What to do if your wife does not want to make love? Drive her crazy

In the relationship of couples, throughout their period, we see many problems that exist between them. Knowing how to face and solve problems to move forward is our purpose since the main thing in a relationship is that your love never fails and that the relationship between the couple lasts for a lifetime.

One of the complaints that we commonly hear from men in their marriages, or in coexistence between couples, is that women no longer show interest in making love with their partner or husband.


When we start a relationship, in the courtship, the desire to be together is seen to the surface, passion and moments of pleasure are our daily bread, but something happens, as time passes, the desire for it seems that the wind took them away.

Not wanting to make love, is due to many reasons, in which the wives do not want to enjoy that pleasant moment, with the frequency of before. But do not worry, everything has a solution, so you should not be discouraged.

To have a pleasant relationship with your wife you must promote good communication, in this way this whole situation will be solved here, we will teach you some reasons why your wife does not want to make love with you.

Why Don’t You Want To Make Love To Me?

1. You Smell Bad :

This is one of the most frequent complaints from women. All females are super sensitive to certain smells and even more so too bad smells, especially at times when they are ovulating. So, if you want to have good sex with your wife, you should take a bath at bedtime and when you get up in the morning, as well as brush your teeth. In this way you can increase the chances of making love with your beloved.

2. You Must Not Be Discouraged :

All women like their men to always take the initiative in the moment of seduction, so you must be creative, dynamic, and very energetic. When your wife comes home, there is nothing more unpleasant than seeing her husband lying on the couch watching television. In this way, any woman has extinguished the spark of seduction. So put your batteries on.

3. You Don’t Help With Chores Around The House :

It is better than the husband’s help with the housework since in this way it reflects a certain consideration for your wife. When we don’t help them at home, it creates a kind of resentment as you leave the burden of the home in their hands. For this reason, it is an excuse not to have sex.

4. You Are A Boring Person :

If you are one of those men whose seduction is no longer your thing, then let me tell you that you are in a terrible mistake. Women love to have their ear spoken at the time of seduction, to make the approach for intimacy.

The best thing in that intimate encounter is that you address her with very deep and humorous phrases, in this way you will make that moment very pleasant and very both.

5. You Must Keep Your Composure :

This is also something that annoys women a lot, the fact that you are living with your partner does not give you a reason to be a rude person and to share your bad habits with her. Like, for example, belching, farts, being made macho jokes, lead to annoying to the point that their sexual desire does not surface.

6. You Are An Indifferent Person :

If you are one of the men who is not interested in anything about her, when you do not notice a change that has been made, it is a terrible mistake, since the message you are sending to your partner is that you are not interested at all. So change your way of being and show him his interest in wanting to explore his body from the morning, tell him with seductive words.

7. You Should Never Be A Pessimistic Person :

If you are one of the people who complain about everything, if you have a problem and for everything you put a “but”, if you always want to be contrary. How do you want your wife to want to get turned on by her husband who always criticizes her attitudes? Never underestimate it.

8. When Your Wife Doesn’t Feel Safe With You:

If you are that husband who makes a fool of her before her friends, you make fun of her in front of everyone, you are not even capable of making jokes with her, how does it occur to you that when she gets home she is going to make love to you.

9. Have You Ever Wondered Why He Doesn’t Want To Make Love To You :

I imagine you have wondered many times why she always rejects you when you go to bed. This is the moment that you should be honest with yourself and ask her, look her in the eyes and tell her to explain the reason for her reaction, this is an act of courage. Few men dare take this important step.

10. You Must Innovate :

The key to any relationship is communication, in this way they will be able to solve all the situations that arise. Both must be sincere and together they must do their part so that the sexual appetite returns. If your wife is already bored of always making love in the same way, that is not a problem. So get creative, and get out of the sexual routine. Give your imagination free rein. Dare yourself.

So I have already given you several tips so that your stay with your partner is pleasant, let your imagination fly and you should never lose good communication with her so that in this way they can confess and know what each one likes. No inhibitions.

They also have to get creative and innovate frequently as it is so much fun to make love in places they have never experienced. Finally, you should never forget your personal hygiene before making love, you will drive her crazy.

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