What to do if your partner cheats on you and denies it?

When a relationship is maintained, the most rational thing is to believe that it is out of love, respect and affection. It is not entirely correct that one of the two parties is unfaithful, since this means that he does not have the correct complement with his partner and perhaps he looks in the street for what he does not have at home.

Infidelity is a somewhat delicate subject, however very common in couples. As a result of the deception, almost 70% happens on the part of the man, while there are women who are unfaithful only for revenge rather than for desire or passion.

The deception involves many parts both actions, gestures, facts based on lies. You cannot lead an honest life if you have two relationships, it is very common that one is the marriage and in turn the other party is the forbidden or the lover.

Women are very astute in the case of deception, it analyzes the behavior of men day after day and if for any reason he does things that he was not used to, it begins to notice that something is not right. It is for this reason that the situation is analyzed and many times it is discovered by the couple, however they try to deny it until the end.

How To Face Your Partner If He Cheats On You And Denies It?

Once you know that your partner is cheating on you, you must get the necessary evidence to face it. However remember not to lower yourself with him or I encouraged her, this is not in the plans of a person with principle and values.

In this case, rather, give him time he will make mistakes that will give him away and will make the lies fall apart. You can discuss their behavior and details with you. Among those are the following:

  • He’s constantly on the phone.
  • His absence is felt at home.
  • Talk less with you.
  • He is emotionally distant.

If once these things are happening with your partner, something is happening, it is time to get serious about the matter and look correctly for evidence that you can use to face it. It may just be an adventure but a hoax is a hoax no matter how minimal.

The best thing you will do is face the deception by showing your face with evidence that is logical and physical so that it does not continue to deny that it is being unfaithful.

Reasons Why The Partner Denies Cheating

Nobody likes to be discovered lies, and less if it is infidelity, if it remains in the shadow of all it is better, since eventual encounters can happen more constantly, and you can lead a life of desire and forbidden pleasures.

If for some reason you discover that your partner is cheating on you, be sure that he will deny at all times that he is in a relationship with another person, and if he knows that he is married and accepts it, they will agree to strengthen the lies.


The fear of being discovered is related to many of the consequences that the act of cheating generates, within those I can mention some of the reasons why the couple denies the cheating and it is not convenient to be discovered.


Not everyone is in the emotional and mental capacity to continue in a relationship where cheating has prevailed for a short or long period of time, the only truth in these situations is that they were cheated on and separation in these cases is very common.

It is for this reason that it is not convenient to be discovered, you may lose a stable life for just a few nights of desire and lust that third parties can offer you.


Have you ever seen an object break and rebuild it to be the same again? Relatively it cannot be like that, because that is what I mean, trust and respect go hand in hand, when you betray your partner or that he betrays you. You are destroying all kinds of values ​​that once fostered and among those principles, trust is the elementary one. Once you’ve lost that faith in your partner, you won’t be able to get it back overnight.

Emotional Breakdown / Children

They do misdeeds but they do not remember that they lead an emotional and very stable life in a marriage with children and that in one way or another it should be the most important thing for a couple.

The fear of being discovered leads them to fears and how children can retaliate against the unfaithful in the case that it is the mother or the father. Before making these kinds of mistakes, remember that you are the example of your children’s lives.

Fear That There Are No Second Chances

Can a person provide second chances after cheating? If you can, however, there are very few cases, it is done out of love, for the children in common or many times because of customs. However, 80% of people turn the page and decide not to go back to that someone who cheated on them, since it is very likely that they will do it again.

Keep in mind that people who cheat will never want to be discovered, for the reasons mentioned above. However, if this happens, he must be faced with the greatest possible mettle, and that he in turn assume all the consequences that he has acquired for his infidelity. Do not let your life become a cycle of bad times, if you forgive him once it is almost certain that he will cheat on you again.

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