What are the Options for Friends with Rights?

If you want to know what are the options that friends with rights have, because you are curious or because you have just started a friendship of this type. So I invite you to continue reading this article where I will detail everything about friends with benefits.

It should be noted that friends with rights or with benefits are the same. And these are classified as a type of relationship that is based mostly on sex and not on love. Although in some cases, people end up falling in love and forming a relationship.

But, this time I want to talk to you directly about what are the options that friends with rights have, in this way you will know what you can face if you want to start dating a person in this way.

Why The Situation Of Friends With Rights Attracts?

Knowing these options is very important, not only if you are in a relationship of this type. But, it can also help you clear your doubts. Because, with this information, you can verify if your relationship presents these options or if it is transforming into a relationship where love predominates completely.

And it is very important that you know how to identify in what relationship you are. So you can understand if you want to continue or if you want to get away from that person without hurting yourself or your partner.

Have Sex Without Committing

One of the options that friends with rights have and on which this type of friendship is based. It is having sex without the need to compromise in the loving and sentimental context.

It should be noted that there are some guidelines that you can keep in mind if you want to identify if this option is present in your relationship.

  • Your partner does not talk to you about how he feels about you, he only looks for you for sex and pleasure.
  • In your relationship there are no intimate situations that are outside the sexual context.
  • Sex in your relationship is motivated by pleasure and not by love.

Through these guidelines you will be able to identify if you are immersed in a loving relationship or you are simply living a friendship with rights and benefits where you do not need to involve your feelings and emotions.

Not Be Jealous Between The Two

More than an option, this can be seen as a condition imposed on all relationships that are based on friendships with rights and benefits. That is why, if you want to make your bond or union work, you should not be jealous of your friend with rights.

Next, I will give you some suitable tips so that you do not include jealousy in the union that you have formed and that is only a friendship that is based on sex and pleasure.

  • Do not interfere in the private affairs of your partner.
  • Control your jealousy if you notice that your friend with rights likes someone else.
  • Remember that your relationship is only a friendship with benefits, for this reason you should not involve jealousy, which is a direct characteristic of love.

It is necessary that you know how to control your jealousy if you really want to stay in that friendship that brings you so much pleasure and that does not harm your feelings.

Having Romantic Partners Apart From Your Relationship

According to people who are in a beneficial friendship, one of the best options that this type of relationship provides is that you can have a stable love partner without involving it with your friendship and without your friend getting angry or jealous of you.

  • You can enter into a romantic relationship with another person without your friend finding out about it.
  • Your friend cannot get angry or jealous because you have a partner.
  • You can have sex with both your partner and your friend with benefit.

Without a doubt, if you are a person who really likes having friends with rights, you like this option a lot, don’t you? In the same way, you must act carefully so as not to harm your partner if you have one or if you wish to have it at some point.

Avoid Involving Third Parties In Your Relationship

The primary option of friends with rights is to avoid involving third parties in the relationship. This means that, you can have your partner apart from the friendship with benefit that you already have with another person, but you should not involve both in the same relationship.

More than an option, you should take this point as a rule to follow if you want to have a good relationship with your friend with rights, for that you can follow the tips that I will give you below:

  • Do not include your friend with rights in your relationship if you have it (and vice versa).
  • Avoid completely communicating with your partner and your rightful friend at the same time.
  • Do not make a trio of friends with rights, in this type of relationship you always have a better chance of being damaged in all aspects.

By following this option and putting it into practice in an appropriate way with the advice that I just gave you, you will strengthen your friendship with the right and at the same time you will avoid harming other people and hurting yourself.

Do Not Tell Other People That They Are Friends With Rights

This option, like the previous one, is essential, and that is, if you really want your pleasant relationship to last a little longer; then you should not tell other people who is your friend with rights.

In this way you will avoid involving third parties in your relationship, and at the same time you will keep that union in which you are only for pleasure and not for love a secret.

Take into account all these options if you are already in a friendship with the right or if you want to start one. In the same way, you should bear in mind that, if the person with whom you are relating in this way has a lot of confidence in you, then the relationship will be even better.

Likewise, I recommend that you be very careful; Because friends with rights, in addition to bringing very good options, also have disadvantages that can cause sentimental, emotional and even mental damage.

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