YouTube channel maintenance

If you create useful and interesting video content and grow your subscriber base to several thousand people, you will be able to place ads in your videos. And this is a stable source of income. There are many YouTubers who make millions. The success of your channel depends on a number of factors, including content, audience, skills, relationships, and timing. By paying close attention to each of these factors and skillfully combining them, you can transform your YouTube channel from a small side job into a multi-million dollar business.

Online Courses

The best ideas for part-time jobs are based on the opportunity to capitalize on your skills and talents. If you consider yourself an expert on a particular issue, then there are surely people who are willing to pay you to share your knowledge and experience with them.

Online coaching

If you are not only well versed in a certain field, but also have great enthusiasm for your business, you can very well turn your hobby into income by providing individual coaching services. But try to assess your options sensibly so as not to reassure clients whom you, for whatever reason, are unable to help.

Attraction of subcontractors

If you have already established your freelance business in several areas, you can outsource some orders to other freelancers. This is a great opportunity to expand your client base and, accordingly, increase your income.

Online assistant

If you consider yourself an organized and versatile person, then why not try on the role of an online assistant? Check out the Elance, Indeed or Upwork platforms for offers that might interest you. This is a great opportunity to make good connections, connect with influential people, and improve your skills. Another huge plus of this part-time job is that at first you can work from home. This is especially convenient if you have to frequently change your place of residence (for example, if your companion (or your companion) is a professional athlete or coach, and you do not stay in one place for a long time).

Remote English Teaching

Teaching English as a foreign language is a stable source of additional income, not to mention the opportunity to see the world. Ideally, you should be accredited as an ESL teacher, but this is not required. If you are a native English speaker, in some countries (Hong Kong, UAE) people will be willing to pay you $ 25 per hour for Skype lessons.

Selling goods from Amazon under your own brand

Amazon is not only one of the largest IT companies, but also a bottomless global marketplace where almost anyone can make money from the growing online trading. However, almost like everywhere else, this will take a little sweat. Get ready to explore the markets for popular non-branded items (such as watches, key chains, mugs, etc.) and select products that you can successfully sell under your brand name. Moreover, in order for coins to fall into your pocket, you need to thoroughly think over the sales strategy.

Completing online questionnaires

Yes, this is not the most exciting and interesting activity. Nevertheless, for filling out the questionnaires, they pay, albeit small, but money. Since you cannot make capital here, it is better to do this in your free time from your main work.

Buying sites

Websites are somewhat similar to securities on exchanges. Some are considered garbage, while others can generate significant profits. Therefore, sites are constantly buying and selling. When trading websites, factors such as traffic volume, profitability, domain name and some others are taken into account. With the proper approach, you have every chance of finding a real gem, the true value of which no one but you has yet discerned.

Mobile laundry

We all wear clothes (at least most of the time), so washing dirty clothes has been and remains a lucrative business. The US market for self-service laundries is estimated at more than $ 3 billion. And every year the industry is replenished with new services – a mobile app for finding laundries, mobile laundries, laundry services with pick-up and delivery, etc. As you can see, there is no shortage of earning opportunities.

Small Business Freelance Ideas

Writing an e-book

Have you ever thought about presenting your skills and knowledge in the form of an e-book? Such a book will be useful for people who want to learn something, develop professionally or open their own business. This is a truly valuable product (assuming you choose the right audience). Spend no time and effort on your book, interest your target audience, and then you have a chance to release your work in a real publishing house and create your own brand.

Proofreading and editing of texts

While the texts are being written, there is always work for editors. Proofreading and editing texts not only provides a decent hourly rate, but also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with interesting content. Moreover, such work allows you to travel and work from anywhere in the world.

On the Upwork platform, you will find thousands of offers from companies and individuals looking for writing, proofreading and editing services.

Writing and copywriting

Any site owner hires copywriters to create content for the About Us, FAQ, Blog, etc. pages. Aspiring copywriters can hardly expect high rates. But as you gain experience and expand your portfolio, you can earn even more than a full-time office worker. The main thing is to find good clients and position yourself as a professional.


If you talk like Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson, then you will be snapped up among digital product manufacturers. Game developers, creators of animated films and authors of educational video tutorials are ready to pay good money for your content dubbing services. This is a great idea for additional income that does not require much effort. Look for offers from employers on PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and Upwork platforms.


Are you fluent in a foreign language and there are no difficult topics for you in grammar and spelling? Perhaps you should consider doing text translation remotely. Flexjobs has hundreds of offers for freelance translators.

Content marketing

All you need to do this is skills and experience. Not only startups need the services of content marketers, but also reputable brands and influencers. They need high-quality, highly competitive content in order to build trust with the audience and develop their brand. And since the demand for such content is stable, your skills will always be valuable. Start with your contact base and find small businesses that you can offer your content marketing skills to. Complete several orders and ask the owner of the company to recommend you to partners. By expanding your portfolio, you can reach a broader market.


Companies often need someone to represent and advertise their brand. There are a lot of action scenarios here: you can sign a contract with a large agency, find yourself an agent, or look for offers on your own. Modeling is a difficult world, and before you dive into it, try to find a mentor who can give you valuable advice at the beginning of your journey. You can choose a specific media format (like videos or photos) to specialize exclusively in it and build a decent portfolio.

Marketing business ideas

Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Any useful ideas 🙂 | Magazine of the Fair of Masters

Good evening everyone! I picked up another selection of photos of various useful ideas in order to simplify life … I share .. suddenly someone will come in handy 🙂

1. Organizer for brushes, pencils and other necessities. As simple as three kopecks … especially for us, handicrafts 🙂

2. For young mothers and handicraft dads! You can do handicrafts and kinder nearby.

3. And no one will eat your sandwich (important for office workers) :-)))

4. Not all women are good at handling a hammer 🙂

5. Winter use of the bike. Both the fitness and the yard were cleaned 🙂

6. Few entrances are equipped with wheelchair ramps. Usually ZhEK argues this by the fact that it is very expensive to make them. And those that are … on the guides do not always pass the wheels of strollers. This option is just a win-win and it is not difficult to do it. Used door fittings.

7. Who else, but I am terribly annoyed with tied packages. But there is a solution 🙂

8. Do you have a little chatterbox in your house? Do you want silence? Learn simplified sign language with Kinder. He learns easily, my daughter, at the age of 10, learned it in 2 evenings. And for two weeks there was silence in the house 🙂 True, I also had to learn it))))

9. For the million first time we dispose of unnecessary buttons 🙂

10. Extending the life of your favorite jeans 🙂

10. The most elegant, completely ladies’ holder for a ball of thread!

11. Making stocks for the New Year!

12. In order not to cry when you cut onions – chew gum! The most interesting thing is that it really works – I tried it on myself!

13. Store spaghetti correctly 🙂

14. Removing the ring is not easy even with soap. But this idea seems reasonable to me .. the thread will reduce the volume of the finger …

Thank you for the attention! I hope you were interested)))

How to conceive an idea? – Find out

Idea , what is it? Where to get the  idea from ? Why, someone   comes up with an idea , but not to you? Have you ever thought about such questions?  If not, then hell when an idea comes to your head, because you don’t know how to think! In fact, the idea does not come alone, they come in batches, after a certain time, that is, in cycles or periods. But this duration depends only on yourself.

What are the Ideas

An idea  is a born pathway thought, which subsequently changes our life for the better or worse, depending on the quality of the idea.

  • A good idea – it improves life, increases income, enhances health, makes work easier, adds humor. Thus, it diversifies life for the better.
  • But there are also bad ideas that are not aimed at making other people happy. I will not talk about this, and there are so many brilliant bastards in the world. Let’s talk better about good ideas.

Rules for generating ideas

In order for ideas to be systematically  born  in your head, you first need to free yourself from the memory of the brain. The brain must work, you must stimulate it, or at least help it.
For example: if you sit at home in an apartment with stale air and stupidly watch TV, then what kind of  idea  can we talk about? How do you help your brain stimulate the brain?  No way! To do this, you need to follow several rules:

  1. Oxygen. It is simply not necessary for the brain, which means that you need  to  be more in the fresh air,  at least  – often ventilate the room.
  2. Nutrition. If you sit on only pasta and breadcrumbs, then what does the body get? Nothing pathways! Diversify your food. More greens, more fruits, saturate the body with a lack of vitamins,  at least – vitamins from a pharmacy or your home medicine cabinet for all occasions.
  3. Someone else’s experience. All situations that come your way should be analyzed and conclusions drawn. In the future, many situations will repeat more than once, if not with you, then with your friends or relatives. In short, get life experience!
  4. Work. Any work gives you experience, and not the part that gets you, as a rule, comes with an idea. Do something constantly!
  5. Dumka. There is no need to sit and think forcibly over the question: WHAT TO COME up? You need to think about your business or the work that you are doing at one time or another.
  6. Free thought. If you have an everyday problem at home ( for example, a leak in a riser ) and at work there is a problem with a manager or a team, and you need to come up with something for some project, then nothing will come of it! You do not have free thoughts, your head will constantly be full of problems either at home or communication at work. You may come up with an idea to fix these problems, but not an  idea  for your project!

The  idea itself , in most cases, comes exactly in the direction in which we work physically or mentally. Therefore, completing the first 5 points and are the parents of ideas. As soon as something flies out, it immediately crashes, your head stops thinking and ideas can no longer be born in your brain, since there is no more brain stimulation.

And you say that someone is a Genius! Each of you may be a genius in your field, hobby or work, you just do not want it yourself!

And the most interesting thing is that most often an idea, like love, comes when you don’t expect it at all! I mean , don’t worry about the  birth of ideas , worry about the conception of ideas! And if you do everything right, then the  idea  will certainly be born later, maybe in an hour, maybe in a day, maybe in a week, maybe in a month, or maybe in a year, but it will be born! And then the  second  idea  will be born , then the third and so on, if you do not stop conceiving them.

How to come up with new ideas. Idea Generation Guide. Read on!

Introduction to creating ideas

New ideas can easily change your life.

But not everyone of us knows how to do this, not everyone has a generator of new ideas in their heads. The brain always strives for the familiar, for stereotyped options.

Today in this short article I will talk about how to come up with something new, I will give recommendations on how to find new ideas for solving any problems that you face.

For a more detailed study of this topic, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with my training article on the development of creative thinking, you can find out more on this page.

How our brain works.

Our mind is very complex, if you read the research of scientists, you can see that they still cannot understand how and what works. We don’t know how we get new ideas. There are a lot of theories and assumptions.

I can only say one thing for sure, our brain has one feature that can hinder our development.

The brain is focused on conserving energy.

He always conserves efforts and does not seek to waste energy in vain.

For this, he has developed a system for creating habits and patterns. Our entire life is essentially a collection of habits.

It is a fact.

When we start thinking about something complex, the brain shies away from it, because it conserves resources. When we are looking for an answer to your question, trying to solve a difficult problem, then again our brain evades this and we usually come to standard and easy solutions.

Decision making system.

The first thing to understand in order to learn how to generate ideas:

We have to make our brain work.

If we had a subject of creative thinking at school and there we would try to solve various creative problems, then this could be built into the brain.

And further in life it was easier for us to do this, but you do not have such subjects in school and are not expected, so you either have to learn this or be content with what you have.

Brilliant people create many different options, they do not immediately think of some extremely cool and creative idea.

If an ordinary person can come up with 10 options, then a genius can come up with 100 options and then stupidly chooses what is the answer. This is the main difference between genius and ordinary mind.

What’s the main approach?

Albert Einstein told about him. Once he was asked how he differs from an ordinary person.

And he answered:

If an ordinary person is given the task of finding a needle in the hay, then he finds a needle to calm down on this. If I start looking for a needle in a haystack, I will not rest until I find all the possible options.

Methodology for generating ideas.

First, you need to understand one principle, you have to throw options, generate new ideas, but not evaluate them.

Leave the assessment for later.

First, you need to assess the situation, for this purpose an exercise is suitable:

5 questions from a journalist.

You need to ask about your search, your problems, tasks … ask 5 questions and drive your problem through them.






You can also add a question how.

Try to answer them.

The essence of creativity is to move away from the standard options that our brain strives for. To do this, try to evaluate your problem from different points of view.

Suppose if we want to build a road, we can look at the process from the point of view of builders, investors, passers-by, drivers, city authorities.

The same can be done with any other problem, evaluate it from the point of view of different people. This will help you discover new details that you never thought of before.

Our brain operates in a simplistic manner, it analyzes only the most important differences, but it tends to miss the details. Therefore, detailing is a good technique to find something new.

Try to just write down all the possible options that come to your mind. Draw a diagram, diagram, trying to depict your problem in the form of a picture.

In the article on how to develop creative thinking, I described the 5 thinking hats method, you can also use it if you read this article.

Two-step method

You need to understand one important detail: the generation of ideas is a skill that you need to constantly train in yourself, it will never appear on its own.

The method I will describe is very simple.

What do we have to do. So you have a problem that you must solve. You start by collecting all the information available to you, all the details, summarizing everything that you already know about your problem, you should get several statements.

Then you look at your problem from an unexpected angle and write down the options and then evaluate them.

Well, this is in short.

There are two incomprehensible moments here, and one of them is an unexpected angle. We just need to move away from standard thinking and look at our question from a different angle.

There is one simple way to do this very quickly. We form a new point of view on the problem according to the following pattern:

Change the statement to the opposite.

We understate or exaggerate to the point of absurdity.

We get options, then we proceed to the second step and begin to evaluate these options, we ask ourselves questions:

What are the pros and cons of these options.

Under what conditions they could be realized in life.

What ideas can we get from this for ourselves.

Here’s a simple technique that helps you look at the problem from a different angle and get new options. It can be used to resolve any issue. Then filter out all the information received, leaving the best options.

Stimulants of creative thinking.

You can use the method of associations, for example, you went to the store, in your head to withstand a question that needs to be resolved.

Look around, see various products, their packages and try to draw an analogy between what you see and your question, find associations between products, packages and everything that you meet and your task.

Also try special exercises to improve your ability to think creatively. I can advise one thing.

Take any two words and think of how these words can complement each other, for example, iron and slippers, and think how these words can complement.

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