assume that only teenagers and students are looking after other people’s children. Quite the opposite. This job can generate decent income, especially for those who work at night and on weekends.

Washing windows

When you look at the world around you from the window, you want to see everything clearly and clearly. This creates a great demand for window cleaners, especially in office buildings.

Property management

Are there people you know who rent out property? Then they may need someone to handle their business. This is an excellent source of additional income that does not require much effort on your part. However, this position requires agility and a willingness to work flexibly. Your responsibilities will include collecting rent, organizing repairs and other work, as well as resolving any unforeseen situations. Most real estate investors need a manager like air.

Renting out your home on Airbnb

Airbnb is a great way to make money by renting out a spare bed or sofa. But that is not all. It is also a great opportunity to make a lot of interesting acquaintances (of course, provided that you are a sociable person). You can even rent out an entire apartment. But do not think that this is a passive source of income that does not require any effort from you. You must keep the apartment clean, always be ready to receive guests and do everything possible for their comfortable stay with you.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets can instantly transform any home, making it more cozy and comfortable. But over time, dust, dirt, grease, allergens and germs accumulate in carpets. Carpet cleaning services will always be in demand, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity that lies right in the palm of your hand. However, for this you will need to invest in the purchase of the appropriate equipment and tools (vacuum cleaners, carpet brushes, detergents, etc.). An alternative option is to rent the equipment for the weekend in order to immediately serve 5-10 clients and cover the rental costs. If you get off to a good start, you will eventually be able to purchase your own equipment and increase your rates. So a small part-time job can turn into a serious business.

Real estate appraisal

Real estate valuation can be done from home, devoting several hours a day to it. This is a great idea for earning money in addition to your main income. Although you do not need to graduate from university in your specialty, you will need documents confirming your professionalism (licenses, certificates of completion of training, etc.), deep knowledge in the field of real estate, as well as a large base of potential clients (brokers, real estate agents, banks, other appraisers, etc.).

House cleaning

If you want to expand the range of your services and earn more, you can do complex cleaning of houses. During this cleaning, you should pay attention to carpets, floors, lawns, garages, windows, walls, roof, etc. Naturally, such a scale of work requires a whole arsenal of detergents and cleaning agents. Or you can form your own staff of cleaners, and you yourself can handle administrative issues and interaction with clients. If you have not yet decided to start your own business, then you can get a job as a cleaner in a cleaning company in order to first get acquainted with the business from the inside.

Sale of goods from China

Trading with China for beginners can be in two variations:

  • Online store
  • One-pages

The point is to establish all agreements with suppliers via the Internet.

On the landing page, the conversion is higher, so separate one-page sites are created for trending products. So you can make a decent income from scratch in China in 1-2 months.

Trade with China for beginners is a good way to raise money without any registration of individual entrepreneurs and LLCs.

But the disadvantage is that for such a start, a mere mortal needs to possess information: either the Chinese can substitute, then the Russian partners will break the price. Or you yourself confuse something.
However, do not rush to give up the business. Still, 400% of the deal can not be earned anywhere.

For those curious and motivated, there is a webinar in which we talk about the key points. All from personal experience. To participate, leave your email here. And you will have a stable business with China!

Business ideas in the field of design

Graphic design

Knowledge and experience in graphic design will only be a plus. But if you’re a beginner, don’t despair: with the handy Adobe Illustrator or the more accessible Stencil and Visme, everyone can master the basics of graphic design. A couple of working hands, a pinch of imagination and motivation, and voila! – you are already ready to pay for the creation and editing of images.

Alternatively, you can create logos and other graphic products using the Logaster service and then resell them to customers.

Web design

Web designers are needed in every company that works with modern technologies. Today, web design is one of the most popular ideas for third-party jobs. The purpose of web design is to make the process of using a website or application simple and convenient.

Websites have long been an integral part of a wide variety of businesses. Therefore, entrepreneurs are trying to create vivid and memorable online projects in order to promote their company and attract a huge number of customers. And in order to do this in a minimal amount of time, you may need WordPress Business Templates. They are designed for a wide variety of industries and everyone can find something to their liking. In addition, ready-made solutions delight with their responsive design, many options for personalization and additional tools. Equally important, you can familiarize yourself with HTML templates in Russian. Their packages also include all the necessary tricks that make it possible to build a website with almost no effort.

By the way, if you are a beginner entrepreneur, we recommend that you download our free book “How to Create a Corporate Identity and Not Go Broke . ” Tips, practical examples, useful services – in a word, everything you need to create your own style!

Presentation design

Yes, yes, even when working on a familiar PowerPoint presentation, a person may need help or advice, especially if he is not strong in this area.

Interior design

Imagine that a person is planning to update the interior of the kitchen, and cannot decide which shade of granite will best harmonize with a mahogany floor. If you visit the Contemporist portal more often than the website with the weather forecast, then in such a situation your knowledge will come in handy.

Collecting works of art

Collecting should not be confused with the senseless buying of items that represent at least some artistic value. Collecting takes patience, love for your craft and, of course, a huge investment of time. If you are comfortable with decent art, you can start by visiting an arts department at your local university. But don’t expect quick money, there is none in this business. Many students of art academies are ready to sell their painting or sculpture for a penny, but it is quite possible that in a few years its cost will amount to thousands of dollars.


Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings … Every year people celebrate dozens of holidays and events, which cannot do without flowers. By entering into profitable agreements with reliable suppliers, you can keep your costs relatively low. The profit in the flower business reaches 300% (on cut flowers), and this is not the limit. As you can see, selling flowers is a lucrative craft, provided the geographic region is chosen correctly.

Web development

The knowledge and skills of web developers are traditionally in high demand. To master the craft of website development in just a few months, try one of the budget online educational programs (Treehouse, Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy, or Codecademy).

Once you’ve learned all the ins and outs of HTML, Ruby, Python, Javascript, or CSS, start freelancing to build a decent portfolio. And when you gain experience and expand your client base, you can feel free to do web development on an ongoing basis.

Application Development

One gets the impression that there is an app for everything these days. Yet new applications continue to appear every day and are still in demand. If you find a relatively free niche, then by learning how to write code (or knowing an experienced developer), you have every chance of gaining a foothold in the market. Moreover, coding skills are not required to create an application. The most important thing is to make sure your idea sells. Even if your application does not make a splash in the market, you will gain valuable experience or even decide to try yourself in managing the release of new programs.

Online News Correspondent

Today, in order to work as a correspondent, you do not need to sit for several years at the university. News websites are in constant need of help with covering regional news. On some portals (The Examiner and HuffPost), the correspondent’s earnings are determined by the income from displaying ads per article.


If you think that blogging will no longer make money, then you are deeply mistaken. Tens of thousands of bloggers create engaging content on a wide variety of topics, from food to travel and cinema. They generate income through their followers, sponsors, affiliate marketing programs, and other channels. Start by honing your writing skills. You also need to understand what kind of content your audience is waiting for, and how to write texts that will provide you with a constant influx of new readers. Just think: you can make good money by talking, for example, about gadgets or any other things that you like.

Once you have formed your audience, you can begin to delve deeper into their expectations by tailoring your content to the preferences of your readers.

Buying and selling domain names

It is not the first year that they have been making money on the trade of domain names. And although the most winning options have long found their owners (for example, in 2009 the Insure.com domain went for $ 16 million), there are still enough names on the market that can be bought for little money and then sold profitably. But some experts believe that the golden days of this business are behind. Therefore, you shouldn’t quit your main job to trade domain names (unless you already have several profitable deals behind you). Get started with helpful tips from GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name repository. Just imagine that you may have domain names in your hands, for which in the next ten years companies will be ready to pay fabulous money.

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