Why Long Relationships Fail?

Relationships are considered long when they have been in a relationship with a person for 6 to 8 years, usually in that period of time, it is believed to get to know the couple completely to make the decision to marry.

But in many cases this does not turn out to be the case, long relationships tend to fail, since you can lose your balance, it tends to become monotonous, or on many occasions, you stop seeing your partner as a woman if not as a friend or vice versa.

All this happens if the relationship remains stagnant to the point of not evolving either as a couple or as a person, not having communication with your partner can be a sign that the relationship may fail. But I will explain to you what are those causes or reasons why long relationships fail.

Because Long Relationships Fail

One of the main reasons why long relationships fail is the frustration that one of the two feels as time elapses and the marriage is not finalized. For women, this situation can be desperate and can lower self-esteem.

As well as sincerity, honesty and respect are the basis of every relationship, if at some point some of this fracture, this causes the relationship to become conflictive since there is fear and mistrust, which will continue to occur. time and will remain stagnant.

These factors will result in not having reasons to strengthen the relationship to join in marriage, the remaining step will be the breakdown of that relationship, but there will always be the fear that some of the two have of being alone even if they have not realized that they are not next to the right person.

5 Reasons Why Long Relationships Fail

There are various causes why long-term relationships can fail, either out of fear, losing interest, or no longer feeling love for that person if not appreciation and habit.

In general, some of these that I will explain to you is the trigger for the relationship to fail to the point of ending with that person regardless of how long they have been in the relationship.

1. Lack Of Communication

After a long time in the relationship, one of the two tends to feel fear and be more vulnerable than the other. Therefore that fear will cause a line of insecurity. Such as:

  • Fear of failing in the relationship.
  • That infidelities happen.
  • Being undecided about what you want in the courtship.
  • Not wanting to express what they really feel and want.

Having the uncertainty that time continues to pass and marriage has not yet been talked about, not wanting to tell the other what you want or what ails you, being afraid of being hurt or hurt and not wanting to say what is happening, is not communicating with your partner that will deteriorate the relationship.

2. Indifference Or Pride

Indifference is a clear sign in relationships to show or show that the other person stopped caring so much about what might happen or think, in some cases, it is often confused with pride but they are completely different, since they do not it comes down to whether either of you is right or wrong.

  • Not wanting to agree with the other person if they really are.
  • Stop feeling important for what may or may not happen to the other person.
  • Not thinking about the goals or dreams of the couple.
  • Being self-centred and only thinking about yourself.

This is a clear warning that the relationship is becoming untenable, by the simple fact of not thinking about the other person or the relationship as such, if not the wishes of a single member of the relationship.

3. Lack Of Commitment

In general, most young people have a wrong concept of marriage, they believe that it is the result of tie or imprisonment, therefore they tend to want to have long relationships since they think about living and enjoying, without giving explanations to the other person.

As well as being afraid of commitment for having experienced deception, since it is an experience that left them marked, and causes fear of commitment. As well as many more situations like

  • Depression.
  • Traumatic situations.
  • Divorced parents.
  • Toxic relationships.

But this affects the other person, since they want to get married and seeing the years go by and not making a commitment causes emotional damage.

4. A Third Person In The Relationship

For a third person to appear, it is not necessary to have fractures in the relationship, since love needs to be stable and constant, but when the relationship tends to become monotonous and conflictive, a person who is there to listen or support us usually appears.

Even if you are in love with your partner, going to that third person can cause damage for both you and your partner, since doubt and jealousy are sown, without damaging factors for any relationship, be it long or short.

This is why a third person can become an outlet or an outlet for either of the two, that is where the deception arrives.

5. Little Sexual Activity

When the desire for the other person is lost, either by habit, lack of desire or when we see the couple more as a friend, and they no longer have intimacy as at the beginning of the relationship, this causes the relationship to fail or to go to one-third person.

It is then that we see what are the real reasons why a long relationship fails in many aspects, but everything will depend on the situations or experiences that that couple has had previously.

Just as it is also clear to say that falling in love is not the same as loving, and many times we tend to confuse this feeling. It is essential that you think about whether you really love that person or is it just one more crush.

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