Stages of a Love Breakup Do you already know them?

The breakup carries with it a total state of mourning and sadness since it is a process where perhaps you believed that everything would be fine but it did not turn out that way; That is why it usually includes main stages that facilitate a phase of improvement and improvement in the quality of life.

So one of the clear reasons that have led many victims to plunge into depression is, in some cases, not knowing the real stages of a love breakup, which does not allow a positive answer to questions that may provide possibilities or opportunities for personal growth and development.

So it is logical to mention that overcoming the lack of love and the break with the person you love is not easy or quick to achieve, because it is a torrent of sensations that makes us see this problem as the end of the world.

Stages Of A Love Break

It should always be considered that most of the time the person who ends the relationship suffers, and not as many say they do not; rather, everything will depend on the cause that led to the breakup, and everything that had already been built in a few words, the time invested and the experiences lived.

That is why it must be taken into account that sometimes the relationship ends, but not love, which makes the cycle of overcoming complicated, so we believe it necessary that you know in depth the composition of each of the stages that includes a love break, with the aim that you can lean on them and get ahead.

We recommend that you detail each point very well, remember that this article will be self-help for you since it could allow you to end all those distressing moments, full of frustration and accompanied by pain. In this case, take notes if necessary.

What Are The Stages Of A Love Breakup

Knowing what the stages of a love breakup are, is a very important point for obtaining better benefits because that way you will give way to a new beginning without thinking about the past; having chances of new love and trust again. So the highlights are:

  • Shock And Denial

It is a stage of disorientation and loss, it is where what happened is not accepted and it is done as if everything were the same; It is where ideas are blocked, it can be said that it is a mild period. This arises as a protective field by not being able to assimilate the love breakup, however, it still causes damage to lives.

This is due to the fact that perhaps this event was not expected to take place within the relationship and therefore the impact is much stronger, so the individual must be totally focused on each of their emotions and feelings, to so that you can see this process objectively.

  • Guilt And Anger

Two different feelings that accompany this stage, which is based on finding yourself in moments where memories flood your head and you consider yourself guilty of what is happening, feeling drowned by the decision that has just been made; And yet you are accompanied by the anger of what happened and the desire to have your ex-partner in front of you.

If this is the case, you must be very careful as sometimes it can turn into revenge wishes and it is to the point that it is not expected to arrive. So it is time to enter into an exhaustive analysis of yourself and your failures so that you not only blame yourself or your partner but also understand that both failed and caused this evil.

  • Grief And Depression

For this stage there is a period of grief, where you do not even want to approach or see that person, because you do not know how you will react; For this reason, depression can sometimes become part of your days, a distressing and very dangerous factor if it is not detected and treated in time.

  • Resignation And Acceptance

After the moments of sadness and pain have passed, the period begins in which the situation begins to be viewed from another point of view and it begins to detail that the process has no going back and that it must be accepted that the relationship is over, that each one took a different course.

Already when this stage is underway, it is where you feel at peace even when you are not with your ex and you begin to open up to new possibilities of falling in love or meeting new people who will help you start from scratch.

  • Reconstruction

It is where you feel totally good, where you dedicate the most time to find yourself, to study your weaknesses and highlight your skills, that is, you feel prepared to start a relationship without doubts or fear, and although sometimes you come to compare your new partner with the old one, I remember that no one is equal to anyone.

For this reason, it is that each and every one of these stages described above is of great help in overcoming a love breakup, so you need to have courage, will, and desire to move forward, because if you close a relationship door you have to be very attentive since others will come open for you.

For all that, we have something that identifies us, that makes us be different; That is why we hope that the support provided through this article has been of great help in overcoming a love break like the one you have and so you can be happy again; But for that, take into account that you must first love yourself.

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