What to do when your wife no longer loves you

When we have a relationship with each other, where we have mutually empathized, and that happiness is the number one feeling for both of us. We realize that we are in constant ecstasy.

But, now, when we see that something strange happens in the relationship, fights begin, arguments all the time, when we realize that our wife is no longer interested in us as before, we are in the presence of a marital crisis.


If you are asking yourself the following question, Does my wife no longer love me? Do not worry, here we are going to solve this doubt that overwhelms you so much and we will help you solve this situation. The first thing you have to take into account is that, if your wife tells you that she no longer loves you, you have to think a lot about what she is saying, to know if it is true or a lie.

When The Wife Tells Her Husband That I Do Not Love Him, It Is For Some Reason, Such As:

  • When there is another man that she loves
  • The couple’s relationship was not what she expected
  • He realized that you are not the man of his life

For some reason, she no longer feels the love she felt before, but you have to take into account something, this was not overnight, surely this situation had been brewing for a long time and you are not even aware of what it happened.

It is very hard to accept that our beloved no longer has that feeling towards us, but remember that behind all this there is a WHY, that is, you must know the reasons for the great failure of your marriage.

You have to stop a bit to think and reason many things, including knowing very well the background of your relationship, where you can understand many things and know if you still love her still. You also have to understand something, if she did not feel comfortable with the relationship, she did not feel comfortable for a long time.

For this reason, we do not believe that she wants to continue with you just because you still love her and worst of all, if you did not notice those signs that your wife gave you, when she told you, “I can’t take it anymore”, ours is running out ”.

The worst of the case is that maybe you thought it was just a tantrum from her, that when she behaved that way because it was very normal since you never paid attention to her.

You never paid attention to what she felt, this was a relationship that we called “BOMB” since situations were accumulating and that little by little, sooner or later it was going to explode.

All men always want to hear the following: “the great secret to win back your wife”, but we have to be very sincere and the first thing you have to ask yourself is if you are really a great man to deserve your wife.

What You Should Keep In Mind 

1. Your Relationship Has Been Toxic:

These types of relationships are very difficult since little by little terrible feelings are brewing, they could even hate you. What this type of relationship does is do you a lot of damage over time.

When a woman lives a stormy life with her husband, it is very common for them to end up hating the one they once loved madly. But all is not lost since you can recover it, if you are able to create and modify the emotions in it.

Always remember that your wife has feelings and when girls go through these types of relationships they are very hurt.

2. You Never Valued Her :

There is a saying that goes, “no one knows what they have until they lose it.” If you were one of those husbands who considered that the wife was another piece of furniture in the house, then let me tell you that your wife lost her interest in you since you were never interested in her.

You have to keep in mind something very important, all women like to be valued, to dedicate time to them, and if you did not, then the only thing that you gave her to understand is that you also did not love her.

At this time, the wife is in a vulnerable state and can go into the arms of another man.

3. The Relationship Became Monotonous:

We have to bear in mind something very important, marriage is more than a courtship, at this stage of our lives the relationship of couples has become a sea of ​​responsibilities, and unfortunately we are never prepared to face it.

When the children appear in the marriage, then the time of the couple’s relationships almost disappears, it is at this moment when all those emotions that we felt almost disappear.

For this reason, we must be creative, we must never allow the flame of love to go out. Boring relationships usually last 5-10 years.

This is one more reason for your wife to stop loving you, so get on with it.

After analyzing each point that I assign you, you have to reflect a little, you must know for sure what happened in your relationship with your wife if you love her, do not let her go, you are in time to conquer her again, although not It will be overnight, be patient and with a lot of perseverance and perseverance, you will see that she will love you again.

Never forget that wives are the most special beings in a marriage relationship, with them, we will build our own life story, we will write the book of our marriage, so you must respect and love her forever.

In addition, she will be the mother of your children, treat her as if it were the first day you saw her and put on her and swore eternal love to her. They are the muses of our lives, never forget it.

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