Uk49s Teatime Results Saturday 25 June 2022

The Latest UK49s Teatime Results have been released on, Saturday 25 June 2022. The Uk49s Teatime results have been announced and we have updated the results below for your viewing. These are the Official Latest Teatime Results. We update the website continuously for the UK and South African players. The Teatime results are posted daily at 20:05 [SAST] Time.

Uk49s Teatime Results on Saturday 25 June 2022 

04-08-23-32-42-47 Bonus: 12

Latest Uk49s Teatime Results

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We likewise have Past Results going back years. This would be useful to you so you can see what the most played numbers are.

Noon results are the main draw of the day. The subsequent draw is called Teatime results and the furthest down the line results can be found on our Homepage.

GameDay Time
6/58 Ultra LottoTuesday, Friday, Sunday 9PM
6/55 Grand Lotto Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 9PM
6/49 Super Lotto Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 9PM
6/45 Mega LottoMonday, Wednesday, Friday 9PM
6/42 LottoTuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9PM
6D LottoTuesday, Thursday, Saturday9PM
4D LottoMonday, Wednesday, Friday9PM
3D Lotto (Swertres)Everyday2PM, 5PM, 9PM
2D Lotto (EZ2)Everyday2PM, 5PM, 9PM
STL ParesEveryday 10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM, 8PM
STL Swer2Everyday 10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM, 8PM
STL Swer3Everyday 10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM, 8PM
STL Swer4Everyday 8PM

Hot and Cold Balls

What are the contrasts between hot and cold balls? Hot balls are the numbers that are drawn the most and cold balls are numbers that are drawn the least. We need you to win and to make things simpler for you.

We have a chart that shows what the Hot and Cold Balls are and we urge you to view this can significantly build your odds of winning.

The hot and cold ball outline will be refreshed like clockwork. We would urge you to bookmark the page and inquire each month to expand your odds of winning.

UK49s Teatime Prize

The negative part of this deviated wagering framework is that a player makes a specific prize design where the evenness is seen in chances. Clearly, the prize sums will likewise shift contingent upon the reality of how much cash a player will bet on some random result.

The Uk49s lottery offers the chances for every one of the potential results going in the middle of 6 to 1 for the single number to the chances of around 14000000 to 1 for winning the top prize of 7 numbers going from 6 to Bonus Ball. The main variation that stays unaltered for UK49s is its chances; other than that everything can be chosen by the playing party.

UK Teatime Results Timing

UK49s Teatime Results 2021 Draw generally happens around 5:49 PM of the UK time from Feb till October. Likewise, the draw is additionally made at around 4:49 PM for the remainder of the year.

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