Why Can’t I Forget My Ex Girlfriend?

Your relationship ended and in your mind you only have the memories of your ex-girlfriend, you feel sad, depressed and even full of anger for having finished with the woman you loved, the memories about the breakup are the only thing you think about. Why can’t I forget about my ex?

One of the main reasons why you cannot forget your ex-girlfriend is that because of your alpha male status you think you have no right to feel affected by the break up with your ex, you feel that sentimentality is a woman’s matter and that soon it will take away the pain.

Nothing could be further from reality, even if you are a man you are human and you have feelings, when you suppress your feelings and try to suppress your thoughts, all you do is intensify the memory, why can’t I forget my ex-girlfriend? because you shy away from feeling.

Because I Can’t Forget My Ex-Girlfriend

You cannot forget your ex because you want to pretend that you are fine when in reality even your soul hurts for the lack of that woman in your life, there are things that you may be doing wrong and that is why you cannot forget the old girl from your dreams.

You must have the will to start leaving the things that you are doing wrong and that are causing you to forget your ex, this may sound difficult but it is not impossible if you follow our advice in a short time you will be able to move on with your life.

So why can’t I forget about my ex boyfriend? Next, we will show you what you are doing wrong in trying to get over your ex.

  • Ego

Your male ego is what may be causing you to not be able to forget your ex, you cannot stand the idea that your ex partner is with someone other than you or that he or she feels comfortable and happy alone without you. Your pride as a man is hurt to see that she is independent and strong.

That idea hurts you, you think that something in you as a man failed and you need to get that woman back to feel good and complete. First of all, you do not need anyone, you must be a complete man with or without a woman and secondly, you are not less of a man because she has separated from you.

Be simpler and think that she can be happy with whoever she wants and you can also be happy with whoever you want when you feel ready. You are an imperfect human being, you must love yourself with your strengths and weaknesses, and whoever loves you must love you too.

  • Resentment

If your ex failed you, maybe your pride as a man feels hurt and the anger you have towards her is what may be causing you to forget your ex, Many are the thoughts that haunt your head when your ex partner cheats on you and more if you are a woman.

Men are more affected by this issue of infidelity because this is expected of a man and not a woman, if you really loved your ex partner, your male pride will feel extremely hurt. The resentment of the pain caused by the lack of your ex partner is eating you up.

To release that resentment that affects you and is not letting you move forward, you must forgive your ex partner, as much as it costs you to forgive her try to do it, maybe this will take time, but you will see that in the end you will be able to do it and when you release all those feelings you will feel negative about yourself.

  • One Nail Does Not Pull Out Another Nail

One of the reasons why you can’t get over your ex partner is because you are full of bouncing couples to try to forget your past relationship, you think that by filling yourself with women you will be more macho and you will quickly forget your ex, nothing is further from the truth this It will only make your grief worse.

First, being with another person to forget your ex-wife is something deplorable for your emotional life, simply because the emptiness of one person is not filled with another and secondly the person with whom you met to try to forget your ex does not have Blame her for nothing and she may get hurt.

Be honest with the women you date, tell them you only want casual encounters and don’t get involved in serious relationships until you’ve finally gotten over your ex, so you don’t hurt yourself or them.

Work on improving yourself and on improving your love relationship, it is possible as long as you dedicate a moment to your feelings.

  • Quite Busy

Why can’t I get over your ex girlfriend? Maybe it’s because you have too much free time to think and your mind is turning to your ex-girlfriend and her old relationship. The solution to this is to fill your schedule with useful things to do, work hard, go to the gym and go out with your friends.

Do not leave time to think about your ex practicing your favorite sports and set goals to achieve for example you fell in love with a car, go for it, work hard to achieve it.

  • Set Limits

Maybe your ex partner is also struggling to try to forget you and that is why he contacts you, tries to call you, writes you, complains of jealousy for seeing you with a girl and this may be annoying especially when you have already struggled enough to overcome the situation.

If things like this happen to you, simply in a respectful way, ask your ex partner to respect your life and please do not call or look for you anymore, wish him the best in his life but please try to keep a distance for the sake of others. Two, don’t let it take you out of your center.

Because I can’t get over my ex-girlfriend because you haven’t had the will enough for this, you’ve only done it superficially and you always intend to go around showing that you’re okay and that nothing in particular has happened, take some time to channel your feelings

Reorganize your life and go back to being the same as you were before, overcoming a breakup is simple, always remember that you are a person who has a lot to give and receive along the way, do not let negative feelings swallow you up and move on.

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